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Energy Barometer April 2024


Cosmic Energy Barometer April 2024

Solar eclipse on April 8 –

Harbinger of major changes

Perhaps you too are still stuck in last month’s energetic portal day and lunar eclipse hangover? An intense March is behind us and a wild April with quantum leaps into future versions of ourselves is already knocking at the door. Earth and humanity are now in a pivotal moment of evolution and ascension! Powerful symphonies of high cosmic energy currents from the galactic centre and the sun are enchanting the earth and are currently massively accelerating our evolution!

The energies of the lunar eclipse

The energies of the lunar eclipse of 25 March combined with the geomagnetic storms and the light and information waves of the solar flares are pushing us beyond the old parameters. We are literally being born into a higher vibrational energy that holds the codes and keys to our divine blueprint.

The unprecedented intensity level of these incoming light waves, “filled” with highly evolved frequencies and information, massively supports the process of elevating us to higher levels of consciousness and anchoring us in expanded states of awareness.


The powerful “eclipse portal”

The powerful “eclipse portal”, the time between the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse on 8 April, is one of the strongest and most powerful times for clearing and releasing patterns and programmes that do not belong to the highest version of ourselves. This includes all the roles, masks and identifications we have adopted to live/survive in 3D. It is a momentary swirling in and out of past, present and future timelines.

This is accompanied by severe ascension symptoms on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Ascension symptoms that are stronger than ever before, while at the same time we go through major upgrades for crucial changes in physical reality. A time that can also feel like a profound and sometimes painful rebirth that brings moving realizations into your life. A time of deep emotional cleansing and feeling out of sync with your current reality, as if you were in a movie. Perhaps also combined with a desire for earthy or different foods, a low-stimulation environment, and, and…. Welcome to the “club”.

Equinox March 20, 2024 – beginning of spring – astrologically: the new year

The equinox – on March 20 at the zero point in Aries – marked a new beginning that set in motion a flow of ascension energy and transformative light body activation. This zero point energy massively supports the breakdown of old cycles and paradigms and paves the way for personal and collective rebirths. We can therefore expect significant transformations and upheavals on the world stage. Familiar structures in politics, finance, healthcare, education and governments will undergo extreme and profound changes. We are also entering a new phase of self-awareness.

The first lunar eclipse on March 25, 2024

The first Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 25 intensified the closing of past timelines and the opening of new possibilities. Its energy, which is in alignment with Pluto, supports us to align with our soul and purpose. This lunar eclipse took place in Libra and fell on the South Lunar Node.

The South Node stands for the energetic ballast of our past and shows us what needs to be healed. It also brings all karma and attachments to the surface. In addition to fate and destiny, relationships on any level that do not vibrate in balance are a major theme here. Your energy is still active for the next 6 months. Take a deep breath and let go of all attachments to pain and suffering.

You can support yourself here with the >>>Light Energy Massage

The special month of April

Mercury goes retrograde right at the beginning of the month (02-25 April). This means that the keen powers of observation of the Aries Mercury course are primarily focused on our inner world.


Among other things, Mercury stands for perceptiveness, for the nervous system and brain and helps us to understand and process information. For problems with the eyes and vision. Not seeing deceptions and illusions, succumbing to ideas that do not correspond to your own heart and inner truth. Mercury retrograde stands for delay, nothing works properly, especially with technical devices. Communication can be disrupted and lead to misunderstandings as things are not properly understood. Certain topics are constantly being thought through and analyzed. You get hunches, but can’t grasp them rationally, let alone communicate them clearly. This means you don’t necessarily react appropriately to the situation. Something from the past needs to be re-examined, corrected in order to finalize it for good. It is better to wait with firm contracts and decisions until the messenger of the gods is running again.

