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Energy Barometer July 2024


Cosmic energy barometer

July 2024

 New perspectives – activation of the higher heart – the 5D heart chakra – summer of extremes

The New Earth

As the crystalline plasma grids continue to form around our earth and the earth dances merrily with the waves of incoming energies to integrate them more easily, it also connects with the higher vibrations of itself, the “new earth”. And the “new earth” is emerging right before our eyes at the speed of light.


It can also be clearly recognised by the way in which all outdated structures on the world stage and within ourselves are now falling apart, collapsing and clearing the way for something new and sustainable to develop. The illusory worlds that we have talked ourselves into or into which we have fled are dissolving.  We have reached a point where the deceptions are becoming more and more obvious and the truth is taking centre stage. We are questioning things more and more frequently. The call for change can no longer be suppressed, be it in the work environment, in relationships of all kinds, in lifelong friendships or changing an energetic environment in which we feel uncomfortable and, of course, the world stage. Because truth heals and liberates.


“Trance-like” stagnant states

It is now becoming increasingly clear to us where we are still allowed to free ourselves from “trance-like” stagnant states, where we have never asked questions, where we have been reticent, where we have not defended ourselves, where we are stuck in outdated beliefs and behaviours about our lives and the world in order to change them.


With the special energies of the 9-9-9 portal and the new, “other” explosive energies of the solstice, we are being given magnificent celestial “energy hands” to master the rapids of many an upcoming, light-filled challenge with a wonderful, dance-like ease

Energetic acceleration is getting faster and faster

We can prepare ourselves for further, longer cleansing energies. These support us in the sense that our massively secured inner safes, consisting of ancient beliefs, convictions, conditioning, emotional injuries, ancestral energies and ancestral patterns, unlock themselves so that deep healing processes can begin. Yes, the rapidly growing power of our consciousness wants to help us once again to remove old burdens from our energy fields, chakras, aura, etc.

A new way of observing

We can also prepare ourselves for a new way of observing, in which self-honesty becomes easier and questions and reflections such as

  • How do I react when I start to recognise something that I would rather not look at? Especially when it becomes unpleasant when something old is triggered in me.
  • How do I react when something wants to reveal itself to me?

These are something quite normal in our personal development and ascent.

This new way of observing our behaviour, but also our energy levels, is key to maintaining our well being, clearing any misalignment and realigning. The more light we embody now, the more old energies, distressing frequencies, painful memories and emotional hurts will show up to be released. It is therefore important to stabilise and re-balance our bodies during these phases of conscious integration and realignment. Otherwise, the energetic imbalance can cause physical symptoms and even illness.


The wonderful thing about this time energy is that it will become easier and easier for us to switch off the human “mind chatter” in order to listen to what our inner self, our innate intuition, wants to tell us. We are also increasingly leaving behind old patterns of control and domination, which are usually based on a lack of inner trust and self-love.

Nourishing soul space

Another gift of these time energies is that we are increasingly opening up the space of love, closeness, touch and real understanding, of appreciating each other and meeting on an equal footing. Because we are realizing more and more how low vibrating and marginalizing conversations based on accusations, judgements and blame and/or put-downs are. We all need this nourishing soul space in order to be able to open up at all.

You are never too late – The healing power of the sacred 9-9-9 portal of 15 June

The “special 9-9-9 portal of 15 June” indicates that the old cycle is complete and a new cycle can now begin. This energy of 15 June brings a change on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It activates the self-healing powers and thus awakens and renews all chakras.

It also helps us to come into contact with the higher energy worlds more easily. When we invoke this special energy from the “9-9-9 portal”, it can support us enormously in healing physical ailments, balancing emotions and enlightening our spiritual consciousness. It will also increase our manifestation power. It’s time to dream big and take action.


When we consciously give ourselves permission to connect with this new energy on a regular basis, our consciousness gradually opens and alignment begins. To do this, connect with your higher self and your inner knowing. Then allow the energy of this high frequency to flow through you. Ask for guidance and protection.

Energies with and after the summer solstice gate on 20 June

Move through the upcoming rapids of light-filled challenges with more ease. The energetic gateway to the 2024 Summer Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere is wide open and its energy sets the tone for the next 6 months. This gateway brings an unforeseen amount of new, different energies that penetrate deep into our fabric and require new adjustment processes.  >> Info here also under: the miracle of our fascia.


The new galactic timeline

These energies also include powerful galactic coded frequencies and light codes, massive DNA upgrades and light body activation. The summer solstice gateway also anchors the new galactic timeline of zero-point energies and quantum leap in consciousness. In addition, this summer solstice is under the influence of the energies of the full moon of 22 June.


As a result, old, unresolved fears and pains that correspond to the aspects of these 3 chakras can now come to the surface. Aspects such as: no longer useful, unconscious programming and beliefs, “fearful and negative thinking”, fears in general, survival issues, feelings of shame and guilt, victim mentality, as well as issues from previous lives, etc. Now is the time to let go of the dormant, blocking aspects of the “lower body” as we climb the next part of our ascension. This is because letting go brings a further opening of all 12 chakras and the activation of the higher heart centre.


