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Ray 10 – Ascension’s Light Gold (Full Breath)

Ray 10 – Ascension’s Light Gold (Full Breath)



Category: Lights

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The Ascension’s Light – gold color helps you recognize the feeling of abundance, and attracts love, prosperity and well-being.

It encourages us to trust our intuition and see things and situations in a broader context.

Properties of the gold Light:

  • Motivates us
  • Promotes vitality
  • Helps to overcome feelings of jealousy and rivalry
  • Enforces our life-force and comfort
  • Creates acceptance for abundance
  • Stimulates contact with higher levels of our consciousness.
  • Helps to let go of the old “stuff” and attracts the new.

Ascension’s Light Gold – Full Breath ( Ray 10)

Abundance, success, wealth, charisma, creative power, consciousness, golden age, inner peace and security, and the connection with the golden ray of creation, the tenth ray

The energy of the golden Light helps to free you from thought patterns of: lack and inner guilt, “to not dare to make mistakes”, to have to be perfect, so that you can move forward, to drop resistance, to to fulfillment to achieve full abundance and riches.It also helps to recognize the deeper purpose of our desires to discover its true spiritual needs.It strengthens in us the desire to do things that satisfy our inner self, in peace and in harmony , and to make us vibrate with the energy of unconditional love, the energy of the 5th and higher dimensions.

  • to go the way of universal growth, abundance and success
  • consciously manifesting wealth with his own creative power
  • sense of fulfillment and inner wealth
  • transformation and integration of soul aspects
  • Insight into our soul life on the next level
  • act consciously, take initiative and initiate change
  • anchoring in the inner center, living his spiritual truth
  • appreciation of body, mind, soul and all living things
  • consciously step into the golden age

The Golden Light helps us to strengthen and strengthen our light body. Supports the acceleration of body transmutation, relieves light-body symptoms occurring by balancing energy, by re-balancing again and again.

The golden Light, its connection with the golden ray of creation and with the Chohan / guardian of the golden ray Master Kuthumi

The golden Light and the golden ray of creation (tenth ray)

The golden beam of creation is managed by Ascended Master and world teacher Kuthumi and supervised by Archangel Valeoel. His aspects include: inner peace, abundance, wealth, security, peace, the great silence, balance, liberation, financial freedom. He has reference to:

  • the night from Thursday to Friday, after the constellation Scorpio, after the elements of air and fire
  • to the spleen chakra (pancreas, stomach, duodenum, etc.)
  • to the cosmic law of balance
  • to gold in the form of a five-pointed star
  • and is the manifestation of bliss
  • Ascended Master Kuthumi, Chohan / guardian of the golden ray of creation and the energy of the ray.

The gentle world teacher helps us discover our own skills. Supports broadening our views, opening up to new perspectives and deep connection and appreciation for mother earth and all living things. Through him we learn to practice patience and deep silence so that you can meet daily life with a deep serenity. Through a new sense of belonging, a new inner balance, being fulfilled and cared for, we send out energy that opens doors for inner and outer riches. Ascended Master Kuthumi also stands for a sense of reality, to feel comfortable in the body, to appreciate the body and to take care of it.

Together with the energy of the golden ray, we feel the abundance of inner infinity, the inner space within us, which is also referred to as the space of God, the space of the deepest security. The space, where we can experience the great silence and when we reach it, attracts the inner abundance, the abundance on the outside. Putting self-awareness, charisma and one’s own skills in the right light are further aspects of the golden creative ray.

With his energy we can open ourselves to be connected to the soul and see how past and future become an illusion and impatience loses its power. As long as the soul is asleep, man is driven by great

inner unrest. Thoughts rage between the past and the future. There is hardly any time for the now. The soul is not in the past or in the future, it is in the now.

Lack of energy from the golden ray can express itself in the rejection of wealth. Inner unrest, excessive eating, alcohol consumption or neglect of the body (little exercise and care) as well as the compulsion to train the body extremely can indicate a lack of golden energy.



The pureness of thought- the center of our daily lives- a special mirror to our soul

The Ascension’s Lights are a holy symbol, which has been worn by masters of many traditions and schools.  They symbolize a six pointed star, which consists of two triangles. The outer triangle embodies the three great rays, which are:

  • the rays of knowledge
  • The rays of love
  • The rays of purity

The inner triangle embodies the center in which creation commences.

The wearing of the Light activates our divine light, through which we may experience increased harmony, love and contentment within ourselves and our surroundings. They put us into a position from which we are able to see a greater connection between things and help us to reach decisions more easily.

The lights enable us to recognize a higher goal in life; they help us to open up to higher dimensions and to bring spirituality into our daily lives.

All twelve colours of the Ascension’s Lights are our own personal gateway to the 5th dimension and higher dimension.

How to use

The distinct and unique shape of the light comes without an attachment, but can be worn on a chain or leather strap or with a special, handmade spiral (see accessories) available in  sterling silver 925

  • You can also place it under your pillow at night
  • Put it on a photo of yourself
  • Carry it in your pocket

In therapy sessions it is placed directly on the body. Together with other Ascension instruments, you can further enhance their properties

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 0.5 cm
Options: Light

Standard light, With energized silver spiral and necklace 50cm (+ €59,50), With energized silver spiral and necklace 70cm (+ €64,50)

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