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Energy Barometer January 2024


The cosmic

Energy barometer

January 2024

A warm welcome to the epic year 2024

in the new time era. Even though Pluto, the great transformer, only enters Aquarius, the sign of the future and revolution, on January 21st, its energies are already clearly noticeable, as the strikes show.

The year 2024 is the year of coming and going, of co-creation, of new mass spirituality and of absolute departure. 2024 gives us the chance to completely rewrite our history. Our souls want to be symbolically reborn. Welcome to the new future.


 What awaits us in the new era:

  • the new “we feeling”
  • Pluto in Aquarius stands for radical changes and innovations in all areas: economy, finance, financial systems, government, school system, work system, healthcare and, and, and
  • The power of institutions that are no longer useful is coming to an end and old structures are collapsing and dissolving
  • Far-reaching changes in the world of work mean that individual responsibility is once again the top priority
  • Changes in the old partner, gender and role clichés
  • rapid developments and innovations in science, medicine and health
  • greater fusion of Eastern and Western knowledge
  • Mass awakening, kindling of spiritual fire
  • higher consciousness, transition into the higher mind, the heart-mind
  • Happiness, prosperity, success
  • Changes in space and time
  • Union with star-seeds and beings from higher realms
  • identify anew with the community to which we belong without giving up our individuality
  • the correct alignment of our thought/creative power, as manifesting will become faster and faster

2024 – and Jupiter, the planet of happiness

In 2024 Jupiter will be king. It has been direct again since December 31, 2023. Jupiter – the planet of happiness. Jupiter not only stands for happiness and success, but also for recognizing and living your own truth and expanding your consciousness . Jupiter is the planet of expansion and happiness. It is considered a great guide that helps us to recognize and overcome all limits and limitations. The basic feeling that belongs to Jupiter is optimism. Jupiter is the planet that rules our beliefs. The way we give meaning to life.

2024 – Pluto in Aquarius, a new era begins – welcome to the new future

From January 20th the cosmic vibration changes. First, the sun moves into the intellectual and spiritual air sign Aquarius at 3:07 p.m. And just a few hours later, on January 21st at 1:51 a.m., the time has come. The planet of power and transformation, Pluto, also enters Aquarius, the sign of the future and revolution. This will change the world enormously for the next 20 years, with a short break in the fall. Aquarius creates structures for the future, but doesn’t allow anything to be dictated to them. Welcome to the Air Epoch. With Pluto and its strong transformational forces behind us, revolutionary energies can develop that will massively push us into a new future. Twenty years of Pluto in Aquarius is something none of us have ever experienced!


Pluto the great transformer/converter

Pluto the great transformer/converter. Pluto symbolizes the process of internal and external transformation, the dissolution of old structures and growth through challenges and changes. Pluto, with its transformational energy, can change the thinking of an entire generation. Its Plutonic power helps us to recognize what we can still break away from, what we are entangled in self-lies or illusions, and what is worth working towards now.

Pluto – spiritual renewal

With its transformative power, Pluto symbolizes the spiritual renewal of humanity – as happened in the 18th century (1778 – 1798), when it last stayed in Aquarius and helped to ruthlessly clear out old concepts to make room for completely new things. It was the time when the American Constitution and the French Revolution were born and the Industrial Revolution took off.

Pluto – revolutionary breakthroughs

With Pluto in the air sign Aquarius, an era begins in which there are no limits to independence, social change, innovations, inventions and developments. Technological breakthroughs and developments in the fields of science, information technology and communication will increase, including artificial intelligence.

It is a time-era of renewal, of radical changes, of overcoming old values, structures and control. Pluto also represents profundity and a willingness to deal with the darker and hidden aspects of life. Look beneath the surface and recognize hidden motifs and patterns. Superficiality is not his territory.

Freedom, equality, independence, self-honesty, the heart-mind/the higher mind, the inner knowledge and intuition, the language of our soul, are the cornerstones of this new era. Many things that are difficult to imagine in our imagination can become reality with Pluto in Aquarius. The impossible can be made possible. Welcome to the future of the next 20 years.