Cosmic Ancestor Series

This Summer Solstice Gate is also very special as many more gates open within it, allowing us to receive even more of the new information and light codes stored within these gates. There has never been a summer solstice of this complexity before. The connection with our cosmic ancestral line is also opening up more and more. We will experience what exactly this means in the coming months.


Bringing father-mother aspects into healing

In the planetary constellation, the summer solstice in Cancer – which stands for the feminine essence – and the following full moon on 22 June in Capricorn – which stands for the masculine energy – and Venus and Mercury, both also in Cancer, we also experience a special energy boost for working on our mother-father aspects in order to heal past traumas and move into a new future timeline. The Bridge is a wonderful Light-Crystal to support you in this.

Largest quantum shift – extreme solar storms – Schumann blackout

We are currently experiencing one of the largest quantum shifts to date on a collective and planetary scale. Due to the influx of the high photonic plasma through the many portals combined with their galactic eruptions and the extreme solar storms, the Schumann resonance is rising extremely again and again. This is then reflected as a blackout on the Schumann resonance display and indicates a timeline shift and an enormous re-calibration through these energies.

Get a feeling of a new beginning – the 7-7 Virgo portal

With the energies of the new moon on 5 July and the 7-7 portal on 7 July, many will experience a feeling of new beginnings. Their energies will be highly intense and will help us to free ourselves from old patterns that are still blocking us on our way forward.


It is said that the rare light frequency associated with the 7th of July interacting with the Earth’s magnetic core will set in motion a sacred prophecy leading to a direct alignment with significant cosmic events. The 7-7 Sirius gateway is a cosmic portal that is particularly connected to divine feminine and priestly energies. When we open to it, our higher chakras begin to align with our very own life journey

Activations and ascension symptoms

For many of us, the time has come to leave the three-dimensional levels, to dissolve limited programs in order to regain our freedom. The more shadow work we do, the more we allow our light to shine. The high frequency energy of the June Solstice and Full Moon has brought with it an unprecedented amount of extremely high galactic coded frequencies and light codes. It is providing DNA and light body activation and upgrades as well as massive 5D upgrades to our chakra and nervous systems that need to be integrated.


5D Solar Plexus Chakra and the 5D Solar Plexus Heart – Larynx – Chakra Pillar

The Solstice Sun has activated a large vortex of solar plexus healing energy, allowing the solar plexus chakra to align more and more with the 5D solar plexus chakra. The ‘new centre of feeling’ where our inner masculine energy takes action based only on the guidance of the heart, the inner feminine energy. This allows the throat chakra to become the fifth dimensional centre of self-expression. This upgrade also includes the upgrade to the unified 5D solar plexus heart throat chakra column.


You can experience further activation in the webinar >> Transforming beliefs of the solar plexus, bringing them into healing. ( only in German)


The higher heart chakra, the 5D heart chakra

The heart chakra is also in the process of developing further into the higher heart chakra, the 5D heart chakra, via the upgrades. This enables us to see the truth more and more, to embody authenticity, integrity and wisdom. It also opens doors for us to free ourselves more and more from past layers of energetic perception filters. Connecting with our higher aspects of ourselves and our multi-dimensionality, as well as recognizing that we all carry angelic aspects within us. The higher heart chakra, the 5D heart chakra, is also connected to the Christ energy, the energy of healing from the heart. It is also connected to the thymus gland, which is known as the seat of our soul and which in turn is connected to the pineal gland, our antenna to the cosmos.


You can experience further activation in the webinar >> Transforming beliefs of the heart chakra, bringing them into healing, or the webinar: Activating the thymus gland – inner healing journey. ( Only in German)

Ascension symptoms


The Nervous System

The enormous physical/energetic upgrades of the nervous system are preparing it for a new phase of growth, which can lead to a certain instability. This can manifest as irritability, outbursts of anger, tearfullness, inner aggression, anxiety, great tiredness, sadness and a feeling of loneliness. The physical body needs time to integrate and process the enormous upgrades.


Digestion – Cancer and Capricorn and their physical areas

With the energy of the summer solstice in Cancer and the full moon in Capricorn, a phase begins in which we should focus on the following areas that are ruled by these two zodiac signs:

  • the digestive system
  • the skin, the largest organ in our body, which reflects the many internal imbalances, stress, fears and worries that we carry within us
  • the function of the mitochondria, which, as we know, are responsible for our energy levels
  • the hair
  • the legs and bones
  • the liver

All these areas are responsible for the release, embodiment and digestion of energies. Any disharmony caused by long-suppressed emotional wounds or, for example, misalignment in our thought systems and thinking drawer systems can now be massively triggered and manifest in physical symptoms such as:

  • Solar plexus symptoms
  • Stomach pain as we literally release the old grid energy from our root chakras and align with the new grid anchored by Mother Earth
  • Problems related to digestion
  • Headaches and weight gain
  • skin inflammation, itching, allergies
  • Foul secretions from the skin
  • hair loss
  • or extreme tiredness
  • excessive discharge
  • gas accumulation/flatulence, constant belching
  • nausea

These symptoms are the heart language of our body to tell us what we should transform, let go of or heal.