Solar eclipse on 8 April – harbinger of significant changes

When the Sun and Moon in Pisces embrace in a celestial dance, they cast a shadow that crosses the entire latitude of the Americas. This is no ordinary constellation, for their meeting at 25 degrees in Aries activates energies of certain constellations and unleashes a stream of cosmic forces that will trigger profound changes and upheavals across the globe. This alignment is a cosmic signal, a sign of change and a sign that this spectacle is not just a spectacle of light and shadow, but also a harbinger of significant changes in the collective consciousness and structure of our reality. We are called to open our hearts and minds to the changes. The energy of the solar eclipse can last for 4 years.

Aries stands for the self, for self-assertion, impatience, impulsiveness, feeling driven, initiative, new creativity, action-orientation, the need for constant forward movement.


With the energy of this solar eclipse we return to our origins, to who we are, to regain our personal power and sovereignty, in order to achieve this, however, we must first burn and transform the old, heal old wounds, which Aries offers us through the element of fire and Chiron with its healing energy. The energies of this solar eclipse in Aries in conjunction with Chiron are gate openers for the development of people to go beyond Saturn and connect directly with the energies of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Liberation, redemption, resolution, shedding light on old wounds at the root, karmic redemption, all for the purpose of arriving deeper within ourselves, into a new calm and security, coming into contact with who we really are. These energies are an urgent and necessary evolutionary spring cleaning for humanity worldwide!


Who am I really

So it can be that at the beginning we feel foggy or disorientated when what we have always considered to be our self and what we have defined ourselves as dissolves. And yet there is this unconscious understanding, characterized by the feeling of connecting with one’s inner stillness. So more and more people are awakening to higher states of consciousness and realizing how interconnected all life is and therefore how important it is to live in harmony with the planet.


It is now a time when we are becoming more aware of the importance of constantly raising our own vibrational frequency in order to develop new ways of thinking, feeling, sensing and interacting with the universe and each other. To focus on our self-love in order to develop a much stronger sense of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth and self-belief. Where we may have previously felt separate and alone, we now feel more and more deeply connected to each other. We are our greatest healer and wisest teacher.

Seen from the higher consciousness, eclipses are powerful and intense moments when old beliefs, convictions, assumptions, consciousness triggers, wounds, collective, energetic and physical systems from the past can be removed and replaced with new codes and energies for evolving humanity and for the Earth. Your energy will be felt for the next six months.




At the same time as the solar eclipse, an additional planet, Chiron (the “wounded healer”) enters the sign of Aries at the same degree and minute. A rare but very, very powerful constellation. Chiron is physically located in our solar system after Saturn and before Uranus. He is the bridge between Saturn and Uranus, between the energy templates and code structures of Saturn and the “Uranian Higher Consciousness” of Uranus.


Chiron, the “wounded healer”

Due to the influence of Chiron and his energy in conjunction with the total solar eclipse in April, many people will be confronted with their inner “wounded pain” in order to deal with it, finally clear it and free themselves from it. Chiron puts his “finger” on our still sore spots. Unresolved scars/pains that always seem to open up, that we are confronted with again and again. With the help of Chiron’s energy, we learn to accept our weaknesses and shadow sides and at the same time develop healing powers. You can support yourself here with the >>Light Energy-Massage

On 10 April we have a very healing transit:

Jupiter in semi-sextile to Chiron. A dreamlike touch. Jupiter, the planet that expands everything it touches in so-called wounded Chiron, will offer us a unique opportunity for healing. The energies of this planetary encounter will help us to expand our healing modalities and receive the many healing transmissions. Healing is an expansion of love.


Saturn and Mars

Another energy highlight is the meeting of Saturn and Mars, which will come ever closer together until 10 April. Mars with the energy of action, of movement, an energy that wants to act. Saturn, on the other hand, slows things down, brings obstacles with it, the feeling of standing still. The two don’t really like each other. The last time they met, war broke out in Ukraine in 2022 and before that the lock-down was initiated in 2020.


20 April – a huge event – great change into a new era

Uranus is conjunct Jupiter – innovation, ground-breaking ideas and upheavals. An energy that can already be felt days before. Jupiter, the sign of luck and expansion and Uranus, the sign and harbinger of change and upheaval.

