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MerKaBa cube

MerKaBa cube

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MerKaBa cube

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The cube represents the masculine and the globe the feminine.

The masculine is grounding. It helps integrate your love and anchor other levels of consciousness within yourself. It provides stability in your energy system so that you can experience peace and love more easily.

It is a gift from the galactic border (ascended masters) to us so that we can grow faster. The cosmic energies that stimulate us to grow will be better integrated with the MerKaBa cube. Love for yourself, for your body, will strengthen your basic energy and make you feel firmer and more complete.

Doors can be opened within yourself so that you can get memories of old lives such as Atlantis or Lemuria.

With the MerKaBa cube you can activate and heal your MerKaBa light body. The shape and location of your MerKaBa light body may be incorrect due to old emotional wounds and trauma. By healing the shape and location together with the MerKaBa cube and possibly with support from Lights, your MerKaBa light body can be activated.

This will allow you to be reconnected with old spiritual knowledge and to experience divine joy.

A MerKaBa light body that is not in the right shape or in the right place can cause the following complaints:

  • A difficult grounding
  •  A lack of love for your body
  • A feeling of loneliness

The MerKaBa cube helps you:

  • With the alignment of your MerKaBa light body
  • Tune in to the joy in yourself
  • Experience connection
  • Activate the cosmic light within yourself
  • Experience more love for your body and yourself
  • Remember who you are
  • Heal old traumas and wounds from your MerKaBa light body

The MerKaBa cube can be combined with:

  • Pyramids
  • Lights
  • Flame
  • Great instrument of transformation

How to use

The MerKaBa cube can be used for meditations, therapeutic sessions or in the room.

  • You can place a pyramid on the MerKaBa cube with which your space combines
    the MerKaBa with the energy of the pyramid
  • You can place this under the client (if you use a treatment table) as a
    centering point where you can activate from the MerKaBa
  • You can visualize that you are in the MerKaBa cube and let the energy do
    its work. Ask Ascended Master Melchizedek for
  •  The most important thing is that for therapeutic use you work from connection with Lady Poreaa (a high female energy) or Master Melchizedek


Ascended Master Lady Poreaa

Lady Poreaa is a Cosmic Master and has lived on various planets. For the people on earth she is mainly connected to the planet Venus and oversees the balance and wholeness of the feminine energy in relation to the masculine energy so that the feminine and masculine can merge.

It supports:

  • Balancing the MerKaBa
  • Strengthen the cosmic connection with the universe within yourself
  • Open the MerKaBa light body to various cosmic levels
  • To resolve the struggle with the masculine in yourself so that there can be unity of feminine and masculine energy
  • Activate the MerKaBa light body in different layers of consciousness in relation to the Divine rays

Her consciousness is very high which makes her feel different from the more famous Ascended Masters. You can contact her by inviting Lady Poreaa to support you from the emptiness in your heart (the buddha consciousness).

1. Breathe in and out slowly and imagine the breath going to your heart.
2. Focus on the emptiness present in the airflow.
3. If you notice that there is silence in your heart area, you can invite Lady Poreaa to support you.
4. You can imagine her light as a golden light with pastel purple yet bright color

Additional information

Weight 527 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm

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