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Energy Barometer May 2024


Cosmic Energy Barometer

May 2024

We are writing history…

and the change in our mindsets


Never before in history has humanity ascended while living in a physical body. We are currently on an incredible journey of beautiful light blessings and healing that are helping us to release ourselves from the enormous density of what no longer serves us. The solar plasma carried in large quantities by the solar winds and the intensity of the solar light codes that are pouring into the earth right now has increased extremely. It is affecting our fields on a very deep level and is massively shaking up old stagnant energy blockages so that they can finally be released from our systems.

Yes, we are currently anchoring so much new energy into our bodies, while simultaneously clearing and releasing old energy and shifting our consciousness into the present moment and heart-based resonance. It is also a shift in our mindset from fear to trust and love, which in turn brings with it a new sense of purpose and fulfillment and with that, a recognition and stepping out of self-sacrifice. Also, for many now begins an opening of awareness to the fact that time is simultaneous and we are influenced by everything we have ever lived, felt, thought and what our parallel “selves” experience, even if they are on other planes of creation. It is a time when we can give ourselves a lot of attention, gratitude, appreciation and love.


Those who are very sensitive to energy may be experiencing all kinds of physical and emotional manifestations right now

It is the time to return to our roots, to our primal essence


These intense, incoming energies support us to recognize and free ourselves from limiting belief systems in order to move forward freely. It is the time to shed the masks of our former personalities that we have built up from lifetime to lifetime. And it is the time to recognize and transform limiting structures that are deeply rooted in our souls and in the emotional fields of our ancestors.


It is the time to heal and release all the pain from the different incarnations, all its physical and emotional wounds, the blockages, fears, prejudices, beliefs, self-induced limitations and attachments, as well as all the “built-in” programs and implants that have damaged our DNA and consciousness. It is the time to return to our roots, to our primal essence.


You can support yourself here:

with the transforming, balancing and restorative “energy light baths” in the large creation/healing circle or in the small regeneration circle. You can also use the energy/creation wheels individually for inner emotional “breakthroughs”. >>> more info


Regular light-energy massages with the >>> Great Instrument of Transformation are a further support for transforming primal fears, primal traumas and information from abuse as well as harmful substances from the cell consciousness.

A challenging time


The current energies are so incredibly intense as we are allowed to integrate large amounts of crystalline and plasma light waves. Large amounts that are bringing many new earth codes of awakening and ascension, triggering DNA and light body activation and higher heart activation  allowing humanity to resonate more and more to the frequency of Divine Love.


Helping us to open to a higher state of consciousness, changes at the cellular level and clearing old timelines, patterns and cycles at the subconscious level. By dissolving fear-based energies and programming, victim consciousness and duality and separation consciousness at the personal level and related to this in the planetary grid, a major shift is also taking place at the collective level. It now feels for many like a “journey onward” into a higher frequency and into an expanded vision of our multidimensional nature.

Our DNA – a multidimensional receptor for cosmic frequencies


How aware are you that our DNA is a multidimensional receptor for cosmic frequencies? A multidimensional receptor that is encoded with crystalline keys and undergoes activation during solar flares and Schumann spikes. Having lived for many millennia with a reduced 2-strand DNA, we are now gradually reactivating our 12-strand DNA. This means transcending the old versions of ourselves, the matrices of limitation and separation, as we anchor the light-encoded plasma waves in every cell of our bodies.


We are also recognizing and stepping more and more out of a world where so much is “upside down”. What is good is seen as negative and rejected and what is bad is conversely … praised as positive, healthy.

Retrograde Pluto

As transformational Pluto enters its retrograde in Aquarius on May 2, a graceful cosmic dance unfolds, calling us to purposeful action in all those areas where we have betrayed ourselves or relinquished power and sovereignty. Where we are still subject to the grip of manipulation and control on our minds. Where we are shown through fate and repetition of life patterns to confront and overcome our innermost compulsions, dependencies and prejudices. It is a sacred journey of introspection, spiritual awakening and renewal.


The webinars – Online in German, of the >>inner healing journeys can be supportive for you here, as can the various >>energy/creation wheels

Many people are in the process of closing off past lives that no longer serve a higher purpose. In doing so, they may well encounter an increased duality within themselves. The cosmic energy of the 5D shift massively supports the transformation of us humans, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and raises consciousness in order to create the transition to a new earthly reality. This time of shift will lead to a stronger collective intuitive awakening and a deeper awareness of unity and connectedness.


May will be a catalytic month that will shape the next 2.5 months and have an energetic impact on the year ahead.

The Ascension and its current symptoms


Over the next few weeks we will continue to go through intense solar flares and solar storms. These will be characterized by extraordinary surges of energy, which in turn will affect our physical and emotional state of being. The density of our bodies will change enormously as a result and we will shift into higher frequencies of consciousness.


It is said that we will reach the peak of ascension symptoms around October or towards the end of the year.


