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Energy Barometer November 2023

Cosmic Energy Barometer – November 2023


A huge shift in space and time is taking place and an epic energetic shift is occurring in terms of global and domestic frequency increases. The earth is also in the process of swinging back into its original light matrix, its divine imprint.

Your immense processes of energetic cleansing can be felt and perceived everywhere. Pavlina Klemm says an unimaginable amount of manipulative timelines have been severed. Timelines that were once activated by the dark forces to link Earth to the reality of darkness. The Earth is now in the process of completely cleansing itself, closing its energetic cracks in its aura via its activated self-healing abilities and filling it with cosmic light. To shine again in their beauty and their splendor of colors. This cutting of the timelines has an influence on everything, world events, as well as on us, on animals and plants.


The “Unlight”

The “unlight” is in the process of collapsing into itself, right before our eyes. A lot of things are being turned upside down and the energies of the eclipses are playing their part. There is so much going on behind the scenes. cleanup of the light; Changes and realignments. Everything is about to return to its original order, its divine matrix.


Emotional chaos and paranormal abilities

Since we are energetically connected to the earth, the same thing happens to us. So in the last few days and weeks we have been able to go through massive cleansing processes that support us to return to our uniqueness, to the light that we are.

Emotional chaos, sea of ​​tears, standing next to yourself, what was yesterday? Is this a reality out there? The people, as well as what is happening right now? Where am I? Who am I? Urge for security, hugs and protection. Staggering, feelings of fainting, sudden, strong, shooting pain, excessive sleepiness, agitation, the feeling of joy, something big is coming to us, new entrances to telepathy are opening up. Thinking and perception change. Deeper insights into yourself and the world around you. Sudden euphoric states out of nowhere. The intuition, the clairvoyance, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience or clairvoyance, which increase. Feeling like an observer, calm and in a deep inner contentment,

Clean deep into the pores and the end of soul contracts

This October symbolizes the completion of an important chapter in life. The thinning of the veil due to the many energetic events in October brought and continues to bring everything to the surface. Also the things that we have so far tried to suppress, deny, ignore or reject within ourselves and on the world stage.

True to the motto “clean deep into the pores”, we are currently experiencing a deep flushing, cleansing, clarifying and healing. The transition into the new era is happening at a rapid pace and is making us increasingly recognize our outdated patterns, negative and harmful thoughts, dysfunctional relationships and negative belief systems in order to let them go.

The further collapse of the 3D matrix can no longer be stopped. This allows us to move away from these timelines and embrace new timelines. The timeline of “leaving the old self behind to align with the higher self.” The Christ Consciousness Timeline.


The end of Soul Contracts

At the moment, so many relationships, family groups, friendships, acquaintances as well as collegial and business connections are in chaos and emotional pain. The energetic vibration frequency within these constellations is drifting further and further apart. A quantum alignment process in which a completely natural alignment of energies occurs. All those with whom we no longer resonate literally swing out of our lives. Even though we are aware of their presence on this planet, the energies ensure that our paths no longer cross. It is the physical change that separates 3D from 5D. These times mark the end of some relationships/connections (soul contracts) in life. In this process, the >>Bridge can be a wonderful helper in a “harmonious disconnection”.

The next 6 months

Since the lion portal on August 8th, the energy has been constantly flowing to the earth. The sun has also become even more active, moves incessantly and radiates enormous amounts of energy into the cosmos and to the earth.

With the two eclipses in October, their energies and planetary constellations now underway, we have a cosmic energy cocktail. It can take us on an emotional roller-coaster and ghost train ride over the next few weeks. We “can” expect feelings ranging from “jubilant to heaven to saddened to death.” All we have left is to “surf” these “waves of feeling” as best we can.

The presence of two eclipses in a month combined with certain planetary movements amplifies the power of this eclipse portal, which will last for the next six months.

Full moon eclipse and Samhain – the ancestral festival (Halloween)

Beginning with the full moon eclipse on October 28th and the following two days, our Moon realigned with Orion and the Pleiades to vibrate in harmony with them. This also brings with it a change in energy in our body systems.

On Samhain (Halloween), the Pleiades reach their highest point in the sky. During Samhain, the boundary between this world and the other world is like a thin veil. Samhain is a powerful spiritual gateway to the other side, “the spirit world,” which opens so that the dead can visit our living world. It is also the gateway to the darkest time of the year.


