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Energy Barometer June 2024


Cosmic energy barometer

June 2024

Collective shift in consciousness, physical fatigue, wealth transfer

May was indeed an intense month of inner work and energetic transmutations. With June and its tremendous synergy energies, we get a great time to put these changes into action.

Old beliefs, convictions and assumptions

The old 3D world into which we were born and in which we were educated in beliefs, convictions and assumptions is coming to an end. The energy of the new Earth, which is orientated towards change, harmony and cosmic abundance, is experiencing ever more intense surges of special energy synergies caused by extreme solar activity with its incoming high plasma energies and the energies of planetary alignments. These energies support us in releasing lower vibrations from within ourselves more easily. This also includes our old, rigid beliefs, convictions and assumptions that have kept us in lack instead of abundance, in fear instead of trust or in illness instead of healing, for example.

These “solidified” belief structures, which are stored in our brain circuits, have been perpetuated over generations. If we continue to hold on to them, it can feel like being on a ship without a rudder that keeps turning round and round.


We are now becoming more and more aware that we are sentient beings and that we can break out of these old mental programs of acquired beliefs and convictions

These energy synergies also encourage us to clear emotional blockages and injuries stored in our organs, muscles, bones/teeth, skin or joints that may manifest as pain. Many of these blockages are referred to as ascension symptoms.


We are now entering waters that none of us are familiar with and may cause uncertainty where we are not in our trust. On the other hand, these synergy energies are also a gift to us because they make it easier for us to recognise old belief structures and bring them into dissolution. They encourage us to open ourselves up to the new “cosmic belief systems”. This means following our innate intuition and inner wisdom again. To place them above our restrictive mind and to live them. To be in trust with ourselves again, to express our inner truth without fear and full of inner strength and emotional stability. In this way, we can also “surf” the massive, energetic waves with new lightness, joy, motivation and gratitude.


Fear-based attachments can also be released through the energy synergies of June. However, it may take some time as they are deeply embedded in the molecular, cellular blueprint and the human nervous system.

Our ( only in German)  >> webinars can be helpful in dissolving your beliefs.

Interesting planetary alignment

At the beginning of June, an interesting planetary alignment takes place in which 6 planets – Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – form a wonderful formation in the sky. Combined with the sun’s activities, we can experience extreme thrusts on our path that lead to intensive integration and “rewiring”.


This rare constellation opens the month with a wave of hopeful, heart-centred and cosmic energy. On 3 June, the divine messenger planet Mercury enters Gemini, placing the emphasis on communication

6th June New Moon and 6:6 Gate – Wealth Transfer

The energies of the New Moon in Gemini on 6 June follow with the energies of the 6:6 energy portal. The days around and after these special energies – synergies – will give us an even deeper energetic boost. At the same time, they will bring a stabilising energy that will help to consolidate the current solar process.


In spirituality, the number 6 is very significant as it symbolises a perfect union of the spiritual and material worlds. It is also associated with beauty, love and compassion. In conjunction with the energy of the new moon, it opens up a great canvas for the manifestation of new beginnings, in a deeper connection to our soul.


It is also an opening to shift our value system from material things to those things that are of eternal value and importance, namely our spiritual growth and expansion – the wealth transfer.

Something big is making its way

Through the formation of the crystalline plasma grid around Mama Gaia and her high vibrational influence, our current experience of reality is shifting more and more. Collectively and individually, as this energetic influence is breaking down old structures and collective conditioning and cleansing the grid of old survival strategies and imprints.


The fifth dimension, which vibrates between 40-100 Hz, also known as cosmic energy or light, is the frequency in which the earth is immersed. This energy strips away everything that does not correspond to the primordial naturalness of Mama Gaia or where we – as humanity – have interfered with nature


Flooding with high-intensity energies

This process is receiving additional support through certain portal openings, with floods of high intensity energies of extreme solar storms and geomagnetic storms for the energetic realignment of the Earth. These extremely high energies are also having a massive impact on the collective consciousness. So we can expect unprecedented floods of revelations that have been kept hidden for a long, long time, which in turn can massively shake old belief systems and lead to bewilderment and shock/awakening in society. Just as these extreme energies help the earth in its realignment, they also support us humans and the collective consciousness in its realignment. The important thing here is to stay centered in your heart and trust the truth of your heart.


This planetary time and energy is a time of clearing and letting go. This is essential for the transition to higher levels of ascension. This extreme energy influence can also lead to the first revolutionary achievements in the field of technology in June.

Current ascension symptoms

The activity of our sun continues to increase from day to day. Another geomagnetic storm warning has been issued for the coming days. The amount of high frequency light codes arriving on Earth is increasing day by day.


We are transitioning into a brand new higher consciousness timeline. Having processed and integrated a lot of information over the last few days and weeks, our bodies are being allowed to adjust to a further amount of information that needs to be re-calibrated. Sometimes the intensity of the light codes is so high that our human physical vessel needs a few days to find a new point of equilibrium.


Our “old” bodies have functioned as we have for eons, and now everything is changing. We are on our way to a crystalline body, to our light body. Our cells are going through a profound reconfiguration process that may feel chaotic to the body, but this is all part of the process so that we can maintain our vibrational state at higher levels. Those who are energy sensitive often feel these effects extremely.

