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Wheels- uses

The Wheels connect the energy of the finest level of creation with the energy fields that are directly around the Wheel. This allows the acceleration of the energy present. The Wheels bring perfect harmony and balance to our everyday life. Everything comes into balance.

These wheels and rings can be used for more specific complaints, situations in which we find ourselves at that moment. They enhance our talents so that we can move through our process more comfortably.

The wheels are creative, powerful cosmic helpers. They carry our life and support us with their energy. They harmonize our energy systems and provide well-being, relaxation and joie de vivre.

These creative Wheels represent the knowledge up to the highest cosmic spheres or cosmic energy systems and stand for the translation of “As above- so below”. They direct the energy of Creation into our energy fields and increase, harmonize our energy in this way.

The wheels we select make a connection with us. With their powers they work on our psyche and on our mental levels and thus bring our processes in a flow for the better. Only then can healing take place on the physical level.

Their constant impulses that we receive by wearing them and laying them on the body connect to us through our own energy systems. They set in motion old patterns, set judgments, attitudes, fears and doubts. Dormant talents and skills can now start to develop, inner harmony and self-confidence increase and a new, vital attitude to life arises.

Opening the Wheels for more intuition and inner clarity, protecting and guiding from higher levels; it can take us to a state of feeling carried.

There are a total of 27 Wheels in 9 colors. For each color there are 3 Wheels namely a plus, a minus and a double also called a progression, transformation and regeneration Wheel. Their mode of action is determined by the direction of rotation of the spirals arranged on the wheels and the color.

There are three different types of wheels per color, namely:

Wheel Progression or progress:
The spirals lie on the surface and rotate clockwise. They provide growth in the positive direction.

Wheel Transformation:
The spirals are, as it were, engraved in the wheel, deepened and rotate counter-clockwise. Transformation supports change

Wheel Regeneration:
Both of the above spirals are present. It repairs and replenishes our energy system.

The Wheels unfold their effect by wearing them or integrating them in a therapeutic session. They can be worn on a chain (NOTE: not all wheels can be worn, look at the individual wheels, there are instructions). The Wheels can also be attached to a chain by means of our silver or gold-plated spirals. They can be placed under the pillow at night.

In therapy

In therapeutic sessions, the wheels are a great support in working with the client. The therapist can use a single wheel or several wheels by placing them on the body or handing them. The effect of the wheels is that clients open themselves to their process faster, more easily, and accept and walk new paths more comfortably and easily. By means of a Light massage with the Wheels in combination with other Ascension Instruments such as the Flame, The Great Instrument or Transformation or the Hope, the effect of the wheels is intensified even more.

When a complete cosmic Circle has been placed in the practice space, the session is supported even more by other dimensions. All levels of creation are present in this circle. The processes run smoother, simpler and more dynamic. Working in these higher vibrations is much easier for the therapist.

Children and the Wheels

Children have a special connection with the wheels. They intuitively and uninhibitedly choose their own Wheel. Their Joy, pleasure, enthusiasm, creativity and self-awareness are qualities they bring. Excessive expectations, changes in the family and problems can easily throw children off balance. The Wheels allow them to enjoy their childhood unencumbered again and to develop further as a happy child. They can develop their talents and skills.

When using the Wheels of Ascension there are several rules that you must adhere to. These rules mainly concern three matters:

– the limited duration,

– the compatibility of the directions of rotation and

– the placement of the Wheels.


The limited time duration

Progression Wheels have no time limit.

You can use the progression Wheels throughout the treatment if you wish. You can even carry them with you (except for the Rays of The Sun Progression Wheel).

Transformation Wheels generally have a time limit of 10 minutes.

There are two exceptions to this rule: the First Light Transformation Wheel and the Clear Transformation Wheel have no time limit when worn, but they do when used in a treatment.

The Transform Wheels should not be used for more than 10 minutes at a time. This time is cumulative in one treatment. That is, from the moment you place the first Transformation Wheel on a person, you only have 10 minutes of treatment time for all the Transformation Wheels you want to use. After 10 minutes, remove all transformation Wheels from the person and continue with the regeneration Wheels.

