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Ray 2 – Ascension’s Light Yellow-Topaz

Ray 2 – Ascension’s Light Yellow-Topaz



Category: Lights

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Wisdom, enlightenment, knowledge, joy, serenity, opening to the divine source, liberation of deceptions, errors and illusions, understanding, joyful learning, the connection with the golden-yellow creation ray, the second ray

Confucius, the Chohan / guardian of the yellow ray said: The wise man knows he does not know. Knowledge is a characteristic of the mind and must be learned. Wisdom can not be learned, it comes from the heart and is part of every soul. It stems from knowledge, consciousness and integration of the soul energy. The golden-yellow light helps to reconnect again with the wisdom of the heart, the soul and the divine plan. Recognize and get rid of illusions and errors. Gloomy and negative thoughts can dissolve with the energy of the golden yellow light, so that a clear perception can take up space again and a new ‘ideas’ can be attracted. ‘Spiritual flashes’, which encourage us to leave the beaten track and go our own light path, belong to the aspects of the golden light, as well as vitality, life energy, self-development and flowering.

Properties of the Yellow Light:

  •  joy of life, liveliness, self-development and prosperity
  •  go our way confidently, even in difficult situations
  •  freeing themselves from mistakes / mistakes, illusions and deceptions
  •  record mental connections
  • to take responsibility for your own progress
  • to consciously allow the inner wisdom of his heart and soul
  • his divine plan, recognize and follow his light-path
  • experience joy in learning and discovery
  • serenity, peace and patience

 The golden Light and the golden-yellow creation ray, the second ray

The golden-yellow radius of creation is managed by the Ascended Master Confucius and accompanied by archangel Jophiel. His aspects are: wisdom, enlightenment, knowledge, joy, opening up to the divine source, liberation from deception, understanding, serenity, trust. He has reference to: Tuesday, the constellation of lobster, the gems Citrin and glass-pure rock crystal Crown chakra (head, fontanelle, headache, migraine, brain) to the cosmic law: as above so below  and is the manifestation of enlightenment, wisdom, joy

Master Confucius, Chohan / guardian of the 2nd ray, the golden-yellow creation ray and the energy of this ray.

Ascended Master Confucius stands for divine wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment, recognizing the divine plan and for joy and cheerfulness. As a Chohan / keeper of the gold / yellow ray, he assists us to recognize our divine plan, our light path and to come into contact with our inner wisdom again. To inspire us for new knowledge and thereby heal old programs in ourselves. Mistakes / mistakes that we as humans are subjected to can be brought to light with the golden ray and recognized as illusion. Often they are beliefs, opinions, ideas of others that we have adopted in our childhood and still live as our own truth. This has consequences. Holding this can lead to conflicts in relationships with your partner, family systems, business, politics and much more.

The golden ray supports us to free you from fear, that your own truth can be a mistake and helps you take responsibility for personal development. If we miss this energy, there is a tendency to fear, weakness, lack of perseverance, inferiority complexes, hypersensitivity, or to respond to hurt too quickly. A strong need to be loved or to love also points to a lack of the energy of the golden ray. The golden ray, also referred to as the light of the sun, illuminates us on dark days, in dark seasons, in depressive phases or with inner heaviness, discouragement and depression



The pureness of thought- the center of our daily lives- a special mirror to our soul

The Ascension’s Lights are a holy symbol, which has been worn by masters of many traditions and schools.  They symbolize a six pointed star, which consists of two triangles. The outer triangle embodies the three great rays, which are:

  • the rays of knowledge
  • The rays of love
  • The rays of purity

The inner triangle embodies the center in which creation commences.

The wearing of the Light activates our divine light, through which we may experience increased harmony, love and contentment within ourselves and our surroundings. They put us into a position from which we are able to see a greater connection between things and help us to reach decisions more easily.

The lights enable us to recognize a higher goal in life; they help us to open up to higher dimensions and to bring spirituality into our daily lives.

All twelve colours of the Ascension’s Lights are our own personal gateway to the 5th dimension and higher dimension.

How to use

The distinct and unique shape of the light comes without an attachment, but can be worn on a chain or leather strap or with a special, handmade spiral (see accessories) available in  sterling silver 925

  • You can also place it under your pillow at night
  • Put it on a photo of yourself
  • Carry it in your pocket

In therapy sessions it is placed directly on the body. Together with other Ascension instruments, you can further enhance their properties

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 0.5 cm
Options: Light

Standard light, With energized silver spiral and necklace 50cm (+ €59,50), With energized silver spiral and necklace 70cm (+ €64,50)

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