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Energy Barometer March 2024


Cosmic energy barometer

March- 2024

March 2024 – the epicenter of energies   

Do you feel like you’ve just stepped into a fast-paced, steeply rising lift with only one button to press in the direction of ascent? Driven by boisterous energy spells in which the only thing left to do is catch your breath in the form of smaller and larger “time-outs”. “Time-outs” that are, however, extremely important in order to adapt to the profound and highly vibrating light frequencies and “incidentally” to transform everything old physically, emotionally and spiritually

The month of March – the epicenter of energies

The month of March once again has a rich “energy cocktail” in store. He starts with a powerful 3/3 portal. From the middle of the month there will be ten intensive portal days in a row. During this time there will also be a meeting on March 20th. the equinox takes place and the change of the annual regent. In addition, the whole thing is accompanied by the first eclipses (eclipses). The collective and personal transformation, as well as the profound change associated with it, are being accelerated by massive solar storms and high flares and many downloads, DNA updates, light codes.


Incarnation Gates

Even if we have the feeling that everything happens all at once, the opening of old incarnation gates gives us a great opportunity to “shake off” everything that hinders us from our previous lives. Because in these lives, too, we have built up certain behaviours and so-called protective resistance patterns that prevent us from living our true selves. Dubious fears, feelings of powerlessness, fears of the future, depression, unexplained symptoms and pain patterns, etc. can be issues from this time that are just shooting up.


Another focus this month is healing implants and false codes that still reign in our consciousness, minds and planetary tissues and grids.

With our new webinar series “Mystical, inner healing journeys”, as well as the Ascension seminars and training courses, we would like to help you get through this time more easily.  Only available in German :  Further information – registration


Now is the time to embrace the NEW, be it professionally, personally, in relationships, as well as on the world stage

Quantum leap into the new era: portal days, eclipses and the beginning of a powerful time quality

The revolutionary energies of March and their impact on us!

  • 3/3 portal
  • 10 portal days from March 15th to 24th
  • Change of the annual rain to the sun on March 21st
  • Full moon eclipse on March 24th
  • New moon eclipse on April 8th

The 3/3rd Portal on March 3rd

The March 3/3 portal with its trinitized frequencies opens doors for us to address our physical and non-physical body programs through DNA rehabilitation and the necessary changes in our light vehicle – MerKaBa .

This involves a change to cleanse the eons or manipulations that have created many implanted reversals, as well as repair the structures of the Earth and remove the profound male distortions.

New moon on March 10th

The Pisces frequencies on the new moon day at the peak of the 20th degree will also be crucial in cleansing and healing our light vehicles – MerKaBa – to begin reprogramming our bodies.
The MerKaBa sphere  and the MerKaBa cube can be of great support to you here.

10 portal days from March 15th to 24th

What are portal days? According to the Mayan calendar, portal days are those days when the gate to the cosmos is wide open. Special days when we are much more receptive to cosmic vibrations that have a great influence on un-redeemed emotions and qualities that are still deeply anchored in our subconscious. But even things that we tend to put off or repress in everyday life can shoot up on portal days as if out of nowhere and with a concentrated load of energy.


Equinox, day and night equinox on March 20th

The equinox means two annually recurring days on which day and night are exactly the same length. One falls in March and is also called the astronomical beginning of spring. The other astronomically heralds autumn and occurs in September. The equinox is also ideal for inner transformation: wishes and dreams that you would like to realize over the course of the year can now be manifested. In order for the new to emerge, the old must go – or at least be cleaned up properly. The spring equinox is all about inner spring cleaning, departure, renewal, motivation and drive.

Change of the annual rain to the sun on March 20th

On March 20th, the reign of Mars changes to the Sun. The sun represents positive energy, positive thinking, optimism and change. It symbolizes our inner knowledge, our motivation, our life goals and gives us the strength to develop further. It also represents self-confidence and the way we express ourselves in the world.


The cosmic “solar weather” and the Schumann frequency – the heartbeat of the earth

How solar flares, solar winds and strong solar flares affect the Schuhmann frequency – the heartbeat of the earth and our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health

Perhaps you are also one of those who has recently been feeling increasingly unwell and strange sensations and pain in your body or mind that you cannot explain? You are not alone in this. They affect us all and it is now of great importance to understand the interplay that exists between the cosmic solar activities, their influence on the Schuhmann frequency – the heartbeat of the earth – and the well-being and health of us humans.



