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Energy Barometer October 2023

Energy Barometer October 2023

 Dance with the fire of transformation – birth canal/emotional upheavals – swimming free from the sea of ​​illusions.

 …a journey to harmony in higher octaves

October, dancing with the fire of transformation.

This is the great invitation of the October energies to us. Two highly explosive eclipses/eclipses await us in October. The solar eclipse on the 14th and the lunar eclipse on the 28th. These eclipses have profound effects on all areas of our lives, as well as huge potential for healing. Eclipses always mark a conclusion and a new beginning, a new birth. It is an energetic time that is accompanied by the most intense transformations and realignments, a new birth. The energy of the solar eclipse can lead to sudden cognitive processes in which we perceive things that were previously hidden from us. Where we can recognize things anew, grasp them anew and re-evaluate them. There are also important changes in relation to communication, relationships,


Paired with the energies of the planetary constellations and the energy shifts of the solar activities, we can prepare for an exciting, stormy, fiery, changeable and turbulent month that brings with it many truths and associated upheavals as well as extreme changes, as well as great healing power . It’s bubbling in the cauldron. It’s moving forward, forward. It is a journey to harmony into higher octaves, where taking conscious responsibility for ourselves and our bodies will be a big theme. A journey on which we realize more and more how much our old emotional costume, our “security-fear-ego constructs” and/or “protective resistances” that we still hold on to are weighing us down again and again Let the energy of the old 3D world “plump back”. This is how it can happen that no stone is left un-turned. October 2023, Let’s dance with fire

Energy overview

The Equinox/Autumn Equinox on September 23rd.

With the fall equinox we have received tremendous energetic alignment for the coming months. A journey into the higher octaves of harmony has opened its doors. The Equinox acted as a powerful gateway to expand consciousness, enter a new cycle, and act as a portal and vortex for our ascension process. The intensity of their activation energies had opened floodgates for clearing out old energies on all levels, which can also be felt more and more on the world stage. The equinox also marked the goddess’s transition into the underworld, into our as yet un-redeemed shadows. This energy, which lingers, can feel heavy and dense to the physical body. It can also be used to create dreams, new visions, intense emotions,


Full Moon on September 29th in Aries

This full moon came around the corner with a lot of explosive power. He opened doors for us to recognize the processes in which we have been dis-empowered or where we are still disempowering ourselves. The fields of old suppressed frustration and anger were massively “triggered” so that we can bring them into transformation, into healing, in order to accelerate our journey into the higher octaves. The big opening that the September full moon brings with it makes many people feel that there is still something really big in the room. We are in this great transition period from the old to the new dimension, into a “new energy world”.


The 10 -10 portal

The 10 and the double 10 represent our heart consciousness. With the opening of the 10-10 portal we experience additional support via the cosmic activation codes, but also via our own DNA, which restructures itself, which unlocks further levels of consciousness, whereby our intuition comes into play much more strongly and we begin to feel the truth more and more .

Diving into the depths of our emotions – the two October eclipses

The energy of the eclipses, the new moon eclipse on October 14th and the full moon eclipse on October 28th, remains effective for about 5-6 months and sets a specific theme in motion. The April and May eclipses had to do with the transformation of the “false self,” leading to a profound awakening and discovery of our authentic being. The two eclipses in October open up a stronger connection to the higher octaves, so that our perception can intensify and we gain access to higher dimensional truths and realities that were previously closed to us. Where there is still clarification work to be done in the area of ​​old emotional injuries and insults, we can delve into the deepest depths of our un-redeemed emotions, transform and heal them.


The calm in the storm – and the power of new consciousness

With the higher perception and the sudden cognitive processes, doors open that make the old world appear to us like in a bad film. And yet it was part of our ascension process to break away from the old 3D world based on polarity and duality.

We now see more and more clearly how the old games worked or still work. How, for example, the mass media, films, advertising and Internet videos and especially fear-mongering topics aim to form in people’s minds a certain ideal to strive for. How everything possible is done to erase a person’s individuality and develop a “herd feeling” in him. How this, among other things, created the basis of our consumer society, which gradually drew people into the maelstrom of unnecessary excesses. In the end, people no longer know why they do or buy this or that and expose themselves to completely foreign goals and atypical actions.