Current ascent symptoms can be:

Being sensitive to the weather with the following symptoms:


  • In the lungs, throat and/or sinuses
  • dizziness
  • head pressure
  • Teeth, jaw pain
  • sores in the mouth (ulcers), chapped lips
  • Feeling exhausted with a “heavy feeling” in the whole body
  • a kind of ringing in the ears when faster frequencies come online
  • visual disturbances, blurred vision
  • Muscle tension and muscle pain
  • Back and neck pain
  • Low back pain, sciatica problems, lumbago
  • Tingling in arms, hands and feet
  • Muscle cramps or burning
  • Muscle twitching
  • Pain up to the heels and soles of the feet
  • Discomfort when walking, feet are as heavy as lead
  • Feeling of pressure in the chest with slight breathing difficulties when the heart center releases emotionally heavy/traumatic memories from the body
  • Palpitations, palpitations
  • Lymphatic problems
  • Urinary tract irritation, frequent urination
  • Increased water retention
  • Swelling
  • Changes in appetite
  • Increased appetite for vegetables and fruit
  • craving for magnesium, raw juices
  • Feeling bloated, nausea
  • Feeling full or hungry, digestive problems
  • Feeling unwell to the point of vomiting
  • Weight fluctuations and physical disorientation
  • dehydration
  • Excessive thirst
  • excessive thirst
  • Allergies, itching
  • hot flushes
  • Exhaustion combined with attacks of tiredness
  • sleep disorders
  • strange, vivid dreams
  • bursts of clarity and motivation
  • emotional releases and mental confusion, particularly affecting the nervous system, as the plasma penetrates deep into our ancestral and past memory layers and begins to release karmic traumas from our evolutionary journey, among other things
  • Lack of concentration
  • agitation
  • Verbal communication problems / cannot express themselves clearly
  • increased sensitivity, irritability, feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Feeling of shifting between dimensions
  • Chakras expand
  • Quantum and timeline jumps
  • Increased psychic abilities, visions and a deeper connection to universal knowledge
  • Increased synchronicities
  • demand for spiritual growth – a stronger longing for spiritual knowledge, self-knowledge and personal growth, the search for a deeper meaning and a higher purpose in life

Process the new energetic pace

Take small time-outs every now and then, let your soul dangle in order to integrate the massive influx of energy. Be patient and compassionate with yourself, be gentle with yourself, go into nature, hug trees, walk barefoot and consciously perceive Mother Earth, yoga, exercise, dance, eat food with a high vibration, drink lots of pure water. Sometimes this process may feel quite challenging as we have to let go and dissolve old structures that keep pushing us back into our past limiting behaviors. Don’t despair here, just go into retreat. It is also very important to avoid toxic environments and to always be grounded.


As our bodies and systems become more and more subtle and crystalline, we feel more and more illnesses or lower energies when we are surrounded by them. For some very sensitive souls, these symptoms can be caused even though they are not ours. They only subside when we return home or back to nature.


Further possibilities for supporting physical integrity:


Light energy bath for nervous system overload and daily cell regeneration

Perhaps your soul or your body is calling for a cleansing and harmonizing light energy bath because your nervous system is at its limit. Whenever you have the feeling that one of your systems or all of them together (your emotional, mental or physical) is getting or is already in a bad way, support yourself with an “energy bath for your soul and your body”. Sit or lie down in the large >>>creation/healing circle or in the small regeneration circle of Ascension. You can also use the individual energy/creation wheels for inner emotional “breakthroughs”. To generally get through this process of awakening more easily, it is a good option to sleep at night in the >>>circle of all 27 wheels of creation.


Chakra cleansing-balancing-adjustment

Balancing the chakras again and again, adjusting them to the high incoming energies in order to relieve the various body systems and keep them stable, to grow spiritually and to activate dormant abilities. You can use the >>Sun Chakra Set to practise quick and easy chakra balancing, which also has an influence on the activation of your third eye and the soul point. >> more info


For dizziness, heart rhythm dis-harmonies, depression

excessive tiredness and lack of energy, which can currently be symptoms of the current energy shifts, it is also advisable to use the cosmic chakra set. >> more info


In the release of anxiety and panic states

wearing the Guardian L also supports their resolution. >> further information


If you lie awake at night

it helps to simply place a LightCrystal pyramid in the color of your choice on your heart and allow this pyramid to work with you, so that everything that needs to be healed and resolved can now be healed and resolved. >> more info


Primal fears and traumas

Regular light-energy massages with the Great Instrument of Transformation are a further support for transforming primal fears, primal traumas and information from abuse as well as harmful substances from the cell consciousness. >>more info


Dis-harmonies in relationships, connections

With the bridge you can bring disharmonious connections and relationships into balance >> more info


For wandering pains and chronic complaints

the flame, the first aid tool in re-coding and the Calming S can be a great support. >> more info


Energy sessions for cleansing, adaptation forcing and vibration raising


Energy sessions in the >>cosmic healing circle from all 27 energy wheels. You can lay out the healing circle in a circle and sit or lie in it. You can place it around a chair or around your bed at night.


Light Circle of the 12 Lights, you can also lay it out in a circle and sit or lie in it. You can place it around a chair or around your bed at night.


Do you feel that your body system is calling for quick and intensive “energetic body system hygiene”?


Use the>> Calmings XL in the clear or gold set especially for this.

Place them around a chair with the long side facing the chair. Sit on the chair for 5 minutes and enjoy how everything that needs to be cleansed and neutralized is cleansed and neutralized.

Then place the 4 Calming with the slanted side facing the chair and enjoy for 5 minutes how your body systems are recharged with new energy.


Protected and highly energized spaces

It is equally important to keep our environment, our home, our house, our workplace etc. energetically clean and protected and to create spaces for us to “recharge”. The sets of the four Calmings XL gold or clear are the great purifiers of harmful vibrational energies, electrosmog, a low vibrational environment and other radiation pollution. >> more info

Return to our roots, to our primal essence

Who am I…?

  • When I am no longer dependent on what others think of me
  • When I am no longer dependent on pleasing others?
  • When I am no longer dependent on running after recognition from others?
  • When I simply am?
  • Who am I when I say what I think, when I no longer twist words and feelings?
  • When I am completely honest with myself? When I am no longer afraid of what might happen.
  • Who am I when questions become less and less important because the answers have been there for a long time? When everything feels right?
  • Who am I when I feel safe and secure within myself?
  • Feel in the right place? Feel supported by life and everything?
  • Who am I when I am living my true essence?


Who do I think I am then?

In light and love on your path to yourself