Pluto and our personal world

Pluto in Aquarius will also influence our very personal world and life situation. Whether it’s career, relationships, finances, or other important personal issues, this astrological transition challenges us all to rethink old patterns and open ourselves to new possibilities.

Pluto can be merciless

Pluto, with its transformative energy, can also be very merciless if we refuse to allow change to evolve. Then he confronts us with loss of control and the fears that come with it. Pluto stands for dying and becoming, for the collective subconscious, hidden powers, spontaneous healing, therapies, renewal, clairvoyance, universal well-being.

Pluto and soulmates

Pluto in Aquarius is also a time quality in which more and more soul mates will meet in order to live the true and free heart energy and to create projects together that are of benefit to everyone. Friends and groups of like-minded people who treat each other with respect, kindness and mutual support will be an important support here. But this can only be the case if we reduce our own egoism and – despite all self-realization – keep the well-being of others in mind.

Under Pluto in Aquarius, trust in our innate intuition also becomes stronger, which helps us humans more easily recognize what is right and what is wrong. The spiritual opening will also increase intensively. For those who are appropriately prepared, real breakthroughs into higher vibrational levels/dimensions can occur.

Pluto – UFO sightings of other star peoples

The understanding and experience that we also have light-filled friends on the “other side” will increase, as will the feeling that spiritual helpers are always there to support us on our path. This makes it easier for many people to understand that we are spiritual in origin and unlimited beings. UFO sightings as well as encounters with other star peoples are becoming more and more important. A great gift of Pluto transit in Aquarius!

Pluto – upheaval in society – social upheavals and political transformation

Society as we know it is being “buried” so that a new form can emerge. The new values, structures and forms will be fundamentally different. In our current society, power lies in the hands of only a few people. Many are not even elected or visible on the world stage. However, they are pulling the strings in the background. But this will change. Because more and more truths are coming to light. With the energy of Pluto, people gain the great power to transform their experienced fears and powerlessness into action, whereby the new form of society can emerge.

This Pluto transit has the goal of leading humanity into a completely new consciousness and forcing psychological transformation on an individual level. This also includes recognizing that. Possible crises can rarely be overcome with old solutions for new growth.

2024 – in the year of the energy number 8 – self-empowerment and abundance

Energy number 8 – the forward energy
renewal, mindfulness, integrity, infinity, strength, power, self-empowerment, inner balance, abundance… The “8” is also connected to Venus, which can support us in becoming aware of our sensuality and beauty, in living our divinity and loving it. The essence of the “8” is about vibrational alignment and elevation. Because once we have achieved a more highly developed consciousness, it will no longer allow the same old behaviors and entanglements in which we operated before. The higher mind (heart-mind) has control over the thinking mind and therefore our decisions. The “8” also stands for justice, truth, balance and karma.

The “8” is also a wonderful, luminous tool when we use it as a lying eight. By working with the lying “8” we can support the synchronization of both hemispheres of our brain. This leads to clear and successful thought processes, insights and decisions. How it also intensifies intuitive perception.

You can use the >> Great Instrument of Transformation  , the >> Flame as well as >> the Bridge for this by practicing lying eights from one ear to the other.

2024 – the year of the dragon – development, luck and prosperity

According to the Chinese calendar, the year of the dragon, specifically the wooden dragon, begins on February 11th. The dragon is the strongest animal in the zodiac sign and stands for development, happiness and prosperity, for igniting the spiritual fire within us, for a new life from a higher consciousness. It also reminds us of our energy. He is considered forward-looking, flexible, stable, imaginative, assertive, dignified, noble and magnetic. In union with the properties of wood, it creates a special time in which a life close to nature can take hold again and in which we can achieve great success. So we can consciously use the new year to finally allow changes and to take new paths – be it in love, finances or career. Wood brings a friendly and cooperative energy that emphasizes collaboration and development rather than conflict and competition.

The dragon’s dark sides are arrogance, stubbornness and clinging, which can ruin some opportunities.