False beliefs, implants, imprints and many other memories can and will now be removed from our light bodies. The clearing of our mental body and mind is crucial in order to think and feel freely, without any manipulation that distorts our view of who we are and where we live. You can support yourself here, through regular:

  • Meditations
  • Light-filled “energy adjustment and enhancement” – balancing and restorative “energy baths” in the large creation/healing circle or in the small regeneration circle. You can also use the individual energy/creation wheels for inner emotional “breakthroughs”.
  • Chakra balancing and adjustment to higher vibrations

use >> the cosmic chakra set new time for this. Place it daily or more often in its white packaging      on your solar plexus for 10 minutes and let it work. You are welcome to vision your future and the new world, paint it multicoloured. Or simply be very still and treat yourself to a 10-minute break.

  • An energetically clean environment, premises

It is just as important to keep your environment, your flat, your house, your workplace, etc. energetically clean and protected and to create spaces for “refuelling”. The sets from the four Calming XL are the great cleanser of negative vibrational information from negative thoughts, electrosmog, a low vibrational environment and other radiation pollution. >>> more info


Great physical and mental fatigue                              

The great physical and mental fatigue that many are currently experiencing is due to the new intelligent electromagnetic frequencies coming from the Central Sun and the realignment of the Earth that we may face with our “outdated systems”.

Even though they interfere fundamentally with our physical, emotional and spiritual structures and it can feel as if a highly developed new computer program is encountering a very outdated one within our structures, they are a gift to us in our spiritual development and on the path to a crystalline body.


This tiredness can also suddenly catch us out and make even the simplest tasks seem extremely strenuous. This fatigue is our body’s cry for help to slow down and give it the time it needs to re-calibrate and integrate the new heightened energies. This may mean that we are allowed to change our plans, take time off or simply visit the comfort of our bed more often.

This can be very frustrating where we have busy, active lives. However, this tiredness is a sign of profound transformations taking place within us. Our body is tirelessly shedding old dense energies and synchronising with the higher frequencies of light and love that are now entering our system.


You can support yourself and your body here with regular >> chakra balancing and/or balancing and restorative “energy baths” in the large creation/healing circle or in the small regeneration circle for your own overall energy adjustment to the higher energies. The HealingCircle >> Cosmos-Earth can also be an important helper here.


Vivid, wild or violent dreams

Many of us currently feel “shaken” at night by vivid, wild or violent and sometimes frightening dreams – intense and strange dreams that leave you confused when you wake up. They can wake up abruptly in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat and with a racing heart. These dreams often feel disturbing.

Images from past unpleasant situations, events, confrontations or even scenarios can appear. These dreams can be indications of manifestations of lower energies that have accumulated in us over many lifetimes and are now being released and purified from our soul. They are important indicators of our own spiritual cleansing process.


It is advisable to place a >> Light-Crystal Pyramid in the colour of your choice directly on your heart immediately after waking up and say the following: “I allow myself to allow all lower energies to dissolve now and that everything that needs to be healed may now be healed.” And then let the Light-Crystal Pyramid do its work.

Other ascension symptoms can be: 

Chakras expand and unresolved emotional and physical issues of these chakras can show up to be healed. You can also support yourself here with the >> cosmic chakra set.

  • Quantum timeline jumps and Kundalini activations
  • Disorientation
  • Dizziness and loss of balance
  • loss of reality
  • severe fatigue
  • sadness
  • excessive thirst
  • anxiety
  • a feeling of a “short circuit in the brain”
  • great forgetfulness and memory gaps
  • the “swapping of days”
  • Not being able to be around people
  • Loss of desire to communicate with others
  • the great need to spend time alone, to be in silence
  • unexpected mood swings and depression

The >> cosmic chakra set can also support you here. Light-filled “energy adjustment and enhancement” – balancing and restorative “energy baths” in the large creation/healing circle or in the small regeneration circle are a further supportive measure.

  • headache
  • dry cough
  • sneezing
  • throat problems
  • Teeth that move
  • allergic reactions
  • itching
  • digestive reactions
  • swellings
  • disorders of the urinary system
  • internal heat and cold
  • impaired vision

For wandering pains and chronic complaints, the flame, the first aid tool in re-coding and the Calming S can be a great support. >> more info

  • Ear pitch shifts – when faster frequencies go online
  • Buzzing – a sign of massive downloads

Spine – musculoskeletal system


Pain in the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine and neck

An important prerequisite for integrating the high incoming energies is an active and cleansed spine. The spine is our mirror for our physical and spiritual well-being, our control centre to which everything is connected; the nervous system, control centres, the respiratory and digestive organs, the sensory organs, the teeth, glands, arms, legs, etc. If you look at the spine from the subtle level, it has the function of a memory store. …… It is the memory store of the soul!  Light energy massages with the Great Instrument of Transformation  are a great support here.


Overloading the central nervous system

Our central nervous system is also under a lot of tension at the moment.  Here it is helpful to do a grounding exercise again and again. You can also place your photo in the “Cosmos-Earth” light circle. You can also combine this with the energy wheels, lights or the chakra wheels.

We truly embody heaven on earth as we move through this transformation process. Be kind to yourself and look forward to the surprises your journey has in store for you.

In Light and love



Nat. manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner: holistic pain therapy, medial transformation coach, trauma therapy, energetic family/ancestral constellation work, aura surgery acc. G. Klügel, light-energy work, space and house clearing

Do you need support on your path to healing? Then write to me privately


Important note: if you are not sure whether you are experiencing ascension symptoms, please consult a doctor or alternative practitioner.


We are obliged to note the following about our tried and tested products with their subtle mode of action. The use of the products is not a therapy and does not replace treatment by doctors or alternative practitioners. In particular, such treatments should not be discontinued.