The extreme changes that the October energies bring are also accompanied by the uncovering of secrets, scandals, the realization of how conscious scarcity is fueled, painful revelations, as well as manipulative processes and corruption. The absurdity is becoming so unbearable that more and more people are looking behind the scenes, standing up and drawing attention to the injustices. The reality twists we encounter this month can trigger a rollercoaster of emotions.

It is therefore very important for all of us, especially in moments when things are extremely turbulent, to remain calm and to deal with both the light and the darkness within us in order to reach higher levels of consciousness. In order to then act from the power of the new insights, the new consciousness.

We should also always remember that all the major upheavals that we will now experience serve a higher cause in which things want to be completely rearranged. Inside and outside.

The solar eclipse… recognizing and transforming the dark.

Relationships – Communities – Communication

A very big topic in October and beyond is our relationships and communities and their transition to the higher octave. They all come to the test in order to make changes where they are still built on old “security-fear-ego constructs” and our “ego-personality” and we are stuck in old emotional costumes. The idea of ​​superficial encounters and relationships will be a thing of the past.
To bring relationships and communities into the higher octave, we can ask ourselves the following question:


  • Do they nourish me, do they still nourish us?
  • Do I have to let go of something because a common path is no longer possible?
  • Do we have the same values ​​that come from the heart?


It’s now also about moving away from condemnations and old injuries that are a cornerstone of the old 3D world. Instead, we can learn to value ourselves and other people again. “Appreciation and compassion are the new currency,” says the medium, Birgit Fischer (Medium), so beautifully. Thanks to the higher levels of perception, we will now feel more and more which people are real, speak from the heart, from their soul essence, and give you the feeling: “I am okay, I can be the way I am.” We also recognize that which people are still manipulative. Wanting to manipulate yourself and bend yourself for something or others. This applies privately as well as in society or politics.

You can receive support in this process, for example, from >> the bridge, >>the light crystal pyramids and the >> Guardian L.

Emotional upheavals and the relationship with myself

The relationship with myself – self-esteem – self-care – self-confidence

My relationship with myself is also being put to the test. What about my self-worth? Where can I still delve into layers of old emotional injuries that keep me small and powerless in order to bring them into healing? To step out of the victim-perpetrator-helper illusion. The >> Guardian L can support you here ,  

Where am I in my self-care?
How do I deal with myself? When and why do all other people come first? Where are there still old wounds that still need healing? That affect my self-esteem and therefore my self-confidence and self-image? Get support from >> Guardian L

With the stronger connection, combined with the more intense perception and new access to higher dimensional truths and realities that the solar eclipse brings, we can experience a new view of ourselves. A great support for us to develop a new, higher self-confidence and self-image.



Perception of energies and your own journey

The intensity of the energies now flowing in is not felt equally by everyone. Some have almost left the birth canal of the new consciousness behind them. Have done the shadow work of the difficult issues they brought with them into this life and now feel more and more clearly the exuberant fullness and spiritual magic of the new consciousness. The special lightness and the new happiness. They feel more and more confident in their strength and confidence that they are in the right place.

For those who don’t yet fully recognize themselves in these lines. Please don’t doubt or despair. It’s about moving forward with motivation, accepting your own shadows, going through them, transforming and healing them in order to find yourself. We are all on our unique journey of ascension where there is no right or wrong way. And everyone goes on their journey at their own pace.

“Nothing” should scare us anymore. And if it still scares you, then there is something else that wants to be transformed, that wants to be looked at. Yes, transformation occurs through knowledge and then the transformation occurs

Ascension symptoms

Thanks to all of the energy constellations mentioned, coupled with the ongoing strong solar flares of the “Great Central Sun” and the high intensity of the cosmic light streaming into the earth, our soul light can be further activated. In general, the body is becoming more and more aligned with the soul. Opens up to be absorbed by the soul and then vibrates completely at its soul frequency. The soul is the divine part of us that needs to be lived again. He is our birthright.

