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First Aid



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The flame – the first aid tool

Everything that exists is energy. Our bodily functions as well as our mental and spiritual functions are maintained by energy. The flame, the “light laser of the angels”, also known as the first aid tool, directs the free flow of energy in the body. It supports the connection of cells that have fallen out of their natural order with cosmic light in order to stimulate re-coding. The flame is a very helpful light tool, especially in the great change we are all undergoing because our bodies are also going through this ascension, process, this change. This means that the vibration of the cells is accelerating. Wherever blockages hinder this acceleration of vibration, where it cannot flow freely, where cells cannot vibrate in their natural order, it can manifest itself in more or less severe twinges, twitches and/or pain on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


Like a light laser, the flame highlights outdated ideas, inner harshness and hardened feelings, which can lead to more mobility and flexibility in our thoughts, feelings and actions and therefore has a great effect on our physical well-being.

By connecting with the cosmic light and re-coding with the energy of creation, chronic and acute processes/sensitivities can experience an acceleration in healing. An illness, a state of mind, is usually created in consciousness, where it can also be changed again. Pain is the cry for help after a flood of energy


The flame is the first aid tool, the light laser of the angels works on the emotional and spiritual realm to clear :

  • inner harshness and feelings of guilt
  • rigid thought patterns
  • restrictive behaviour patterns
  • repetitive thought patterns which have a harmful impact on a person
  • the solution of too many thoughts that prevent us from action


and can thus be supportive on the physical level to help with:

  • Acute and chronic pain or tension
  • Bone, muscle or nerve pain
  • feelings of numbness or paralysis and poorly healed scar tissue
  • flu-like infections, bronchitis, toothache
  • injuries, wounds, bruises


The pineal gland, our antenna to the cosmos, our key to spiritual ascension, our communication antenna to the universe and other inter dimensional worlds. The flame is also a great supporter when it comes to activating the pineal gland. The quality of the function of the pineal gland has a great influence on our intelligence and our level of motivation. Find out more about the pineal gland here.



How to use

The Flame, the first aid Light-Crystal tool

Like all Ascension Light-Crystal tools, the flame can be used privately, professionally and energetically/therapeutically. When using it yourself, it is often easier to practice it over a photo of yourself.

  • Regular light-energy massages with the flame in the energy field in the shoulder and neck area clear and relieve what is sitting on our neck and can lead to shoulder or neck tension, as well as feelings of guilt that weigh on our shoulders.
  • It has a soothing and relaxing effect on flu-like infections, sinus problems or toothache and is also used here as a light-energy massage.
  • Regular gentle and intuitive light energy massages with the flame in the energy field,over painful joints, vertebrae or in the back area helps to release the inner hardness that has manifested itself here and is often the emotional cause of hardening and tension. This can be particularly helpful in cases of  for example rheumatism, arthrosis, arthritis, disc problems or lumbago

  • Regular gentle and intuitive light-energy massages around the knee brings movement into the local energy system and can help restricted mobility to flow again.
  • With regular light energy massages in areas of the body’s energy field which are characterised by numbness or paralysis, the cell structure there can be supported in order to return to its divine order.
  • A daily light-energy massage in the energy field of the teeth can lead to stimulation of the reflex points there, which in turn are connected to certain areas of the body. This can have a positive influence on the well-being of the whole body.


Activating the pineal gland – our communication antenna to the cosmos

Find out more on how to activate the pineal gland here.

In energetic therapeutic work,  you can combine the flame with other healing methods.

Consciously utilize the possibilities of this new impulse/energy medicine for your health and your own development and to go more easily through the ascension process in which we all find ourselves.

You can find out about other possible uses of the Flame in the private sphere, in professional use, in working with animals at our seminars or in training to become an Ascension Master – Healer of New Energy. Ascension seminars, training and further education (  at the moment all training is only German )

Light Acupuncture

Stimulating energy points with the flame, the first aid tool

Activating energy points with the Ascension flame is a technique that is used enthusiastically in alternative medicine. It is used to prevent and alleviate many everyday ailments. This technique can be learnt in just a few steps and used at any time, whether at home, in the office or on the move. You work in the body’s energy field over the relevant energy points, so there is no need to undress. The flame is the first aid light tool for chronic and acute pain.


The energy pathways

The basis is the theory of meridians, the energy pathways that run through our entire body. They are arranged in twelve pairs and are located in mirror image on the left and right side of the body. Two further energy pathways are located in the centre of the body, the axis of symmetry. According to Far Eastern healing teachings, the energy in these channels must be able to flow freely in order for us to feel balanced and healthy. If a person suffers from stress, chronic pain, unresolved conflicts, fears, addictions or trauma, the flow of energy is disrupted and this can lead to complaints/problems on a physical, mental or spiritual level.

The difference to acupuncture is that no needles stimulate the energy points, but the flame, the first aid light crystal tool, is used in the energy field. The range of applications for working with the flame is very broad. It helps with emotional as well as physical and mental complaints. Children and animals also love this type of energetic treatment.


Some helpful energy points for everyday life:

  1. energy point for inner peace, balance and stability: 3 cm below the navel
  2. energy point head: opening and releasing pressure and tension in the head area – it is located at the highest point of the head, starting from both ear tips towards the centre of the head, where the fingers meet again.
  3.  energy point for back problems: it is located on the left and right foot between the outer ankle and the Achilles tendon. If you have back problems, you need to work on both feet.

You stimulate these points by working with the flame at a distance of 5-10 cm in the energy field above the respective energy point. This is done in circular or swinging movements.


The flame, the first aid tool for horses, dogs, cats and other pets

Horses, like other pets, love the energy of the flame and are grateful for every light-energy massage they receive through it and the Light-Crystal Pyramids. As animals intuitively perceive positive energies, accelerated healing processes can be quickly observed on all levels.

To can find out more about energy work with animals click here

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