Full moon eclipse on March 25th/ new moon eclipse on April 8th

During a solar or lunar eclipse, the energies associated with it increase massively. Eclipses always have something to do with completing old things and allowing new cycles to begin. Your energy can be seen as a very strong, creative force that inspires our creativity, our imagination and our imagination.

Healing the inner child

On our soul journey we packed many experiences into our “soul backpack” from which we wanted to learn and develop. Some “old thorns” that come from these experiences arose in our childhood, as well as in the childhoods of previous lives. They now begin to “prick” more and more intensely and want to be released and healed. This means that now is the time to become aware of these old wounds or injuries, to accept them and to transform them with love. To go into deep heart healing and forgiveness.
The webinar: Mystical, inner healing journey: transforming emotional injuries  ( only available in German) , as well as the little Guardian S. and the dark purple and/or aqua blue energy wheels can be of great support to you here.

The relationships of the new era

There are new forms in relationships and connections that we have not yet experienced at all or only to a small extent. The foundation is the relationship with ourselves, which is why the aspects of healing the inner child are so important. With the healing of the inner child, the healing also happens within ourselves. The more loving and harmonious the relationship with ourselves is, the more capable we become of shaping the relationships and connections with others in the same loving and respectful way. The more we love ourselves, respect and honor ourselves, the more we are able to behave the same way towards others. The new “WE feeling.”
The bridge can be a great support to bring your female and male energies into balance.


The new “lateral” thinking

We are now clearly shown that our old thought structures, which are based on the 3D matrix, are becoming less and less effective. Their restrictive structures, which are often based on apparent security, have had their day, as has our ego mind, which always demands satisfaction. It’s now about trusting in ourselves, in our inner guidance, our intuition – the mouthpiece of our soul and heart mind, the higher mind. A whole new river wants to emerge within us. Our individuality, our unique expression of the divine source, wants to be lived much more strongly through the new “lateral thinking”. And the more clearly, we align ourselves and say what we need for this, the sooner the universe can respond in the form of the angels or our spiritual team and give us this help in concrete terms.”

To be in the body

Something that is very important, with these high energies, all the changes and change, is the connection with our body and the earth. So, it’s essential to keep asking yourself and pause how my body is feeling right now. Am I really in my body, am I really feeling my body or is the energy building up and I’m just in my head?

If you feel “out of round” inside, old, dubious fears can be active in us, which weaken us physically, upset us, tear us apart or make us feel aggressive. These can now also be fears from previous lives that come up through the great incarnation gate opening.

The Guardian L as well as the webinar: mystical, inner healing journey, transforming old habits  -this is also about dubious fear  ( only available in German)  can be of great help to you here

Ascension events and ascension symptoms of this time

Supported by the high inflows and the massive solar flares, we – the Ascension Collective – are currently undergoing a massive detoxification process and an intense spiritual transformation on all levels of being. It is a detox journey through our mental and emotional health, attachments, traumatic memories, buried feelings and deep-seated patterns. They made us build protective walls to survive. Our words, habits and even eating habits have been determined by this – which can manifest itself in various digestive symptoms: reflux, gastritis, bloating, pain and loss of appetite. Uncovering the darkness means a healing change.

Full body cleansing

You are currently feeling drawn to completely detach yourself from drama and dysfunction, waves of chills or hot flashes run through your body, sleeping and eating patterns are interrupted, nerves, back, legs and knees hurt, massive memory problems characterize everyday life, ears are constantly and happily ringing, pressure all over your body, wandering joint pain, head pressure, migraines, jaw and tooth pain, blurred vision, itching and skin irritations, problems with your intestines, nausea, unpleasant flatulence, floating between worlds. Then you can be sure that your body is going through a whole-body cleansing and detoxification process and is asking for support.


Further ascension symptoms

The need for peace and quiet serves to adjust to the new frequency that is intended for our vibrational jump into a higher dimension.

Feelings of confusion and physical discomfort can be the result of changes in consciousness as we free ourselves from the programs that have conditioned our old values, goals, concepts and actions.

Waking up at odd times of night and/or being woken from sleep can mean receiving profound and specific upgrades.

Old shadows and traumas of the old timelines that remain within our human shell are being brought forth at this time for divine cleansing, healing and transformation.

Confusion and disorientation caused by reassessment of existing beliefs

Feeling like you’re in a fog, caused by becoming aware of the dissolution of old fears, obligations, feelings of guilt, etc.

Old family wounds come to the surface to be healed, as do mother-child relationships

Feeling overwhelmed, oversensitive and overemotional, with residues of anger, fear or even physical pain can also be current ascension symptoms.