On an emotional level, October is a lot about health, healing and energetic work. Where areas of us still vibrate in the old, heavy 3-D energy, the cosmic energy waves can “trigger” us in various ways, be it through:


  • influencing our brain activity
  • our central nervous system
  • Lack of concentration and depression
  • Feeling of heaviness (low energy)
  • lack of sleep
  • intense dreams or nightmares
  • fatigue
  • restlessness
  • lack of grounding
  • unexplained anxiety
  • stress
  • sudden concern
  • Mood swings, irritability, sadness, depression, increased vulnerability,
  • aggressiveness
  • Overwhelm or not coping
  • Confusion, disorientation, feeling of fog
  • feel numb
  • Difficulty focusing vision
  • increased sensitivity to noise and light
  • watery and itchy eyes
  • tinnitus
  • clear, runny nose
  • physical discomfort
  • dizziness
  • Pressure headache
  • body ache
  • Dehydration
  • Nausea, flatulence, heartburn, rumbling in the intestines
  • Hot flashes
  • Likewise, solar storms can affect our heartbeat and heart rhythm
  • influence, which can cause a fluttering, racing or palpitating heart to be felt

Other changes that may occur:

  • Many things that were once dear to us now appear to us as unnecessary frills and ballast
  • Due to one’s own increase in vibration, there is a “disconnection” from contacts (friends, acquaintances, colleagues, family), as the gap in vibrations and thus lived realities becomes ever larger. There are more and more “co-oscillating people” who support each other in “raising”.
  • a reassessment of values ​​takes place, accompanied by changes in thinking and behavior
  • Taste preferences also change dramatically. Because our organism, saturated with high vibrations, can no longer utilize heavy foods of animal origin


This month it is very important to take care of your physical body. Sufficient sleep and plenty of fluids are two magic words. But it’s also about your own expansion, your own presence.

Further assistance

Chakra work – it is very important at this time to balance your chakras again and again, to adapt them to the high incoming energies in order to, among other things, relieve the various body systems and keep them stable, to grow spiritually and to activate dormant abilities. You can use the Sun Chakra Set to practice quick and easy chakra balancing, which also has an impact on the activation of your 3rd eye and soul point. >>> more information 


In case of dizziness, heart rhythm dis-harmonies, depression, excessive tiredness and lack of energy, which can be symptoms of instantaneous energy shifts, it is also recommended to use the cosmic chakra set. >>> more information   


In cases of anxiety and panic, wearing the Guardian L also helps resolve them. >>> more information  


When lying awake at night, it helps to simply place a light crystal pyramid in the color of your choice on your heart and allow this pyramid to work with you, and also allow the pyramid to heal and resolve everything , can now be healed and dissolved. >>> more information 


Dis-harmonies in relationships, connections – with the bridge you can bring disharmonious connections and relationships into balance. >>> more information 


For wandering pain and chronic complaints – the flame, the “first aid tool” in the recoding and the Calming S, can be of great support. >>> more information


Protected and energetically high-vibrating spaces
On the other hand, it is just as important to keep our environment, our apartment, our house, our workplace, etc., energetically clean and protected and to create spaces for us to “recharge our batteries”. The sets of four Calmings XL clear and gold are the great cleaners of stressful vibrational energies, electrosmog, a low vibration environment and other radiation exposure. >>> more information  

Be a reflection of what you want to receive.

If you want love, give love. If you want truth, be truthful. What you send out will always come back to you.



I wish you a wonderful transition into higher perspectives.

Dear being of light, I wish you many bright visions and inspirations in this special time and a feeling of  being carried” by light-filled forces.


In light and love

Jutta Pangratz

Nat. Manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner, holistic pain therapy, karmic family, ancestral constellation/dissolution work in the new energy, trauma work, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, holistic soul coaching, energetic house cleaning.


Further information
Would you like to know more and delve deeper into the applications and effects of the Light Chrystal tools? Want to learn your new era light energy work and light energy massage? Privately or as an additional offer in your professional activity, in your practice? Then visit our seminars or our training courses  only in German  >>> read more.