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Energy Barometer February 2024


Cosmic energy barometer

February 2024

Bang, bang, bang, stormy and whoosh!

Intense energetic changes and revolutionary events


The new, constantly flowing “hyper-energy sound waves” will probably leave you unscathed. Many people are currently struggling emotionally, mentally and physically. It is as if one’s own ship, without the familiar ground and the balancing oars, “glides” unswerving through the wildly dancing waves of change “into a new melody that is now coming.”

We are in the process of letting go of versions of ourselves that were created solely for our survival in “3D” to live here the highest version of ourselves, of who we are. What we have held on to until now, our old 3D constructs, are simply breaking away and inexorably opening up the space for big and powerful changes. Everything is happening faster and faster now. Even if it seems vague at first, nothing is tangible or even plannable. Everything has a meaning. Timelines collapse, realities blur, new realities build up only to disappear again a short time later. The “old mind” rattles incessantly and wildly. Wants to integrate things into his usual structures. But that’s working less and less. Clarification, acceptance, integration and actions are now more and more about feeling, about our new heart-mind and our intuition.


An exciting, exciting, powerful and also challenging time lies ahead of us. In addition, all planets are now in direct rotation. They invite us to a mystical energy wave ride into our own and global change and development in order to open up to the new “WE” feeling, the light that we are and our creator existence for the new world.

February Energies 2024 – a festival of energies – bang, bang, bang

  • 10 portal days in a row from 3rd to 13th February
  • “Spindle time” February 14th – March 8th, large portal opening – through the middle – new levels, new possibilities, merging with our soul
  • March 3 – 15, another 8 portal days
  • a new rebellious consciousness is looking for its way out of duality, out of 3D consciousness
  • strong cosmic irradiation’s that will cause a change in consciousness and a change in the energetic state
  • Influence of theta and delta waves and their profound healing and change
  • Technology and Internet failures
  • Changes in relationships and professional partnerships
  • Discovery of new powers and talents within the self
  • absolute focus on grounding, grounding, grounding, connected to our intuition, our new rudder through the upcoming massive, turbulent upheaval
  • Physical and mental health


Yes, the universe pushes us forward on our inner journey and encourages us to make all the changes that come. In this great energy spectacle, grounding, as well as constantly checking whether I am grounded, “being in the here and now” and our intuition are our great navigator.

With the new  “Cosmos-Earth” light circle you can experience a lot of support here.

Permanent new, energetic “hypersonic waves”

February calls on us to empower ourselves and break out of old roles. This time represents liberation and change, both on a personal and social level. It’s time to be brave and heal old wounds

The special energies of February 2024 also offer us many opportunities for soul ascension, connection with our soul tribe, connection with source, personal growth and change . February is the month of absolute movement, progress and new beginnings. It becomes loud and clear in EVERYTHING, literally EVERY issue on Earth.

A big focus for the rising collective in February is on a new collaboration, togetherness, togetherness and on new, professional partnerships, characterized by peace and a new wholeness. Free from old injuries, emotional dependencies, shadow reflections and the false ” Hollywood smile”.

The time between the portal days, the so-called spindle time, is an incredibly powerful and intense time in terms of:

  • Trust in the path of the soul
  • Devotion to your own passions and heart issues
  • of “higher love” in relationships, family, friendships, professional partnerships, etc. The beginning of reflecting our bright sides and our potential.
  • massive initiation into higher vibrational levels


A new era of liberation has begun. The liberation, among other things, from one’s own existing and limiting “pigeon-hole” thinking systems. E.g. in relation to relationships, lack-thinking, negative thinking about yourself, politics, illness-health, family, work, relationships, partnerships and, and, and.

Even if the journey to our new self still feels like “pure chaos”, the melody of chaos is necessary to make the transition to a completely different consciousness. A consciousness that aids in “rewiring” neural pathways, raising thought frequency, and advanced inner growth; that supports us in recognizing and redeeming existing ego structures, old habits and cycles.

