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Welcome to Ascension Europe

We live our lives on this planet because we have a job to do, a mission to accomplish.

No one told us that it had to be difficult or painful. Quite the contrary, it should be fun, cheerful and easy. Deep within us, we all know that, but forget how to do it in a simple way. This causes all types of discomfort, disease, unhappiness, and above all, slows down the process, which is completely unnecessary. Ascension instruments help to find the way to the Light, happy and harmonious life we deserve and at the same time help in our process to reach the next level of consciousness.

Our mission is to awaken people’s energy. We want to help you become aware of your natural state and make you realize how to be balanced with yourself and with life.

Ascension – Light Crystal of the new time

… sustainably tune into a higher vibration of being healthy, health, abundance, harmony, lightness and joie de vivre. … into the 5th and higher dimensions / levels of consciousness
… because you are more than you think

Ascension – ascend. At a higher level of our being, it is something very natural to vibrate in frequencies of “being healthy”, love, harmony and abundance. It is the energy of the 5th and higher dimensions. With the high vibrating Light-Chrystals from Ascension, we have an ancient healing technique of information / vibration medicine at our disposal, which goes deep into the cell consciousness and enables us to sustainably increase our own vibration frequency. In addition to activating his inner healing intelligence in order to be able to transform frequencies of disharmony, pain, “being sick” into the frequency of “being healthy”. This special healing technology of light, based on holy geometry, was active at the time of Atlantis.

In the application of the Light-Chrystals, the essence and the evolution of the whole being is included, which in turn intensifies the activation of our potentials, medial abilities, creative power,the connection to our intuition, the language of our soul, our higher self and other high beings of light.

Set up in rooms, they clarify, cleanse and neutralize stressful emotional energies, electrosmog such as WiFi, 5G, transmission masts, water veins etc. as well as vibration information from pollutants.

The application of the LightChrystals does not fall under therapy or treatment, as it does not focus on symptoms.
They can be used privately, professionally, and therapeutically, as well as with animals, plants and remotely. Ascension and the Crystals of Light, living the light again that we are …

Important Information! as of the 1st Feb 2022 there will be a price increase on all ascension Tools.

You can view and print the PDF list of new prices from September 2023  here.