2024, the dawn of a new era with solar power

On March 21st, the reign of Mars switches to the Sun. The sun represents positive energy, positive thinking, optimism and change. It symbolizes our inner being, our motivation, our life goals and gives us the strength to develop further. It also represents self-confidence and the way we express ourselves in the world.

Weather – Mother Earth/Gaia – solar storms in 2024

In 2024 we will see global changes that will also affect us as multidimensional beings. The powerful energies from the higher realms that have long been flowing into our planet support a revitalization and restoration of Gaia/Mother Earth. They helped the Earth to free itself from negative timelines to align with the high cosmic energies and to tune into the higher level, the 5D frequency. This means a huge shift in consciousness and vibration for all of us. Pavlina Klemm says that this also enabled the installation and activation of sacred geometry on earth through the spiritual world, which strengthens the connection with the cosmos, promotes health and regenerates DNA.

The earth in its new balance

The earth takes its balance, cleanses itself of everything that has harmed it. From a geological perspective, this can have the following effects:

  • Changes in global weather conditions
  • Extreme weather phenomena affecting coasts and oceans
  • Earthquakes at a new frequency
  • Change in the seasons – where it was previously very warm, it may become cooler or even snow may fall. In other places, where the climate was usually more temperate, it may suddenly become very warm. Dry areas can become green again.
  • Change in solar radiation and more intense sunshine hours

Archaeological discoveries

Archaeological discoveries due to weather phenomena, among other things, will also show up and open us up to the fact that in many things we have assumed a false history or that it was taught to us. Especially with regard to “life under the ice” of the North and South Poles, where there were already great advanced civilizations, amazing things will come to light. Also, perhaps little known to many, Tataria will come back into people’s consciousness, as will the topic of flat earth, round earth or dome.


Solar storms and the earth’s magnetic field

Solar storms will be a big issue this year. The sun is also facing a pole shift. That is, the Sun’s north and south magnetic poles will swap places, which in turn results in a reversal of the polarity of the Sun’s magnetic field. Until that time arrives, the Sun will have the highest number of sunspots, that is, active areas with solar flares. These energies are the ultimate amplifier that not only influence the earth’s magnetic field. Each storm brings with it intense upgrades that we receive on our emotional and physical levels. Depending on our level of consciousness and our physical development – towards the body on a crystalline basis, they act on it to activate healing.


Relationships in 2024

  • Transformation of partnerships
  • Transforming intimacy on all levels
  • New approaches to love and sexuality
  • Self-empowerment and rediscovery in partnerships
  • Overcoming codependency and power struggles

Many are experiencing the end of old cycles, including separation from dysfunctional families, friendships, relationships, careers and jobs that no longer resonate with the higher vibrations within themselves.
As we ascend, we activate more and more strands of higher light in our DNA. This leads to us releasing old emotional, mental blockages and everything that does not serve the highest good. Our ego may temporarily resist this change, but our heart will always intuitively know that we are moving toward a new reality that is consistent with increased self-awareness. We unmask ourselves, recognize more and more clearly where we have manipulated ourselves, become codependent, involved in power games, have had unnatural relationships or have had hormone-controlled “sexual love”. It’s now about the “new feeling” that will have a big impact on everything. We will recognize with whom we can simply be who we are, with all our facets. We become more sensitive and much more sensitive. This means that no emotion, feeling or thought will have to be hidden in the future. It is a completely different approach that is now achieved here on earth through this jump in the timeline, through this new dimension. It is love over the true heart and heart-mind, the love that simply is.

If you would like to support yourself here, you can use the bridge. >> more information

Healthcare and medicine in 2024

 A new body consciousness, or in other words, the body consciousness of the 5th dimension opens doors that we never thought such a thing could exist.

Healthcare as we know it will soon be a thing of the past in this form. The old 3D consciousness, e.g. taking a “pill” immediately in the event of health problems, is saying goodbye. The recognition that illness is an interaction between body, mind and soul, which is also the consciousness of the 5th dimension, will now take up massive space. Recognizing that illnesses, addictions, compulsions, sugar consumption, depression, etc. are valuable indicators that we have lost our inner balance somewhere or are still stuck in mental blockages will also become something completely natural. The first step to healing.