These permanent new, energetic “hypersonic waves” cause the light quotient in us to increase more and more, become stronger and lead us deep into our own “symptom/root treatment”. “Ancient things” are flushed upwards. Ancient traumas and injuries that we have not yet reached, as well as occupations, foreign occupations and/or entanglements that now need to be resolved.

It’s now about stepping into your true strength instead of keeping yourself “small” or thinking “small” in any way any longer. Get out of your old shoes with the stressful experiences and the structures built on them from childhood. It is also a step out of our cherished victim roles.

Timelines – breakdowns, confusion, disorientation, uncertainty

Realities blur and collapse, as does the space-time continuum. It literally blurs. Lines of time and experience now cross over and into each other and connect with all of our past lives.

This can bring feelings of “chaos within chaos,” of confusion and disorientation. It can even go so far that you no longer know who you are, think yourself completely crazy and ask yourself: “What is actually happening to me right now?” Why do I now see any shadows or hear voices in my mind? System? The senses also continue to develop, which can lead to a constant smell of something, for example.

Yes, now things are going fast, fast, and again there is a new timeline that needs to be integrated. This is becoming less and less possible with our old mind and its 3D constructs. It cannot keep up with the new thinking, “feeling”, our intuition and the new heart-mind. An impulse that comes in can mean that a project, such as buying a house in Italy or Greece or a new job, suddenly no longer feels good. And it is precisely these impulses that are now coming in quickly. Here it is important to be absolutely grounded in order to be able to feel. Because the new feeling/sense, based on the new heart-mind, which is connected to our intuition, gives us the trust and the feeling to make safe decisions. – You can use the crystal grounding meditation for this –

Grounding, grounding, grounding, combined with constantly checking whether I am grounded, whether I am in my body, is now the be-all and end-all. to dance the tango of this energetic change.

Sun – Schumann frequency and the opening of several portals at the same time

The sun, which is also a huge portal, is currently contributing immensely to cosmic downloads reaching us with its ever-increasing activities – solar storms, solar winds.

It also shows that theta and delta waves in particular come to earth, which also have an influence on the Schumann frequency. For some time now, “Schumi” has been in nervous “deep sleep mode”. This means that in the range 0 – 5.4 Hz there are massive charges in the theta wave range. This creates a perception of deep sleep in the brain, which can lead to difficulty concentrating and cause microsleep.
Theta waves are also the waves that bring a lot of healing. Delta waves are the brain waves that we as humans have when we fall asleep and wake up. This is the time when the veil is very, very thin and we are very open in our perception.

Another phenomenon is the sudden opening of several portals at the same time.



The technology will also be shaken and shaken quite a bit. Because these cosmic radiations, the energetic “hypersonic waves” and their influence on human consciousness, create a changed electromagnetic field around us. This can also lead to disruptions in technology and the Internet. We can also expect groundbreaking technological developments that will change our world.



It is already energetically noticeable that another wave of disclosure is coming. With the insolvency of the huge real estate group Evergrande and the “associated” banks, it is clear that things are now also heading in the direction of the economy and the financial system. The next step in the new liberation era.


The energetic diet

A big topic that is now opening its doors and is also making rapid progress is nutrition. This doesn’t just mean physical nutrition, but also energetic nutrition.

Energetic nutrition: “Where do I stay and with whom? Does this nourish me or does it not nourish me? What is good for me? What not? Using the “Cosmos-Earth ” light circle when working with the energy wheels or the lights can be of great help to you here.



With the “chaos within chaos” inside and outside, it will now be even more important that we keep in touch with ourselves. Feeling ourselves in our bodies. Here it is particularly important to feel our first two chakras. To feel stable in them.

  1. Chakra (root chakra): courage, primal trust, inner strength / earth, dust, quake
  2. Chakra (sacral chakra): expressing our needs/water, river, flooding

You can support yourself with the chakra set here . In combination with the “Cosmos-Earth” light circle, you open up further magical possibilities for clarifying, harmonizing, grounding and connecting to higher chakras.

Current ascension symptoms

We are currently experiencing a major change in our being on all levels. This requires a lot of calm and gentle treatment of ourselves. Many people who are in ascension experience intense light codes, upgrades and downloads, which causes our cells and our bodies to “excrete” any energy that does not vibrates in the same vibration.

