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Energy Barometer December 2023n2


December, an important month of ascension…
December, new gates open, old gates close…
December, Power Struggles and Healing
December, off to new shores…

we are all born as a wonderful light, unique in our beauty and talents. We are all more than just “human”, we are beings full of light in human form and an indescribable amount of knowledge and wisdom that we draw from other planes and star systems. We all carry deep in our hearts the unconditional love that is vibration of the 5th and higher dimension/level of consciousness. A love that knows no expectations. That is free and is simply there because it is love. We all know deep down about our higher mind, which is the language of our heart, our soul.

December, a time of inner retreat, of recognizing what we have achieved, how far each of us has developed. What we were able to leave behind. Where we may still be living the low vibrations of our “ego mind” of the 3rd dimension. Over the past few weeks, we have received record amounts of light to grow. And it seems that December will top these quantities once again. It feels a bit like standing on a huge ski jump, where only one kick is missing to fly into the new, the still unknown. This kick, this momentum, can also lead to tremendous events, upheavals and shifts on the world stage.

However these events and shifts may affect you, it is important to remain calm and aware that old gates are closing and gates are opening for the new age, the golden age. Off to new shores….


The frequencies have changed and are in the process of changing even more. The charged December energy brings us into higher potentials and possibilities and encourages us to see ourselves in a larger context. With the Light Gates 12.12 and 21.12 and the New Moon on 13.12 integrated into them, massive energy surges await us in all areas that will illuminate the truth extremely. These bursts of energy, coupled with their upgrades and Light Code transmissions, contain transformative energies that also support the ongoing process of ascension and the emergence of the New Earth paradigm. In this way, we can prepare ourselves to move into new timelines, to break old cycles and to end trauma within our genetic lineages. Many highly intuitive people feel the inner desire for retreat, for a kind of hermit mode.


Many doors are expected to close in December 2023 – especially at the relationship level. In this way, partnerships, family and work communities can move away from our soul resonance. Here it is important to consciously observe and accept these changes. Because this is specifically about relationships, partnerships or other connections that do not feel themselves, but rather that have come about out of the head, the mind, or out of a sexual desire. This can open new doors.

The magical gates of December are open,

12-12-2023 Closing and opening gates

21-12-2023 Winter Solstice

The time between the two great gates can also be described as a quality of time in which a highly energetic space is opened up for healing and activation work as well as self-reflection. The importance of self-love and self-acceptance are also very important here. We are also encouraged to activate our soul potential. To continue to expand, expand and ignite even more soul fires. Limiting thought structures of our old “3D ego mind” such as:

  • “I can’t do that”
  • It’s always been that way”
  • or “that’s just the way I am”
  • I’m not worth it

and courageously swing into the new consciousness of “anything is possible” that comes through our true, our divine self. This true self knows that it is a creator and that there are no limits for a creator. That boundaries only exist in our old lower minds. Our true self knows about the magical power and power of our thoughts and words and the reality, the world we create with them.


The 12:12 Stargate

The 12:12 Stargate is aligned with pure creative power in the galactic center. It is pure source manifestation power that creates infinite possibilities and helps, among other things, to raise the frequency of our Lightbody, to reach higher dimensional realms of consciousness to feel the energy of completion. It also supports the activation of other DNA strands. Our light body, consisting of several layers of light, which is considered our vehicle, is called our MerKaBa.

On this day and also the days after you can additionally support yourself with the MerKaBa ball or the cube to more easily manifest these high vibrations in you.

21-12-2023 Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is the deepest and longest night of the year. With it, a certain silence and contemplation returns, as well as a lot of purification. It is also the gate-opener for the following Rauhnächte. We stand, so to speak, with one foot still in the old year and the other foot in the new year, and with quiet steps we enter the space in between, the Rauhnächte, which follow on Dec. 24th, extend over the next 12 days and nights and end on January 6th.

With the winter solstice, the rebirth of light and a new beginning begins. The sun now rises a little earlier and sets a little later. Light triumphs over darkness. On the night of the winter solstice, witches and magicians bid farewell to all that remained hidden in the dark and welcome the light.


