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Light circles “Cosmos-Earth”

Light circles “Cosmos-Earth”


new vibrational and information octave, psychic abilities, inner healing

available to order now, delivery from week 14

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Light Circles “Cosmos-Earth”

(available to order now, delivery from week 14)


The new Light-Crystal Healing Circles … a mystical adventure journey inwards, outwards and “upwards”. A “walking” in the sacred corridors of healing and transformation, an awakening into the multidimensional aspects of our existence.


The new light circles “Cosmos-Earth” are high-vibrating force objects. They combine the high energies of the Light Crystals of Ascension (Cosmos) with the energies of the Swiss Stone Pine (Earth) and thereby create extraordinary as well as unprecedented energy patterns in Light Crystal healing. By merging these two energies with all their aspects, a greater whole is created that is more than the sum of their parts. Their transformative power is like an awakened sixth sense in which psychic abilities are activated under the nurturing frequencies of the universal energies. It is also an immersion in the symphony of energies of the “Tree of Life”, … to be rooted to the earth and at the same time to grow towards the light of the cosmos.


Already in Atlantis, with the Egyptians, the Mayans and many other advanced civilizations, the HeilKeis-Crystal technique was an important, light-filled “tool” in one’s own vibrational frequency increase, healing, vibrating in the dance of cosmic energies, activating our multidimensional aspects and diving into the higher dimensions of spirituality in order to achieve something that is unattainable for an “ordinary” human being. The new light circles “Cosmos Earth” are an extraordinary instrument with which a new vibrational and information octave opens its gates.


The Smaller Light Circle “Cosmos-Earth”

Made from the wood of the spiritual power tree, the Swiss stone pine, initiated with the energy of creation, it opens up an infinite field of new possibilities:

  • in the activation of one’s own healing magic
  • the more intensive raising of one’s own vibrational frequency
  • a deeper connection to Mother Earth and the experience of the dancing cosmic energy
  • to break through mental barriers – the guardians of our comfort zones – and to overcome boundaries
  • to free oneself from the shackles of one’s conditioned mind – the opening to limitless possibilities
  • the intensification of our multidimensional consciousness
  • of awakening to the spiritual dimension that envelops and permeates everything
  • Ascension into Higher Dimensions of Being
  • the experience of the fifth dimension and the dissolution of physical limitations
  • a new harmony of health, through the merging of earthly and cosmic energies, which supports each cell in its rejuvenation with its pulsating power


Structure and alignment of the light circles

The new Light Circles are aligned in such a way that many different energy fields of transformation and healing can be generated. With the front of the smaller Light Circle “Cosmos Earth” indescribable possibilities can be experienced in the application of the 27 energy/creation wheels and on its back it opens the infinite field for the application of the 12 Lights. Also, in the application of the 8 chakra wheels, gates can open in the connection to our higher chakras.


Light circle “Cosmos-Earth” and Calming XL clear or gold in a set

In combination with the sets of the Tool if Calming  XL clear or gold, the great inner cleansing, further doors are opened for us on our mystical journey of introspection, clarification and purification.


The Swiss stone pine

The Swiss stone pine, also known as the Queen of the Alps, prefers altitudes of 1500 to 2900 meters, can withstand temperatures down to over minus 40° Celsius and can live up to 1000 years. They give off a very pleasant fragrance, which comes from the essential oils inside. It lasts for many years and has a calming effect. In many cultures, the Swiss stone pine symbolizes perseverance, resilience, steadfastness, perseverance and the circle of life. In addition to its positive effects on the human organism, heart and circulation, restful sleep, it stands for the promotion of concentration and mental clarity.


— Each circle of light is unique —

— The great light circle “Cosmos Earth”, the “Therapist Light Circle” is in development and will follow in April/May.

Wood Properties

Wood is a natural raw material, wood is alive – important information about wood

The authenticity of the wood can be recognized by the different grains, the so-called annual rings and the knots they contain.

The annual rings, with a darker coloration, indicate the age of the tree. The nature of wood and its advantageous properties give each individual “solid wood furniture” its own personal character and make it an unmistakable one-of-a-kind. The structure of the wood is like the fingerprint of nature.

You should be familiar with the following properties of solid wood

  • Wood is a natural product that can absorb or release water due to its hygroscopic properties. It is through this process that wood begins to work.
  • Storage in damp rooms such as basements or installation in newly renovated rooms favors this process and leads to swelling of the wood.
  • In very dry environments, water is released and the wood shrinks.
  • Strong heat sources such as fireplaces or heaters also dry out the wood.
  • This working of the wood is natural and can lead to dimensional changes. Despite careful quality sorting, stresses can occur due to invisible adhesions and a different massing process, which cause the wooden parts to warp
  • If solid wood parts only get moisture or heat on one side, this can also occur during transport, this will result in the parts bowling. So they become hollow or bulbous. To undo this bowl, place hollow sides against each other for a few days so that the regression can take place in a normal room climate. When working the wood mentioned above, cracks, slight unevenness or slight roughening may also appear on the surfaces of your solid wood furniture and on the edges.
  • Knots and adhesions, grains of varying thickness as well as differences in colour and structure are positive unique features of a completely naturally grown raw material and do not constitute grounds for complaint or complaint.
  • Solid wood absorbs wood wax or oil to varying degrees, depending on the grain. These natural variations in colour intensity do not constitute grounds for complaint or complaint.

Wood works – influences of sunlight and temperature

Sunlight changes the colour of the wood, making it darker. Objects that are constantly on the light circle (e.g. photos, sheets of paper, light crystals or others), which can also cast shadows when exposed to sunlight, can remain as lighter-coloured surfaces. With heavier objects, indentations may occur in the soft wood

If the wooden parts are permanently placed with one part in direct sunlight and another part in the shade, this alone can lead to moisture differences in the wood. In order to minimize the effects of the listed properties of solid wood, please ensure that the wood is always stored or set up in a normal room climate of approx. 20-22°C and 40-50% humidity and not in direct sunlight.


Additional information

Weight 1850 g
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 2.7 cm
Option: Circle

Standard, with TOC Holders (+€220,00)

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