Wonderful supporters in this process of clearing, cleansing and healing these areas and their symptoms are here:



Many people long for a new life, for new timelines. They feel detached from their current experience of reality, as if they are in a film. But they are still unsure about what they want to anchor in their reality and what they want to change. The application of the >>healing circle “Cosmos-Earth” can be of great help here.


 Our wounded inner child

Old, painful memories, and patterns of energies such as fears, anxieties, grief and loneliness, which are connected with these experiences and which in almost 100% of cases originate from our wounded inner child, can show themselves because they also want to be brought into healing. The little Guardian can be a wonderful support for you here. >> Guardian S


The heart

There is also a great energetic expansion of the heart centre, which can lead to palpitations and difficulties with deep breathing. Support yourself here with the >> Heart Healing Meditation


 Recurrence of previous health problems

It may well be that some health complaints or problems from the past are now showing up. These are phases of health healing and upgrading that will eventually change again.


“Pushed away” memories

Now is also a phase where many can heal their “emotional, feminine side” of old war memories. This healing will extend to future generations, leading to liberation from mental and emotional slavery for them too. You can support yourself with the emergence of old health problems and the transformation of memories that have been pushed away with the >> Healing Circle “Cosmos-Earth” connected to the Energy Wheels or the Lights.

Ascension symptom dizziness

Dizziness, loss of balance and spinning sensations that come out of nowhere. They are an important indicator in our own ascension process and often a sign that our MerKaBa, our light body vehicle is reforming and re-calibrating with new energy, causing temporary disturbances in its physical balance.


The MerKaBa, our light body vehicle, is a powerful energy field that surrounds our body and facilitates higher consciousness and multidimensional travel. As our MerKaBa evolves, it too is constantly adapting to the influx of higher frequencies, which can cause temporary disturbances in its physical balance. Sudden waves of dizziness can occur, forcing us to pause, sit down and – most importantly! – to ground ourselves. It can also happen that we have to hold on to a wall while walking to stabilize ourselves, while a spinning sensation overwhelms us. Here too, pausing and “grounding yourself” is the top priority.

The MerKaBa cube and the MerKaBa ball from Ascension can also support you here.

Other Ascension symptoms may include

  • Complete changes in location, career and relationships as this is a massive timeline shift for everyone.
  • heightened sensory perception
  • Feeling torn back and forth
  • Anxiety and stress (for no particular reason)
  • Increased mental patterns ~ looping negative thoughts (3D thinking)
  • Not knowing which way to go, what my path is
  • Emotional sensitivity
  • Feeling disconnected from this reality
  • the feeling of wanting to cry but not knowing why
  • sometimes the sudden desire to cry is a release of energies that can stem from past pain and trauma that we are not fully aware of, even though they are being released –
  • increased synchronicity and chance encounters
  • recognizing the codes through the number sequences
  • Memory problems
  • Forgetfulness – e.g. entering a room and then forgetting why you are there
  • Exhaustion
  • It can be hard to sleep
  • Need for sleep & naps during the day
  • Restless sleep with strange dreams
  • Intense and vivid dreams
  • Periods and cycles of extreme tiredness and exhaustion – there is so much light streaming through our systems that it takes all our energy to integrate it and we can do nothing but allow ourselves to rest and be
  • Inertia
  • unreality
  • Feelings of insecurity
  • Inner body trembling
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Strange energy sensations can feel as if electricity is flowing through certain areas of our body


  • Tones and ringing in the ears
  • Eye irritation
  • Dental problems
  • Runny nose, cough, phlegm
  • Strong, dry cough
  • Problems with the throat and throat chakra – the truth needs to be spoken
  • Difficulty swallowing because you can no longer digest lies
  • Jaw pain
  • Lymph congestion
  • Urinary system problems
  • Change in the menstrual rhythm
  • Waist/joint/limb pain
  • Bone complaints in general
  • Sweating



There are times when our body needs certain foods – including denser or sweet foods – and certain nutrients to restore physiological balance and chemistry, while at other times it will change completely. There are also times when appetite increases and we feel hungry more often, even in the middle of the night, while at other times the feeling of nausea makes us more likely not to eat.



Soul retrieval and re-connection

By freeing ourselves from many unwanted programs and implants, it is now easier for many people to regain their own sovereignty. Many of these implants block our original soul memories, which is why we feel we cannot remember who we are, as well as our galactic stories.


Other helpful measures

Always take time for retreat and silence, e.g. in nature or near water, to absorb and integrate these high-frequency energies that flow through us, and surround yourself with beautiful surroundings in which colours, plants, crystals, art, music and other symbols inspire you to lead a harmonious life.

In Light and love



Nat. manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner: holistic pain therapy, medial transformation coach, trauma therapy, energetic family/ancestral constellation work, aura surgery acc. G. Klügel, light-energy work, space and house clearing

Do you need support on your path to healing? Then write to me privately


Important note: if you are not sure whether you are experiencing ascension symptoms, please consult a doctor or alternative practitioner.


We are obliged to note the following about our tried and tested products with their subtle mode of action. The use of the products is not a therapy and does not replace treatment by doctors or alternative practitioners. In particular, such treatments should not be discontinued.