24-12-2023 – 06-01-2023 Rauhnächte

A time of inner contemplation, of looking back as well as of dealing with the wishes for the next year. The Rauhnächte 12 nights, each of which stands for one of the next 12 months next year The Rauhnächte, on the other hand, have their own special energy, which makes it easy for us to get in touch with our ancestors as well as with our own source… The Rauhnächte >>> more info (in German only)


Instantaneous physical and mental symptoms of ascension

Navigating between dimensions can feel like an inner “push-pull” feeling that is evoked when the physical body is still holding on and the higher self is guiding us through our pre-agreed soul contract experiences. Here, it is important to take the necessary time to rest and allow your physical body to adjust to these powerful changes and energies. In this way, the internal programs of “self-sabotage” can be recognized, purified and released from its cell bodies and structures. The inner duality can thus dissolve, the ego can no longer defend itself with its fear structures. Depending on the incoming energy-plasma-light waves, it is a constant roller-coaster of feelings of healing, activation, healing, activation……. Each of these waves has its own color and sound frequencies and its own codes in the language of light. This influx of higher energy can bring out aspects of the pain body that can lead to various symptoms,



  • Blurring in the head
  • Pressure
  • Claustrophobia
  • Anxiety
  • Vertigo
  • Disturbed sleep patterns and constant fatigue
  • Memory loss (short)
  • Confusion and word-finding disorders (short)



  • at the base of the skull
  • the sinuses
  • Jaw and teeth
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Palpitations, palpitations, or stronger heartbeat — the heart field expands
  • the heart feels a different tone and a different level of beating
  • Swirling blood pressure
  • Pressure on the chest


Pain in the hip

  • in the lower back
  • migratory pain in the various joints
  • Stiffness in the neck and shoulder area
  • Nervous system disorders


Stomach trouble

  • Nausea and diarrhea – relief from higher frequencies that replace old lower frequencies
  • Cravings carbohydrates or other substances.
  • Sugar rush
  • Cravings for chocolate
  • Pressure and pain in the solar plexus region
  • Unexplained shivering and fluctuations in body temperature.


Our senses are sharpened

  • Pineal gland, thyroid and thymus gland undergo upgrades and play an important role in establishing the connection between individual consciousness and higher self-awareness.
  • Raising the third eye and crown chakra,
  • to access higher levels of Christ consciousness
  • Hearing otherworldly sounds or unusual noises.
  • Increased sensitivity, spiritual experiences and a thinning of the veil.
  • The feeling of being unfocused and disconnected from reality.
  • Loss of balance, restlessness and conflicting feelings
  • Addiction-like symptoms and difficulty concentrating.
  • Indecisiveness and interrupted energy flows.
  • Amplified synchronicities and signs from the universe.
  • Manifestation skills and awareness of your creative power.

Re-evaluation of personal truth and alignment with the soul’s task. Recognizing the Divine in All Forms of Life

Portals in their bodies, and these portals open to receive all the energy that they need for all of these codes to be activated.

There is a lot of activity in all bodies. You may even feel a great vibration and a great heaviness. There is a lot of energy in your bodies at this time.


If you have physical conditions, the following can support you:

  • Flame the first aid tool for chronic and acute pain
  • Calming s for congestion, swelling, internal pressure, head pressure, migraine
  • The Hope for weakness, inner restlessness, sadness, depression, shock and addictions
  • The Three Fold Flame, the great transformer for primal injuries, primal pain, fears, abuse and for the subtle straightening of the spine.


Purifications on the subtle level help you to vibrate higher more easily

  •  Intensive chakra cleansing with the Cosmic Chakra Set
  • Light Energy massages with the Three Fold Flame to transform ancient negativity or information of abuse – more information about Light Energy massages
  • Energy sessions in the Cosmic Healing Circle or in the Light Circle of the 12 Lights are further ways to cleanse your energy systems, to raise your own vibration.
  • Energized water with Faith, also purifies in the subtle realm.
  • The Guardian L and S. – Protection, being able to say no, in case of fears and authority problems
  • The MerKaBa ball and dice to activate your MerKaBa
  • Transform the energy/creation wheels – old emotional and spiritual ballast, tune into your higher being


In light and love


Nat. Manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner, holistic pain therapy, karmic family and ancestral constellation/resolution work, trauma therapy, aura surgery n. G. Klügel, emotional aura surgery, transformation coach, energetic house cleaning.

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