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Ray 9 – Ascension’s Light Magenta

Ray 9 – Ascension’s Light Magenta


Become whole at all levels – experience harmony and bliss

Category: Lights

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The Magenta Light.

The magenta Light helps to heal pain in the heart; to become whole at all levels, to allow the flow of Christ energy, to experience harmony and bliss, to overcome boundaries, to connect with higher levels of consciousness and to desire harmony and balance.

The magenta colored Light has a high healing vibration and stands for the healing of the heart and thus the re-awakening of the Christ energy, the universal love.

It supports you to complete generation complications, break through conditioning, release inherited / limiting beliefs within the family and towards other people, it helps you recognize and get rid of stressful beliefs and ego structures.

The magenta Light accelerates inner processes and promotes harmony and balance at all levels. Opens doors to transform inner turmoil, tense emotions, imbalance, nervousness or fear so that you can live in higher levels of being.

The Magenta Light is connected to the magenta-colored radius of creation (ray 9), Ascended Master Jesus (Sananda) and Archangel Antrhiel

The magenta Light:

  • Supports the healing of pain in the heart and helps to let go
  • Helps to let Christ energy flow, primal trust
  • Supports inner peace, harmony in life, security, bliss
  • Helps you overcome your limits
  • Supports you to look forward to the future
  •  Activates and strengthens mediumistic and extrasensory energies
  •  Helps you connect with higher levels of consciousness

The Magenta creation ray (ray 9)

The chohan / administrator of the magenta-colored radius of creation is Ascended Master Jesus (Sananda) and he is accompanied by Archangel Anthriel. Both stand for unconditional universal love, for letting go, for healing pain in our hearts and harmony in life. They are connected to the pink Light, the pioneer of unconditional love.

Now is the time to become aware of your boundless love in all its glorious facets. To become aware that we are all unique and precious beings, a divine light.

It is time to look behind the veil in the light and solve all the disturbances that the many earthly lives have brought with them. As a chohan of the magenta-colored ray, Jesus (Sananda) supports us with his strength and energy to bring to light all the contradictions and injuries in our hearts so that they can be resolved.

He further supports us to clarify our deepest heartache, to heal, to rediscover our divine plan, our light-path, our truth, and to adjust our choices accordingly.

He helps us to unite with the love of the universe, the universal love, the Christ energy. Jesus (Sananda) leads and supports us in our growth process. Helps take responsibility for yourself. He gives the necessary strength for change and allows us to receive protection and care.




The pureness of thought- the center of our daily lives- a special mirror to our soul

The Ascension’s Lights are a holy symbol, which has been worn by masters of many traditions and schools.  They symbolize a six pointed star, which consists of two triangles. The outer triangle embodies the three great rays, which are:

  • the rays of knowledge
  • The rays of love
  • The rays of purity

The inner triangle embodies the center in which creation commences.

The wearing of the Light activates our divine light, through which we may experience increased harmony, love and contentment within ourselves and our surroundings. They put us into a position from which we are able to see a greater connection between things and help us to reach decisions more easily.

The lights enable us to recognize a higher goal in life; they help us to open up to higher dimensions and to bring spirituality into our daily lives.

All twelve colours of the Ascension’s Lights are our own personal gateway to the 5th dimension and higher dimension.

How to use

The distinct and unique shape of the light comes without an attachment, but can be worn on a chain or leather strap or with a special, handmade spiral (see accessories) available in  sterling silver 925

  • You can also place it under your pillow at night
  • Put it on a photo of yourself
  • Carry it in your pocket

In therapy sessions it is placed directly on the body. Together with other Ascension instruments, you can further enhance their properties

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 0.5 cm
Options: Light

Standard light, With energized silver spiral and necklace 50cm (+ €59,50), With energized silver spiral and necklace 70cm (+ €64,50)

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