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Wheels and Rings

There are 27 wheels of Ascension, 9 different colours and 3 different wheels per colour. One with clockwise rays (PROGRESSION – to deliver growth in the positive direction ),one with anti-clockwise rays ( TRANSFORMATION- to support change ) and one with anti-clockwise rays on both the top and the bottom side of the wheel (REGENERATION – to repair and refill our energy )

These 27 wheels correspond with the 27 spiritual, universal chakra’s, creating our own universe, including earth and our human life.

The energy wheels can be applied individually, as a cosmic healing circle, consisting of all 27 energy/creation wheels or as the three power circles.

Each wheel has its own qualities in the creation process. The energy wheels you have chosen as the current companion take on an energetic connection to you. Their constant light impulses, which are given to our energy system when wearing or laying on the body, allow a gentle return to the divine order on all planes to live the light that we are again.

The creation/energy wheels have a great connection to the turquoise beam of Atlantis.