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Highly Sensitive Person

Highly sensitive children

More and more children are getting caught between the ‘old’ world and the ‘new’ world, which they would like to create from their own vision, talents and gifts.

What can we, as parents, educators, coaches and teachers, do to guide our children, who are also called New Age children?

Barbara Veer, author of the book ‘Hello, I am Gwen’, has a clear vision about this.

The starting point from which the book was written is that ‘everything children need is already self-contained’. And that they themselves are the key to the ‘new world’.

All we have to do is provide this key…

This book is also read by adults, in order to better guide children and young people to  gain inner strength.

But what is this key?

One important key is to make our children/young people themselves more aware and powerful. From the inside, by reconnecting them with their inner core (inner child).

Barbara has written several articles about this as a guest author and coach.


Available Now in English is the E-book –“ Hello I am Gwen”

In the book ‘Hello, I am Gwen’ it is described, that ‘the guardian angel’, a crystal pendant also called ‘small Guardian’, is a daily companion of Gwen.

It gives her a daily, tactile, protection against external influences and other people’s energies. This protection is especially useful for highly sensitive children! because highly sensitive children feel so much from within and also from others.

In addition, Gwen feels that the pendant gives her extra strength in exciting events and in helping her when she wants to express her feelings outwardly.

The Guardian Small is a nice addition to the book. What you are already working on from the inside, is extra protected from the outside!

Also available is a Guardian Large.

For more information about both the  Guardian Small and the Guardian Large click  on the separate photos or  here

Guardian Large

Guardian Small