In addition, we are now vibrating ever higher, which means that many methods and applications from the 3D level can no longer work properly because their energy has a lower vibration.

This now opens the doors for the effects of energy work, energetic methods, energetic “tools” and frequency medicine in the healthcare system. Great progress will be made in the collaboration between conventional medicine and alternative medicine, which can lead to new group practices consisting of doctors, alternative practitioners, energetics and healers.

Energetic self-healing

Energetic self-healing through energetic “tools” and other products will also take on a completely different meaning, as its basis is also the understanding of the interaction between body, mind and soul. The visibility of the influence of energetic work on yourself and your immediate environment will astonish many.

Self-empowerment, which occurs through understanding the energies/vibration of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, is another pillar in our health and therefore collective health.

Business in 2024 and the new future

Pluto in Aquarius represents radical changes and innovations in the areas of: economy, companies, finance, financial systems, government, school system and work systems. The power of institutions that are no longer useful is coming to an end and old structures are collapsing. With Pluto in this sign, technological breakthroughs and developments in the fields of science and information technology and communications can occur more frequently. New technologies can change the way we live, work and interact with each other. A foretaste is artificial AI.


The now extremely rapid change in energies and dynamics, which also brings with it great creativity, requires great flexibility, and not just from people. Small and large companies alike can face this constant change. A quick reaction or quick rethinking from the higher mind/heart mind will become something completely normal.

The more rigid the thinking is (“we’ve always done it that way and that’s how it stays that way), the more difficult it will be. Anything that is rigid and stiff in structure will not last.

Ascension – Psyche – Ascension Symptoms

Time collapses. The linear perception of time is increasingly dissolving and many people have the feeling that everything is happening even faster. The frequency increase now occurs in waves at ever shorter intervals. Good for those who have already done a lot of “inner house cleaning” to make energy integration easier. With this massive increase in intense energy waves, more and more people are awakening into their creator consciousness, into their multidimensional and their metaphysical abilities can further activate. This not only affects the body, mind and soul, it affects the whole of life. The old mind will switch off for a lot of people. The brain, as it is now programmed, can no longer grasp and understand many things. It will be difficult for the psyche at first, but if we let ourselves fall into the high energies, let go of our limitations and trust, the upcoming changes will simply happen.

The light that is pouring in now is so strong that without a good grounding your mind will truly burn out. Everything will also work more and more only through the heart, in connection with the higher mind, the heart-mind. The rug is torn out from under our old “thinking mind” so that we can tune into the higher mind.

What we need in 2024 is flexibility, quick adaptation, good health, a stable internal system, a stable psyche and above all grounding, grounding, grounding, grounding, grounding.

You are welcome to use the quick and effective grounding ritual, which also strengthens and expands your aura and your charisma and supports healing processes in your energy body. >> Crystal Grounding Meditation/Ritual

Our >> webinars, seminars and training courses   give you further support and information. ( Only in German)

Current ascension symptoms may include:

In addition to the energies of the great planetary changes, the cosmic doors have opened wide and are allowing powerful waves of high-frequency gamma wave energies to flow from the great central sun into our solar system! In Earth’s new energy we can expect the unexpected. Now is the time to completely de-clutter your life and pursue your purposeful passions. Many people are currently experiencing strong ascension symptoms.


The chakras

The fact that the Earth was able to free itself from negative timelines to align with the high cosmic energies has a huge impact on our chakras, the gateways to the cosmos. While it has not been possible for them to fully integrate the high cosmic frequencies, after an infinitely long time our chakras are once again experiencing a comprehensive connection to the energy of the surrounding planets. This can lead to issues that we have carried within us over the number of past lives coming to the fore. This particularly affects the first, second and third chakras. Given the energies we are now able to experience, it is extremely important to continually cleanse your chakras and adapt them to the high incoming energies. You can support yourself here with the >> cosmic chakra set so that you can practice quick and effective chakra balancing every now and then.


