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Team Ascension

How did Ascension come about?

Find out more about this here, how Ascension came into being and the people behind Ascension.

Johan Langbroek is the founder of Ascension. After a life as a businessman, he felt the urge to step out of normal business life and do more. He came into contact with all kinds of alternative treatment methods and energies, such as orgoon (Wilhelm Reich), radionics (Bruce Copen) and decided to become a regression and reincarnation-therapist, this was a three-year course with a lot of work on yourself, not an easy task when you are 50, but he persisted and then developed a practice where he mainly attracted very serious cases.

Johan was also interested in Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism and studied Hebrew for a year at the University of Amsterdam. He wanted to penetrate to the source and not depend on translations of all those beautiful writings, because he felt so much is lost otherwise. He came into contact with the creative energy of Ascension and gave his whole soul and being to spreading it. That had always been his goal in life, it had taken a long time before it became a reality.

He received information from the Guardians of the Flame (the Ascended Masters group who passed on the instruments) about the use of Ascension but learned a lot through its use and through training and workshops. He started in the Netherlands and quickly expanded abroad.

Johan moved to Portugal with his wife Marjan. He was able to enjoy this for just four months. He died very suddenly in 2013 from a heart attack. He now continues his work from a different dimension. Ascension, with a lot of help from that other dimension, but especially with a lot of help from very nice people, is continued by Marjan his wife.


Change in Ascension

It has now been 10 years since Johan died. As his wife, I, together with Adriana, took over the management of Ascension Europe. Given my age, it is time to leave the company as of September 30. It is important for me to leave Johan’s life’s work in trusted hands. That is why, as of October 1, I would like to welcome Thomas Engstfeld from Detmold, Germany, as the new leader of Ascension. We will let him speak in the following interview.


Marjan: Thomas, welcome to our Ascension family. It is very nice that you have decided to take over the management of Ascension. Would you like to introduce yourself?


Thomas: Yes, thank you Marjan.

I was born 59 years ago in the beautiful East Westphalia-Lippe in Detmold. I have had my own woodworking company there since 1989, now with twelve employees. I built it from scratch. Since my youth I have had a connection with nature and animals, and a great love for wood and its vibrations. That is why natural building materials are very important to me. They are an integral part of my company, which focuses specifically on the design and construction of stairs and special furniture. The production of high-quality work tables for watchmakers is another part of my business.

My philosophy is: ‘if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t exist’. My inner urge to tackle new things has opened beautiful doors in my life. And now Ascension is also a door I go through.

In my private life I love music and I play the trumpet, flugelhorn and hand-pan.


Marjan: Great, that requires a lot of creativity. How or through whom did you learn about Ascension?


Thomas: Through my wife Katrin. She has been working with the Light Crystals for a long time in her practice, and also in her work with her horses. I came into contact with the Light Crystals about 10 years ago and I was, and still am, very surprised at what this wonderful energy always does in me and in my process.


I have been wearing the Guardian L for protection for a long time. In our house, and also in my workshop, the Pyramids and the Tool of Calming XL harmonize all spaces. I also enjoy giving our old dog a treatment with Ascension every now and then. My wife’s experiences with the Light Crystals in her daily practice are always an enrichment for me and show that there are many possibilities for people and animals to reach a higher frequency. For example in the areas of health, harmony and abundance.


Marjan: and how did you come to take over the management of Ascension?


Thomas: Katrin told me it was time for you to leave Ascension. Immediately I got an inner impulse that told me: ‘Thomas, you have to take over that company.’ I told Katrin about my inner “voice” and she thought it was a good idea. Over the past 34 years, I have learned how to build a business and run it successfully in all areas. We discussed all the important details together before contacting you.

I am very pleased that we were able to successfully complete the negotiation. I am also very much looking forward to working with a great Ascension team of National Managers, distributors and customers. As we journey into new dimensions, I would like to communicate very closely with the National Managers and continually make positive adjustments in a number of areas to benefit humanity.

Finally, I would encourage everyone to work with the Light Crystals, especially during these challenging times. I know from my own experience that transformation processes are so much easier by using the Light Crystals.

My great thanks, Marjan, goes to you for entrusting me with this company and I wish you all the best for the future and thank you for all the work you have done for Ascension.

I would also like to thank Adriana for her dedication and Jutta for her work as National Manager of Germany, Switzerland and Austria and for their great work for the Light Crystals. I’m really looking forward to the new, light adventure of our collaboration.

Marjan: Thank you Thomas, for this little interview to introduce yourself. I wish you much success and joy on your new path to a bright future.


Finally, I would like to encourage all people to work with the Light Crystals, especially during these challenging times. I know from my own experience that transformation processes in connection with the Light Crystals are so much easier to master.

Thomas Engstgeld

The people behind Ascension

The Ascension team will help you if you have any questions and are always there for you! The team consists of:

Marjan Langbroek is the owner of Ascension Europe.

Adriana Imerini is General Manager of Ascension Europe working from Cyprus. She puts the instruments in the trainer, sends the instruments to all customers and ensures that Ascension runs smoothly.

National managers can help with any questions about: How to use Ascension Tools?  Courses? About Ascension? About Ascension therapy?


You can contact any of the National managers  with the use of our “contact form”.

If you want your message to go to a specific National Manager, please do not forget to  add their name in the “subject” field or you can contact them directly.

Jutta Pangratz-  Germany / Austria / Poland


Tel: 0049 421 708 932 74

Regina Petra Schulz – Germany/ Portugal/France

spoken languages – German, English and French


Katie Charalambous – Cyprus


Tel: 00357 99 497 929

Paulo Cesar Guerreiro – Portugal / Brazil

Dear Paulo, you are no longer with us  but you will never be forgotten ♥

If you need any Ascension advice you can contact any of the other Team members directly or  email :