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The Cosmic Energy Barometer

The Cosmic Energy Barometer

The earth, and with it also we humans and all other living beings, are in the so-called “ascension process”, in a time-quality that leads us into the golden age. Ascension means to tune into a higher vibration, a higher consciousness, the light consciousness. To return to the “divine oneness”. To dissolve the condensation in which we have found ourselves for many millennia, to become lighter and thus to vibrate higher. The “U-turn”, the path back to unity, to the source, began with the harmonious convergence on 16/17 August 1987.

The constantly intensifying high energies from the cosmos have a great influence on the sensitivities of our body, our soul, our spirit and our consciousness. So we are called upon to constantly adapt ourselves and our body to these high incoming energies in order to minimize challenges as well as physical and mental pain in this ascension process.

In the monthly cosmic energy barometer, you can find out which energetic constellations can influence us, our development and our body systems.