Lunar Eclipse and Solar Plexus

Lunar eclipses have the potential to bring to light within us, as well as on the political world stage, what is hidden or what lies in the shadows. The full moon during a lunar eclipse holds the potential for deep and transformative experiences. Hidden aspects within us, situations, relationships and the collective consciousness can be illuminated in this way. This particular lunar eclipse we just had highlights issues having to do with personal inner power, particularly in the area of ​​the solar plexus chakra. Here it is advisable to look at the entire topic area of ​​the solar plexus again in order to notice what I still resonate with in order to bring this into healing. >>> more information


Karma and ancestral energies

The October 28 lunar eclipse is also associated with karma and ancestral energies. So it’s exciting that seven days after the lunar eclipse, Saturn, the lord of karma, also becomes direct and provides us with further support in letting go and healing. Another exciting thing is that there is a distinction between soul groups during the integration of these Lunar Eclipse energies.
While some souls are still in the process of integrating these energies, other souls who have completed their integration cycles can help move stagnant collective energies through their physical bodies, effectively cleansing them of themselves and the Earth plane.

The new changes resulting from the energetic constellations mentioned above can bring about further changes and transformations, as well as the “flashing” of new abilities in ascending people.

It is more important than ever to take time to integrate, analyze and process the realignment, the changes, the opportunities, the hidden revelations and the new information, now.

Healing and new spaces

Another aspect of the final lunar eclipse, full moon eclipse, is the bringing forward of old energies for understanding and closure.

Old energies that we thought we had already let go of can once again bring forth un-redeemed parts in order to finally release them from our consciousness.

Clinging to old energies that no longer serve our development, be it out of habit or because we can’t/don’t want to leave our comfort zone yet, leads to frustration and undesirable developments. Eclipses always have a transformative effect and help us to end old cycles, let go of the past and create the necessary space for new things – liberation and letting go, closure and new beginnings…


Light and shadow

The afterglow of this full moon eclipse can also be very intense. It is important to surrender to this process without resistance. Because only what comes to light can be healed. There are two other major topics in the foreground. The healing of the feminine, whether woman or man, and the recognition of light and shadow within us and, associated with this, stepping out of our inner evaluation and condemnation systems. Only by viewing ourselves and others purely through the eyes of love, of the divine, can we find true wholeness. We are love, pure love. It’s also about shining a light on parts of us that we can’t love, that we reject within ourselves.


The old evaluation and condemnation systems within us

Something that also goes hand in hand with the lingering energy of the full moon eclipse is that we can examine ourselves again, where do our evaluation and condemnation systems actually come from in us?

  • Where did I learn that?
  • Where do I actually get this?

We will then quickly realize that they are not ours and that we can replace them with a new system of values. The value system that comes from the heart. The value system of divine truth and love.

The transformative power of November energies

The energies of November combined with the powerful energies of October’s two eclipses, the planetary constellations, as well as the incoming energies of the Sun, support the end of an era of “copying, games and competition.” The awareness that every person is unique with special talents and abilities is now becoming increasingly widespread, regardless of the difference between the divine feminine and the divine masculine principles.


November 2023

  • Correction and unification on the ascension path
  • Emotional cleansing of old emotional baggage and realignment
  • Emotional transformation and self-correction on the path of ascension
  • grow out of our “childhood shoes” and make more and more heartfelt decisions
  • Stormy energies and emotional flights of fancy
  • Healing of old traumas and intensification of the ascension process
  • Farewell to duality and activation of the heart
  • Correcting our perspective
  • Blurring of dualities and the self-correction of consciousness
  • Healing energies
  • Self-reflection, where and how was I conditioned, or where did I “train” myself to be neutral


The desire for peace, community and helpfulness can be felt extremely strongly everywhere and now is our time to grow beyond ourselves and improve our being. It’s time for deep self-reflection to discover how we can step out of duality and judgment.

The focus is now on the second chakra, which is connected to the emotional body and in which the topic of demarcation is the focus. It is important to differentiate yourself clearly and say “NO” in order to support yourself. The Scorpio who accompanies us now is thorough, solution-oriented and powerful in his emotions. >>> Further information on this

Immediate accompanying ascension symptoms can be:

Our physical body is going through many major and incredible re-calibrations at the moment. And the emotional level is also rotating. During system updates, as we try less and less to make sense of a linear mental model, we may temporarily feel out of place, as well as confused. The activation of the Christ Light Code within us is another process that is currently taking place and can cause feelings of fear. Every part of our body is now awakening to God’s Light, the “Crystalline Light of Awakening”. This is also a process that takes time. Teleportations, remembering, healing and rewiring are now also important topics.

The coming solar flares will contain the most powerful light-encoded energy we have yet experienced in the ascending form of humanity.
Combined with the energies of the eclipses, they will trigger upgrades that will result in the release of information from the DNA. In this way, significant inner transformations can gradually take place that increase the collective consciousness here on Earth. We are called upon to continually adapt ourselves and our systems to these “energy waves”.

