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Energy Barometer September 2023

Energy Barometer September 2023

Aftermath of the highly transformative Lion Portal

Many are still feeling the after-effects of August’s highly transformative Leo portal and its energies. Its strong, exciting and liberating influences that literally shake everything; on ourselves, our relationships, old values, belief systems and convictions. Which brought emotions to a boil and caused the “barrels” to overflow and still do. Extreme tiredness, exhaustion, impatience, nervousness or a feeling of conflict are further manifestations of these strong energies. The global level is not exempt from this, as can now be clearly seen.

“Slow Down” is the magic word

So now is the time to revitalize and regenerate. Taking time out to integrate the aftermath. We must remember, we are clearing out eons of dense, low frequency energy from our systems and the planet. We are in the process of clarifying duality and opening ourselves to oneness.

Yes, the Leo Portal, together with the current solar flares and solar storms, has released high energies that are bringing massive changes in their intensity. Our power to manifest, among other things, receives a huge boost. This requires us to be aware of our thoughts and emotions because they are the key to harvesting what we sow. We are also experiencing a sharp increase in DNA activation energies, leading to higher frequencies and intense energetic shifts in our physical bodies.
“Slow down” is the current magic word.

All the decisions we make now in September at all levels will shape the next 18 years.



The September energies

With September we will enter a phase of colossal change. It begins with six retrograde planets. Many people feel it on a physical level, which can manifest itself in severe shoulder and neck tension and problems with the jaw muscles and teeth. Even if it feels like nothing is moving forward at times, big doors are still opening.

With the energy of the intense full moon (Blue Moon) on August 31st until the new moon in mid-September, we will once again experience a powerful time of cleansing and healing on an energetic level. It is also a time to discover one’s own power and ability to create miracles and experience our own magic, as well as a time to open doors to expanded spiritual horizons.


The September,

stands for clear and distinct communication in which our inner voice, the voice of our soul, becomes increasingly present. In which we increasingly choose clear and direct words to express our feelings, needs and desires. In which our words take on a new vibration. The vibration of loving words. It stands for recognizing manipulation and stepping out of its influence and it stands for making clear decisions. Mother Earth also stands up and shows her anger at the manipulations done to her.

The September energies also support breaking out of our old constructs on a personal and global level, as well as the old constructs in relation to relationships and partnerships.

September and our physique

In general, in September we experience further strengthening through high energetic downloads and DNA upgrades, which, among other things, open us up to trust in ourselves, in the future, in what lies ahead of us. This requires turning in on yourself. Being open to the powerful changes and enjoying them. Your own energy work is more important than ever during this time. Resistance is futile. It only creates unwanted and sometimes severe symptoms on the physical level as signs to change something.

On September 14th,

We have a new moon in Virgo that invites us to detoxify once again, especially on an emotional level and to clear out. It stands for upheaval, breakthrough and the departure into a new form of life, love and words. To step out of the roles we have played in order to be loved. To be authentic, to really meet yourself and others and touch them from the heart. Virgo is about restoring authentic order within ourselves, in things, in relationships, in our bodies and in everything that surrounds us.

On September 15th,

Mercury will be direct for anyone who needs this information.

On September 23rd,

The Sun enters Libra and we celebrate the Equinox, the culmination of the stabilizing frequencies we have been receiving since late August. This is a very harmonious Equinox because it is about creating more inner balance through healing and clearing, as well as for our planet, through our conscious actions and our special mission.

On September 29th

we end the month with a full moon at 6 degrees Aries.
This is a moon for celebrating where we stand, what we have healed, cleared, achieved and created for not everything is hard work on our ascension path. We can attach great importance to this celebration, because through our inner work and our resilience we have experienced and achieved a great process of change.

Ascension symptoms and how can I support myself here

With the powerful light codes and activations and cellular DNA upgrades and healings, we are given the opportunity to ascend to the next level and embrace our individual soul purpose by breaking limitations and entering new timelines. On our journey of evolution and self-knowledge we now come to deeper levels within ourselves where we can once again encounter layers of ancient anger, resentment and emotional pain. These must now be redeemed if we do not want to continue to be influenced by their vibrations in this life. Old feelings of hurt can still show up or we blame others for our suffering. What is important here is to understand the lessons our soul chose before incarnating. To understand, that we have entered into certain soul contracts in order to learn and develop through challenging situations, or to redeem old karma. To now recognize our victim mentality and get out of it.

