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For your Environment

A number of our products have a great influence on the energy in rooms. These products can be used to harmonize living room, office, bedroom, shop. The individual products in this category have a description of how to use them for this purpose.


The pyramid is called “The Light of Knowledge” and brings harmony and peace in any space or room, eg. in the home, living room, bed room or at work, in your office, on your desk, or in a shop.

They do not only harmonize people and animals but also inanimate objects in a room like chairs, tables etc

The pyramids are available in six different colours. The different colours are for different personal processes or aspects.

If you want more information on the Pyramids click here.

Tool of Calming XL Clear

The Ascension Tools are instruments known and used for centuries in various Mystical Movements. These instruments are enriched with the Ascension’s light/energy, and regardless of their shape work on the inherent qualities of each individual using them.

Peoples talents and skills are encouraged and magnified.

Because everyone is an individual, and the processes emotional and physical that they are going through is unique, there are various shapes to the instruments that highlight these processes.

If you want more information on the Tool of Calming XL Clear click here.

Tool of Calming XL Gold

This instrument cleanses houses, buildings, offices, meeting rooms, libraries and other places where people meet or work. In buildings and houses the XL Tool of Calming helps cleanse the geopathic stress, which is known to have a negative effect on our health and mental condition. Old energies and emotions like sadness or electro-smog are harmonized when using this Tool.

If you want more information on the Tool of Calming XL Gold click here.

Seal of Genesis

The Seal works in a similar way to the Cross of St. Germain. It protects the inside of the house, apartment, practices and other spaces. It also protects the flow of cosmic love and light and keeps away foreign energies and entities.

If you want more information on the Seals click here.