For example, if you start a treatment at 10:05 AM with the Clear Transformation Wheel, then you may also place other Transformation Wheels on the person’s body, but at 10:15 AM all Transformation Wheels must be removed and no other Transformation Wheels may be added thereafter. Wheels are used more for the remainder of the treatment.

Regeneration Wheels have no time limit.

You can use the regeneration Wheels throughout the treatment if you wish. You can also carry them with you (except the Rays of The Sun regeneration Wheel).

However, it is pointed out that if you want to start wearing the First Light Regeneration Wheel, you should start doing this slowly, for only 10 or 20 minutes, and build it up gradually.

The Rays of The Sun Wheels have their own time limit when worn, unlike when used during a treatment. If you are wearing a Rays of The Sun Wheel, you can wear it for 15 minutes, but then you must wait at least 15 minutes. So, you can wear it for 15 minutes, then you have to put it away for at least 15 minutes and then you can wear it again for 15 minutes and so on for as long as you want.

The compatibility of direction of rotation

Never use a Progression Wheel in conjunction with a Transformation Wheel.

Before a treatment you have to decide whether it is going to be a progression or a transformation treatment. In a progression treatment you are not allowed to use any transformation wheel and vice versa.

If you are carrying a Progression Wheel, you must remove it before using a Transformation Wheel. Likewise, you must discard a transformation wheel before using a progression wheel. (Since there are only two transformation Wheels you are allowed to wear, this only applies to these two Wheels.)

If the person you are treating carries one or more Wheels, he / she must put the Wheel (s) away before starting the treatment. If the treatment is a transformation treatment, then the person should wait two to three hours before wearing a Progression Wheel again.

Progression Wheels may be used at the same time as the regeneration Wheels.

Whether you are wearing a Progression and a Regeneration Wheel, or you are treating someone with both Progression and Regeneration Wheels, these Wheels can be used together. However, keep in mind that the progression side of the regeneration wheel must face the body when you are carrying a progression wheel or when it is a progression treatment.

Both transformation Wheels and regeneration Wheels may be used in a treatment, but the transformation Wheel (s) must precede the regeneration Wheel (s).

So, if you have a Transformation Wheel on a person for 10 minutes in a treatment, you remove the Transformation Wheel after a maximum of 10 minutes and then you start using regeneration Wheels. If you are going to carry the First Light Transformation or the Clear Transformation Wheel, you may not carry a Progression or a Regeneration Wheel at the same time.

The placement of the Wheels

Note: Rays of The Sun Wheels should not be placed near the head, neck or heart. Therefore, put them on the body below the heart area, or have the person treating you hold this Wheel. If you’re wearing Rays of The Sun Wheels, don’t put it near your head, your neck, or your heart either. (Remember the limited amount of time when wearing Rays of The Sun Wheels: maximum 15 minutes at a time!)

Although the Wheels of Ascension may be placed directly next to the body during a treatment, you will obtain the best results if you place the Wheels directly on the body part to be treated.

For example, if you are treating someone who has a stomach ache, put a Green Wheel on that person’s stomach.

You can also place the Wheels under someone’s body. When the Wheel (s) is (are) placed next to the body, you can use a Tool of Calming to increase the effects in the body. Place the Tool of Calming behind the Wheel with the bevelled side facing the body.


General remarks

Use the Flame together with the Wheels.

When the Wheels of Ascension are used in a treatment, the Ascension Flame must always be used as well. You aim the Flame at the different Wheels that lie on the body. This stimulates the activities of the Wheels. Some Wheels can be used perfectly with the Tool of Calming or with the Ascension’s Hope. But even with these Wheels, always use the Flame.


There must be an Ascension Pyramid in the room if you are giving a treatment with Wheels. The Pyramids create the stable base on which the Wheels do their work.

Some circumstances require treatment with Wheels, plus the wearing of Wheels, in addition to using the Tools. Consult the treatment list to determine which combinations to use.

To find out more about each wheel and their attributes click here.