Light codes

Due to the many light codes and activations, many things are now shifting within us and seemingly all at the same time. Our physical body has a hard time adapting to these conscious shifts and higher frequencies. Small breaks for regeneration and revitalization are very important at the moment. Especially when it comes to letting go of a lot of anxiety and/or fear from our thoughts, such as existential fears or fears for the future, emotions, pain, etc. Because here he needs his space, his time, to recalibrate himself in accordance with our new way of thinking.


We can help him do this by looking up the metaphysical symptoms that show up to see which chakra corresponds to each topic.

For example, the base chakra stands for: pain in the lower back, legs, knees and feet, for letting go of old things, fears, financial problems, recognizing illusions, fear of the consequences when I make decisions here on earth not feeling right and much more. Power struggles are often rooted in the solar plexus.
Feeling guilty, inner trembling, shame, heart palpitations or racing heart indicate a blocked heart chakra. The application >> of the cosmic chakra set can be of great support to you here.

More ascension symptoms

  • excessive tiredness, feeling exhausted
  • restless sleep, unable to sleep through the night
  • Disorientation, confusion, despair
  • Restlessness, sadness, uncertainty, emerging fears
  • emotional instability
  • Surfing back and forth between the emotions shooting up and down
  • old thought carousels appear
  • Extreme forgetfulness, not knowing what happened yesterday
  • mental fog
  • great nervous tension
  • Need to isolate yourself

Light energy sessions in the  > >energy circle “Regeneration”  can be of great help to you here, as can  >> the Guardian L.


  • sudden jaw problems, not being able to bite
  • Problems with teeth and gums
  • Headaches to migraines
  • massive visual fluctuations
  • Pain, pressure, vibration, and ringing or ringing in the ears
  • Difficulty controlling body movements
  • severe neck/shoulder pain, the feeling of immobility, of being “frozen”

For wandering pain and chronic complaints – the flame, the “first aid tool” in re-coding and the Calming S for congestion and pressure, can be of great support to you. >>> further information


  • Pain between the shoulder blades – expansion of the heart chakra
    “different” heartbeat, pressure in the heart – blockages in the heart chakra appear
  • Fluctuating circulation, dizziness – higher energies want to be integrated, old things want to be let go, grounding, grounding and grounding again and again
  • shortness of breath
  • increased pressure, throat clearing, croaking, voice change/failure – Throat chakra blockages
  • “Cold cleansing waves

In general, it is always advisable to balance the chakras here and adapt your chakras to the high incoming energies in order to, among other things, relieve the various body systems and keep them stable, grow spiritually and activate dormant abilities. You can use the Sun Chakra Set to practice quick and easy chakra balancing, which also influences the activation of your third eye and soul point. >> more info


  • Muscle weakness
  • Short-lasting but severe throbbing pain
  • Joint problems – knees (mother’s left, father’s right issues), elbows, neck and lower back
  • sudden internal heat as well as internal freezing, cold hands and feet
  • Vibrating all over the body
  • constant hunger but little desire to eat
  • digestive problems, heartburn, flatulence,
  • sudden skin reactions
  • Swelling, water retention

For wandering pain and chronic complaints – the flame, the “first aid tool” in re-coding and the Calming S for congestion and pressure, can be of great support to you. >>> further information


but also :

  • Increased recognition of situations that are still running on old “autopilot programs”.
  • vivid dreams
  • enhanced intuition
  • the inner voice becomes more present, more perceptible
  • easier to manifest
  • Activation of clairvoyance

Dear beings of light, I wish you many light-filled visions and inspirations in this special time and a feeling of being carried by light-filled forces .


In light and love

Jutta Pangratz

Nat. Manager Ascension Germany and naturopath, holistic pain therapy, karmic family, ancestral constellation/dissolution work in the new energy, trauma work, aura surgery n. G. Klügel, holistic soul coaching, energetic house cleaning.