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For your self

More Energy for yourself

In the world we currently live in, a lot is demanded of us and our energy. Not infrequently, our energy source is used in such a way that we feel tired, miserable and sick. Our products can help you protect your energy against external influences.

Guardian Large and Small

It stabilizes the body and focuses the mind in the event of stress, inner nervousness , fear, insecurity and exhaustion, help to say “no ” to be authentic, to live spiritually and with full  potential, to be in contact with other beings of light,  offers protection in cases of mobbing, helps to free up the role of victim and the syndrome ” helper”.

For more information on the Guardians click here.


In this period of humanity, it is very important to open our heart and act from the heart. The Ascension Hearts stimulate us to open our heart and activate its energy.

It is like a vessel to radiate the light of the heart into our environment.

For more information on the Hearts click here.


The Ascensions Light is a holy symbol – the six-pointed star.

The outer triangle symbolizes the three major rays: the ray of knowledge, the ray of love and ray of purity. The inner triangle forms the centre of the star and enables the connection to the divine level and the divine light.

It helps you to be connected to and in contact with both the spiritual and physical levels.

For more information on the Lights click here.


The Bridge’s task is to heal and bring together everything that is in connection with each other and in disharmony. This may be relationships, family relations, friendships or relations between parents and children, employers and employees, colleagues, pets and their owners, etc.

For more information on the Bridge click here.


Also known as the “Wishing Well” – makes it possible for dreams and wishes to come true, in addition to stimulating and accelerating healing on all levels.

In fulfilling our dreams and wishes, the Voice takes in the task of transmitter who translates wishes which have been spoken into it, into a code which can be understood by nature and therefore implemented.

For more information on the Voice click here.

Light of Faith

The Light of Faith brings growth and force to life. It brings “Light” into our cells and reminds them of their perfect natural state. It regenerates cells and creates their healthy growth. Cells will be renewed and will become harmonious with the body.

For more information on the Light of Faith click here.