Harbinger of change and upheaval in Aries, testify to a collective longing for freedom and the breaking of the shackles of the old system. Spiritual renaissance, redefining ourselves in harmony with universal laws – healing our inner wounds so that the collective soul of humanity can realign itself. It is a time in which we can bring about the necessary change in ourselves and on our planet. A time of innovation and expansion, a time when we can realize our soul’s visions and align with love to create more abundance and resources. The last time they met in Aries, which was in 1513, there was much unrest and change in Europe. Jupiter, also known as the beneficial planet, first creates a kind of chaos with its immense power, from which the new can then develop. With its energetic expansion in the awakening process, it promotes new realizations and calls on us to make the right decisions.


24 April Full Moon in Scorpio

So many people carry the desire for peace and love in their hearts. The energy of this full moon supports us to expand and evolve. To dance in its delicate balance of light and shadow and to recognize and let go of ‘parts’ within us that no longer serve us and stand in the way of our own inner peace.

To understand that peace is not a state that is created outside of us, but a state that first wants to and is allowed to be created within us and then to spread with our vibration of peace in the world.

Make conscious use of the intensity of this energy, go within to illuminate what is still hidden. Become aware of where we are hindering self-love and peace within ourselves by holding on to self-blocks, sabotaging beliefs, convictions, assumptions, perceptions, illusions and self-judgements. It is time to cleanse our emotional and mental bodies. How >> read more here

Solar flares and solar winds, imminent solar pole change

Solar flares are increasing dramatically. They point to an imminent solar pole reversal, so we can continue to expect crackling and powerful mixtures of M and X class flares. The powerful eruptions are not here to wreak havoc, but to act as cosmic midwives, ushering in a powerful wave of ascension energy. Their intense energies can act as a cosmic pressure cooker, forcing physical ascension symptoms when they trigger unreleased, distressing emotions, as well as amplifying and bringing hidden issues to the surface.  These powerful energetic waves of light contain tiny packets of high information. When these hit the human body, it can be quite uncomfortable as the nano-sized ionized particles penetrate the human genome and re-code the DNA to a much higher level! To alleviate the effects of this intense light, it is recommended that you regularly cleanse your emotional and mental body. Here, too, you can support yourself with the >>LightEnergy Massage

Ascension and healing symptoms

The current energy quality promotes deep cellular healing on both a physical and emotional level. There is a sense of breaking open and facing the suffering within. Many layers of negative energies still cover our physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Everything within us is calling for cleansing, clearing and healing and can manifest in the following ascension and healing symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Balance problems
  • blurred vision
  • extreme tiredness
  • restless sleep
  • altered sleeping habits
  • confusion
  • vivid and lucid dreams
  • irritability
  • increased sensitivity to sounds, noise, light and energy
  • Aversion to anything that does not correspond to your orientation
  • Inability to socialize
  • Thoughts that get out of control when you don’t have them under control
  • Lack of concentration
  • Emotional ups and downswings
  • disorientation
  • Sudden fears or panic
  • disorientation and the feeling of being detached from external reality
  • Energy levels can fluctuate between motivation and exhaustion
  • depression
  • Fears and feelings of powerlessness, the need to let go of old incarnations
  • Redness in the face
  • increased activity in the crown chakra, which can lead to sensations such as tingling, pressure headaches and migraines


  • Pain in the lower back
  • neck pain
  • aching muscles
  • painful joints
  • flu-like feelings
  • hot and cold flushes
  • shivering
  • increased heart rate, palpitations
  • nausea, stomach pressure
  • extreme detoxification symptoms
  • increased food allergies
  • loss of appetite
  • a thirst that cannot be quenched


  • Increased intuition and heightened spiritual awareness,
  • electrical sensations, especially in the area of the crown and the third eye.
  • spiritual gifts and abilities are strengthened
  • increased telepathic and synaptic abilities.

Processing the high energetic tempo emotionally, mentally and physically

It is a good idea to prepare yourself for this powerful solar eclipse and the new energies it will bring with it. In moments of silence and meditation, ask yourself what you are holding on to and what no longer serves you. Be it old connections, old attachments, be they tangible or intangible, by simply becoming aware of all that is in your life, in your energetic and spiritual fields, in your consciousness, and begin to evaluate all of this with a greater and deeper emotional and critical eye.