Emotional – mental

  1. Emotional chaos, sea of ​​tears, standing next to yourself, what was yesterday? People don’t see me. Feeling lonely, lost and abandoned. Is what I’m experiencing reality out there? The people, what’s happening right now? Where am I? Urge for security, hugs and protection. Is everything just an illusion? Feelings of discomfort, emotional sensitivity, deep senses of collective energies, the collapse of old timelines.
  2. Sleep disorder, insomnia, waking up in the middle of the night . Don’t try to willfully go back to sleep; you’ll only feel more tired and irritable. Use such moments to meditate and work on your inner development.
  3. Feeling tired and disoriented in the morning. Don’t let it get you caught up. Start consciously with grounding. You can use this grounding ritual for this. It also supports you in your aura expansion and healing and allows you to perceive your presence. >> the little grounding meditation .
  4. Nervous breakdowns” or outbursts of happiness for no apparent reason. Another symptom that our heart chakra is in another phase of activation and is calling us to end all our negative attachments. To separate yourself from everything in life that is not at your vibrational level.
  5. Manifestation or increase of paranormal abilities can be part of it as well as feeling joy, something big is coming to us, new accesses to telepathy are opening up. A change in thinking and our perception. Deeper insights into yourself and the world around you. Sudden euphoric states out of nowhere. Strengthening of intuition, clairvoyance, such as clairvoyance, clairvoyance or clairvoyance. Feeling like an observer, calm and in a deep inner contentment, read on


  1. The eyes are currently undergoing a major change. At present they may look heavy and tired, burn or tear and vision may be very blurred. The third eye is activated with changes and improvements in the area of ​​vision and perception. You can see more and more small, shiny particles floating in the air, auras or even rainbows in the most unexpected ways
  2. Improvement or worsening of hearing , as well as greater sensitivity to noise. The inner hearing is activated more and more.

You can support processes and problems in the area of ​​the eyes and ears with the >> Voice . The Voice also supports you in coming into contact with Atlantis.

  1. strong, dry, persistent cough, a “sniffle” that doesn’t really come through, hoarseness, a thick, rough voice or being completely voiceless for moments, a feeling of lumps in the throat and chest area, the Hal chakra is “rotating”. Further information about this can be found at: >> The throat chakra
  2. severe, sudden back/joint/muscle pain or headaches , migraine attacks that are perceived as a “tug”…
    A tug that feels like being “torn out” of the old matrix and at the same time clinging to old comforts, worn out and entrenched thought structures, behaviors, patterns, beliefs, convictions, etc.

Energy sessions for cleansing, adaptation forcing and vibration raising are a great support here. You can practice it as follows: Energy sessions in the >>  cosmic healing circle  from all 27 energy wheels. You can lay out the healing circle in a circle and sit or lie down in it. You can place it around a chair or around your bed at night.

Light circle of 12 lights , you can also lay it out in a circle, sit or lie down in it. You can also place it around a chair or around your bed at night.

  1. For wandering pain, acute and chronic complaints – the flame, the >>“first aid tool” in re-coding and the >>Calming S for congestion and pressure, can be of great support to you.
  2. Pressure in the chest – heart and thymus expansion.
    Heart palpitations, palpitations or a stronger heartbeat – the heart field expands. The heart feels like it has a different tone and a different level of beating. Added to this are ancient heart pains that we have pushed away for a long time and are crying out for healing. Blood pressure feels like it’s confused. Rib pain and pressure on the chest at the level of the thymus can be a sign of thymus expansion.

The light energy massage: hands and fingers , a quick and effective chakra balancing with the sun chakra set  , which also has an influence on the activation of your 3rd eye and the soul point, as well as  light energy massages directly in the area of ​​the Heart and thymus can be of great help to you here. Further supporting measures in the energetic expansion of the thymus gland. .

  1. Our auric fields are also adjusting to the new body of ascended crystalline light, which can cause temporary feelings of dizziness, isolation and unreality.
  2. Stomach, intestines, diarrhea, blemishes , rashes, brittle nails and temporary hair loss. Support yourself here with the   light energy massage: hands-fingers

Protected and energetically high-vibrating spaces

Ideally, you also create an environment (apartment, house, workplace, etc.) that is energetically high in vibration (pure, clear, uplifting and protective) in which you can always “recharge your batteries”. The sets from the  four Calmings XL clear and gold  are not only the great cleaner of stressful vibrational energies, electro-smog, a low vibration environment and other radiation pollution in rooms, but they also have an energy-building effect.   >>> further information.


Relaxing, going into nature, meditating, taking a lot of time for yourself are other ways to rearrange your system in this way and find your way back to yourself.

I wish you a magical time with yourself.

In light and love


Nat. Manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner, holistic pain therapy, karmic family and ancestral constellation/dissolution work, trauma therapy, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, emotional aura surgery, media coaching, energetic house cleaning.