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Ray 4 – Ascension’s Light Clear

Ray 4 – Ascension’s Light Clear



Category: Lights

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The Clear Light of Ascension

The Light of purity, clarity, beauty, harmony, lightness, certainty, discipline, modesty, diplomacy, vitality, renewal, the Light of purification of ancient patterns and energies, and the connection with the white ray of creation, the 4th ray.

The power of the Clear Light helps to perfect greater inner clarity and mental flexibility. This Light brings light into our darkness and great insights that work through the deepest levels of our soul. With the help of the energy of clarity, discipline and modesty in a new lightness of being and in a new joy in life and in awakening  we can experience a new level of vibration. Discipline loses its heaviness and self-chastisement, humility frees itself from humiliation. Fear of the earthly material world, resistance to success, wealth or status become clear. The attitude towards the material world can transform into lightness, joy of life and success.

Properties of the Clear Light:

  • Clarity and purity in thinking
  • Release negative programming and convictions
  • Recognize fears and solve them
  • Clarity about the law of cause and effect
  • Releasing karmic knots
  • Symbolizes the resurrection
  • To review / reorder your life
  • Be in accordance with your creation, soul plan
  • Recognize and live your true self
  • Opens for the dimension of the light and higher vibration frequencies

The Clear Light, its connection with the white radius of creation and the chohan / guardian Ascended Master Serapis Bey

  • The bright Light and the white radius of creation (the fourth ray)
  • The white ray of creation is managed by Ascended Master Serapis Bey and accompanied by Archangel Gabriel. His aspects are: purity, discipline, humility, ascension, hope, resurrection, certainty, security, material clarity and instinct. This radius has a reference to:
  • Wednesday, to the constellation bull, the element earth, the gemstone diamond and rock crystal
  • the root chakra (sexual organs, intestines, pelvis, hip, hipbone, etc.)
  • the cosmic law of “vibration”. Everything that exists is in a constant movement
  • and is the manifestation of innovation

Serapis Bey, chohan / guardian of the white radius of creation and the energy of the ray

Serapis Bey wants to give us more clarity about cause and effect with his energy and his knowledge. He helps to increase our awareness so that we can see whether we have taken the right path to reach our goals. Brightens and cleans our energy field and help us learn forgivenesin ourselves and to others. His energy gives courage to make necessary changes, to achieve inner clarity. Under him, discipline and humility become a new attunement. He helps to get a new inner attitude, working to always live from ease. Disciplined to believe that everything can be easy and To observe that by thinking negatively, we close the doors for things to be easy.

He supports to recognize where humility has turned into humiliation and gives us the strength (humility = courage) to constantly look at our own truth and to verify it again. This with the discipline of lightness. Almost nothing falls heavier for our ego than to let go of our own truth. It is a free fall in the dark. How often do we teach others because we think we know better. With the energy of the white ray we get the opportunity to clean our own thoughts again and again from mistakes and judgments of this world.

At the spiritual and creation level, discipline is the condition for the purity of the thoughts, in order to create our true heart desires. The higher the purity of our thoughts, the clearer our concepts are, the sooner we can recognize them, build bridges, give harmony and make peace in conflicts and also grow spiritually through crises. We are made sensitive to the beautiful, the light, the bright, the joy of being. Certainty, security and a new sense of joy of life can automatically present themselves.

The brightness of the white ray helps to recognize what I do not want to accept in my life, which area is still in the shadow, where ambiguity and dissatisfaction form our lives. Uncertainty e.g. about: where do I live? The ideas and wishes of my parents, my partner, my teacher, my friends or me? What do I want? How many people sacrifice inner peace for outer peace and harmony? If for the sake of certainty compromises have been made that have not done them well. When we do something against our heart’s desires, we hurt ourselves, we make ourselves small and lose a lot of self-confidence and therefore the love for ourselves. The easier we take these experiences or many other experiences, the more beautiful and faster the soul can flourish.



The pureness of thought- the center of our daily lives- a special mirror to our soul

The Ascension’s Lights are a holy symbol, which has been worn by masters of many traditions and schools.  They symbolize a six pointed star, which consists of two triangles. The outer triangle embodies the three great rays, which are:

  • the rays of knowledge
  • The rays of love
  • The rays of purity

The inner triangle embodies the center in which creation commences.

The wearing of the Light activates our divine light, through which we may experience increased harmony, love and contentment within ourselves and our surroundings. They put us into a position from which we are able to see a greater connection between things and help us to reach decisions more easily.

The lights enable us to recognize a higher goal in life; they help us to open up to higher dimensions and to bring spirituality into our daily lives.

All twelve colours of the Ascension’s Lights are our own personal gateway to the 5th dimension and higher dimension.

How to use

The distinct and unique shape of the light comes without an attachment, but can be worn on a chain or leather strap or with a special, handmade spiral (see accessories) available in  sterling silver 925

  • You can also place it under your pillow at night
  • Put it on a photo of yourself
  • Carry it in your pocket

In therapy sessions it is placed directly on the body. Together with other Ascension instruments, you can further enhance their properties

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 0.5 cm
Options: Light

Standard light, With energized silver spiral and necklace 50cm (+ €59,50), With energized silver spiral and necklace 70cm (+ €64,50)

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