Allow yourself to let go and surrender all that does not bring you joy and that does not resonate with you from a place of love.

When we open up to receive all these powerful energies and upgrades that are pouring in, we need to be and stay grounded and centered. So it’s important to keep connecting with the earth and take time for self-care, raising your vibration through spiritual practices and moments of stillness or meditation.


Going into nature, hugging trees, walking barefoot and consciously perceiving Mother Earth, light food, lots of pure water, light-energy massages with the Trinity Flame, retreat, retreat, retreat.



Creating protected and energizing spaces

Right now it is particularly important to keep our environment, our home, our house, our workplace etc. energetically clean and protected in order to create spaces for “refueling”. The sets of the four Calmings XL gold or clear are the great purifiers of harmful vibrational energies, electrosmog, a low vibrational environment and other radiation pollution. >>> more info



The following light crystals can support you with physical sensitivities in the adjustment process:

The 3FF  , the great transformer for: Primal injuries, primal pain, fears, abuse and for subtle spinal straightening.

The flame, the first aid tool for: Chronic and acute pain.

The Calming S for: Congestion, swelling, inner feelings of pressure, head pressure, migraines, rising anger and aggression towards yourself and others

– The Hope : Powerlessness, inner restlessness, depression, shock, great sadness and addictions


For cleansing and clearing our aura bodies (emotional, mental and spiritual/causal) and chakras

– Intensive chakra cleansing with the cosmic chakra set, for intensive chakra cleansing and realignment

The 3FF to transform ancient negativity, primal wounds and/or information of abuse from the aura bodies.

– Energized water with the Faith also cleanses in the subtle realm.

– If feelings and emotions become too strong, consciously pay attention to your breathing so that it goes deep into your belly and feel every centimetre of the soles of your feet on the ground and the connection to the earth. Support yourself with the >>> GuardianL and the grounding meditation



Energy sessions for cleansing, adaptation forcing and vibration raising

  • Energy sessions in the cosmic healing circle from all 27 energy wheels. You can lay out the healing circle in a circle and sit or lie in it. You can place it around a chair or around your bed at night.
  • Light Circle of the 12 lights, you can also lay it out in a circle and sit or lie in it. You can place it around a chair or around your bed at night.
  • Or use the new “Cosmos-Earth circle of light and go on a mystical adventure journey inwards, outwards and “upwards”. A dance in the light corridors of healing and transformation, an awakening into our multidimensional aspects, into our extrasensory abilities..


Is your body system calling for quick and intensive “energetic body system hygiene”?

Use the Calmings XL in the clear or gold set especially for this. Place them around a chair with the long side facing the chair. Sit on the chair for 5 minutes and enjoy how everything that needs to be cleansed and neutralized is cleansed and neutralized. Then place the 4 Calmings with the diagonal side facing the chair and enjoy for 5 minutes how your body systems are recharged with new energy.

Webinars for support – only in German

Inner Healing Journey, transforming constricting habits from this and previous lives, bringing them into healing >> more info – registration

Inner Healing Journey, transforming old emotional wounds from this and previous lives, bringing them into healing >> more info – registration

AuraClearing – Webinar >> more info – registration

Pressure on/in the eyes >> more info – registration


Possibilities and methods in the application of the LightCrystals

– The cleansing of our spiritual, emotional, physical and mental bodies.

– What can I do about ascension/adaptation symptoms on a genetic, cellular, skeletal, atomic and molecular level?

– What can I do to activate my psychic abilities, clairvoyance, extrasensory communication channels, telepathy etc. more and more?

– How can I counter emotional and physical pain?

>>> Learn more at the next Ascension Basic Seminar – Level I  –  

only in German

In light and love


Nat. manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner: holistic pain therapy, medial transformation coach, trauma therapy, energetic family/ancestor constellation work, aura surgery acc. G. Klügel, light-energy work, space and house clearing