This can lead to noticeable sensations and ascension symptoms in the body and mind. In addition, a new, conscious and luminous way of thinking would like to be integrated. Constant mental hygiene is the everyday magic word that surrounds us. Maybe you are one of those people who feel like they have to pull the “emergency brake”. Wanting to take some time out to simply take care of your own issues and your own body. To separate yourself in order to re-balance yourself. Then follow that feeling and do it.


Current ascension symptoms may include:

  • the feeling of just “dragging”
  • Having difficulty doing your job because your brain no longer works like it “used to”
    Mistakes are commonplace
  • the feeling of a short circuit in the brain
  • great forgetfulness and gaps in memory
  • that “swapping days”
  • not being able to have people around you
  • Loss of desire to communicate with others
  • the great need to spend time alone, to be in silence
  • unexpected mood swings and depression
  • vivid dreams that contain messages
  • Nervous flutters or outbursts of happiness for no apparent reason
  • Fear of the new, fear of the old breaking away
  • Noticeable gaps in memory… Short-term memory declines. It’s hard to concentrate and you feel like you’re off track. This is, among other things, a sign of sliding back and forth between dimensions and the fact that one has no longer been in harmony with the 3D energy for a long time.
  • immense exhaustion and tiredness
  • disturbed sleep rhythm
  • Improvement or worsening of hearing
  • tired and heavy eyes, blurred vision
  • as well as increased seeing of geometric shapes, colors and wonderful images when the eyes are closed
  • As our level of perception increases, we now begin to see objects from other dimensions with our own inner vision.
  • recurring ear/sinus problems
  • intense headaches, migraines
  • Jaw and tooth pain deep down to the roots
  • Heart palpitations, very intense, heart palpitations, cardiac arrhythmias
  • Rashes and allergies
  • strong detoxification symptoms
  • Digestive problems
  • diarrhea, vomiting,
  • wandering body pains
  • Back and neck problems
  • cold feet and hands
  • More and more people, things and situations will now appear that will change our view of life and everything that surrounds us
  • Increase in paranormal abilities and manifestation

Process the new energetic pace of “zack-zack”.

Let your soul unwind again and again, treat yourself gently, go into nature, hug trees, go barefoot and consciously perceive Mother Earth, light food, lots of pure water, light energy massages with the Trinity Flame, retreat, retreat, retreat

In addition to constantly balancing the high incoming energies and adapting all of our body systems to these energies, mind control and hygiene are an absolute “must”. Observe yourself again and again, which thoughts do I use to create my reality and nourish the collective field. Keep asking yourself: “Do I really want this in my life? ” Is this how the new world is supposed to be?

You can receive further support from the following light crystals:

The Great Instrument of Transformation, the great transformer for: primal injuries, primal pain, fears, abuse and for subtle spinal alignment.

The Flame  , the first aid tool  for: chronic and acute pain.

The Calming for: congestion, swelling, feeling of internal pressure, head pressure, migraines, rising anger and aggression towards yourself and others

The Hope  for: weakness, inner restlessness, depression, shock, great sadness and addictions

The cosmic chakra set , for intensive chakra cleaning/clarification, harmonization and realignment

Energized water  with Faith also cleanses the subtle area.

Overload of the central nervous system

Our central nervous system is also currently under a lot of tension. Here it is helpful to repeatedly use the  grounding exercise . You can also place your photo in the “Cosmos-Earth” light circle . You can also combine these with the energy wheels, lights or chakra wheels.


 An active spine

An important prerequisite for the high incoming energies is an active and cleansed spine. The spine is our mirror for our physical and spiritual well-being, our control center to which everything is connected; the nervous system, control centers, the respiratory and digestive organs, the sensory organs, the teeth, glands, arms, legs, etc. If you look at the spine from the subtle level, it has the function of a memory store. …… it is the memory of the soul!  Light energy massages  are a great support here

In light and love



Nat. Manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner: holistic pain therapy, transformation coach, trauma therapy, energetic family/ancestry constellation work, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, light energy work, room and house clearing

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