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Use in Therapies

If you are a therapist, our products can help you make your treatments more effective and lighter. Of course there are also special Ascension treatments, but our products can also be integrated into your own therapy.

Great Instrument of Transformation (3FF)

The Great Instrument of Transformation (or Three Fold Flame) is a great Cosmic cleanser. It releases toxins, eliminates pollution, cleanses and repairs the system to its original natural state.

It has this name because it is a Tool that can bring about great changes. That purifies, strengthens and releases age-old negativity.

For more information om the Great Instrument of Transformation click here.

Tool of Calming

This Tool is multifunctional. It cleanses, calms and at the same time gives strength. It helps with physical and emotional stress. Releasing congestion and swelling. The slanted side (or the face) of the Tool of Calming radiates positive energy, the straight side and the bottom absorb negative information and change this into positive information using its own energy.

For more information on the Tool of Calming click here.


Everything that is, is made up of energy. Our bodily, as well as our mental functions, are made possible through energy.

The Flame from Ascension is a first aid Tool, whose light guides free energy flow inside our bodies, in doing so it improves the cell structure, which in turn encourages the body’s healing process.

For more information on the Flame click here.


The Ascension’s Hope embodies the principle of abundance and fluidity. It is used wherever there are emptiness, blockages and lack of energy, on a material, physical or psychological level.

The greater the lack of energy, the greater the Hopes healing strength will be.

For more information on the Hope click here.

Chakra set

The Chakra set can be used daily after work or during meditation. Wheels can be placed directly on the body chakra points, according to their colour, or all together in the white foam box on the solar plexus.

For more information on the Chakra set click here.