  • The feeling that something big is about to happen.
  • Seeing even more through the deception of the mainstream.
  • To be in nature.
  • Intolerance to low frequency foods

These current, high-frequency energies contribute to the development and activation of our metaphysical abilities and intuitive gifts, as well as to increasing our sensitivity and deepening our connections. With the activation of our 3rd eye, our senses can expand and we can experience sharper perception, including clairvoyance and distance viewing. This can lead to vivid dreams, empathic connections and telepathic experiences with other and spiritual worlds.
But what we should be aware of here is that as telepathy, inner guidance and emotional empathy increase, it is important to establish stronger boundaries and regulate energy through practices such as energy healing and clearing to support this transformative process.

Process the high energetic pace emotionally, mentally and physically

Self-care, meditation, nature experience and grounding should be a major focus to integrate higher frequencies and prepare you for the upcoming DNA upgrades in March that will take you to a new and higher level of consciousness. Let your soul unwind again and again, treat yourself gently, go into nature, hug trees, go barefoot and consciously perceive Mother Earth, light food, lots of pure water, light energy massages with the Trinity Flame, retreat, retreat, retreat.

Create protected and energetically high-vibrating spaces

Right now it is particularly important to keep our environment, our apartment, our house, our workplace, etc., energetically clean and protected in order to create spaces for us to “recharge our batteries”. The sets of  four Calmings XL gold or clear  are the great cleaners of stressful vibrational energies, electro-smog, a low vibration environment and other radiation exposure. > >> more information

The following light crystals can support you if you have physical problems in the adaptation process:

  • The Great Instrument of Transformation the great transformer for: primal injuries, primal pain, fears, abuse and for subtle spinal alignment.
  • The  flame, the first aid tool for: chronic and acute pain.
  • The Calming S  for: congestion, swelling, feeling of internal pressure, head pressure, migraines, rising anger and aggression towards yourself and others
  • The Hope  for: weakness, inner restlessness, depression, shock, great sadness and addictions

For cleansing your aura, body and chakras

  • Intensive chakra cleansing with the cosmic chakra set ,  for intensive chakra cleansing and realignment
  • The Great Instrument of Transformation  to transform ancient negativity, primal injuries and/or information of abuse from the aura bodies.
  • Energized water  with Faith also cleanses the subtle area.
  • When feelings and emotions become too strong, pay conscious attention to your breathing so that it goes deep into your stomach and feel every inch of the soles of your feet on the floor and the connection to the earth. Support yourself with the  >>> Guardian L  and a  grounding meditation

Energy sessions for cleansing, forcing adaptation and raising vibrations

  • Energy sessions in the cosmic healing circle from all 27 energy wheels. You can lay out the healing circle in a circle and sit or lie down in it. You can place it around a chair or around your bed at night.
  • Light circle of 12 lights , you can also lay it out in a circle, sit or lie down in it. You can place it around a chair or around your bed at night.
  • Or use the new “Cosmos-Earth” circle of light and go on a mystical adventure journey inwards, outwards and “upwards”. A dance in the bright corridors of healing and transformation, an awakening into our multidimensional aspects, into our supernatural abilities.

Your body system calls for quick and intensive “energetic body system hygiene”?

Use the  Calmings XL in the clear or gold set specifically for this purpose . Place it around a chair with the long side facing the chair. Sit in the chair for 5 minutes and enjoy how everything that needs to be cleaned and neutralized is cleaned and neutralized. Then place the 4 Calmings with the slanted side facing the chair and enjoy for 5 minutes how your body systems recharge with new energy.

Webinars for support- all webinars and training at the moment are only in German

The new webinar series: Mystical inner healing journey , transforming restrictive habits from these and previous lives, bringing them into healing >> further information – registration
Mystical, inner healing journey, transforming old emotional injuries from these and previous lives, bringing them into healing > > further information – registration
AuraClearing – webinar  >> further information – registration 

Pressure on/in the eyes >> further information – registration 

Possibilities and methods in the application of the light crystals

  • The cleansing of our spiritual, emotional, physical and mental bodies.
  • What can I do about Ascension/Adaptation symptoms at the genetic, cellular, skeletal, atomic and molecular levels?
  • What can I do to activate my psychic abilities, clairvoyance, extrasensory communication channels, telepathy, etc. more and more?
  • How can I face emotional and physical pain?
    >>> Find out more at the next Ascension Basic Seminar – Level I

In light and love


Nat. Manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner: holistic pain therapy, media transformation coach, trauma therapy, energetic family/ancestral constellation work, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, light energy work, room and house clearing

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