Other possible ascension symptoms

  • constant flu and gastrointestinal cleansing waves
  • blocked sinuses
  • Permanent dry cough
  • Pressure headache, migraine
  • watery and sensitive eyes, eye twitching, dark circles under the eyes
  • Ringing in the ears and other noises in the ears
  • Seeing and hearing worse at times
  • Nausea, flatulence
  • cramps
  • excessive fluid retention


As the physical body adjusts to the higher frequencies, there will be periods of detoxification, which will manifest in symptoms such as skin rashes, increased sweating, and elimination processes such as frequent urination.

Bones, nerves
During the structural changes in our bones, roots and nerve endings, painful pulling or stabbing or signs of inflammation can occur.

Mood swings

  • emotional turmoil – intense feelings of grief, great sadness, anxiety, irritability, aggressiveness
  • past traumas may occur
  • severe fatigue and changes in sleep patterns
  • increased sensitivity to light, noise and stressful energies
  • increased sensitivity
  • increased spiritual awakening
    increased intuition
  • vivid dreams
  • deep connection to the spiritual world

Wonderful helpers in this process

A regular cleaning/clarification ritual in the Calming XL circle clear or gold
The Calming XL are not only the great energetic room clarifiers, but they can also be used in direct cleaning and clarifying work for us humans. As an “energetic cleaning cloth”, so to speak.

To do this, place the 4 Calmings XL of your choice with the long side facing you around a chair on which you are sitting for the cleaning phase of 5-10 minutes. Then turn it over for 5-10 minutes so that the slanted side – the face – is facing you. Now enjoy recharging, tuning into higher energies and notice how your own vibration frequency is increasing. Whenever you feel that negative energies or entities have crept into your energy field, practice this application. >> more information


The “Energetic Pharmacy ”

It is a wonderful way to release yourself from energetic pain that is raging on an emotional and physical level and to bring it into healing.

The three light crystals of the energetic medicine cabinet

  • the flame, the first aid tool for acute and chronic pain
  • the Calming S, anywhere where something builds up in the body (lymph congestion, swelling, headaches, etc.)
  • and the red transformation ring – for insect bites, vaccinations and other poisoning problems – can lead to faster relief.

>> more information


States of exhaustion

A good way to free yourself from states of exhaustion and lack of energy is to use the >>>energy stick, the Hope.


The integration phases  of the incoming energies

As in 2023, the integration phases of incoming energies, downloads and upgrades are becoming increasingly shorter. Yes, you could say even shorter than in 2023. Retreating and going inward is just as essential for 2024 as taking breaks, “unplugging” and decoupling in order to get back to yourself and your body. To give yourself the space for what can/would like to be integrated. Grounding and grounding again and again is the second big magic word if we don’t want to constantly fluctuate back and forth between the energies, restless and disoriented. You are welcome to use the quick and effective grounding ritual, which also strengthens and expands your aura and your charisma and supports healing processes in your energy bodies. >> Crystal Grounding Meditation/Ritual

Our >> webinars, seminars and training courses   ( only in German) give you further support.

Learn to appreciate again the nature that surrounds us and its healing power 

Spend time outdoors regularly and connect with nature. Pay conscious attention to their “sights.” Always take the time to observe and appreciate the beauty of our natural healing power. Go barefoot into nature to consciously perceive Mother Earth and her energy and feel oneness with the trees, plants and animals. Trust your intuition and follow the guidance of your higher heart.


The year 2024 is the year of coming and going, of co-creation, of new mass spirituality and of absolute departure. 2024 gives us the chance to rewrite our history.

Let us immerse ourselves in this spirit of optimism together and embrace the natural changes. A captivating journey through change, a new birth.

In light and love



Nat. Manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner: holistic pain therapy, transformation coach, trauma therapy, energetic family/ancestral constellation work, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, light energy work, room and house clearing

Do you need support on your path to healing?