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Guardian Small

Guardian Small


Companion and Helper for Children

Category: Jewellery

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The Guardian Small from Ascension – (for children and  older adults whose energy levels may be more subtle)

The little Guardian is the children’s companion, helper and protector. He encourages their personal growth and helps them to live their childhood. He supports them in their worries, needs and sorrows, helps to reduce fears and build self-confidence and self-assurance. In bullying or situations where they feel excluded, it helps them to trust themselves more and stand up for themselves.

The Guardian Small – “protective crystal” – of the children. It supports them:

  • to live their joy of discovery, curiosity, spontaneity, creativity and curiosity
  • to deal with fears, grief and worries, concentration and learning difficulties
  • to build up self-confidence and self-assurance, to stand up for oneself, to trust oneself
  • in situations of bullying and exclusion
  • to support them in their connection to the spiritual world
  • he is a great support during pregnancy for the “unborn” in their connection to their spiritual world as well as to their pregnant mother.


The little Guardian is also a great and important support for the children of the “new” time, the indigo, crystal, rainbow, star children etc., for all newborns. It should definitely be attached to the cot and pram after birth.


The Guardian Small for adults: if we as adults feel drawn to the little Guardian, it is often a “cry for help” from our inner child,

  • to get in touch with it again, to recognize it
  • to live more childlike curiosity and inventiveness
  • to clarify its emotions
  • to show a new willingness to want to learn
  • to step out of our urge for perfectionism

How to use

The  Guardian Small, like it’s big brother, can be worn or carried:

  •    To protect and support the unborn growing child,  the mother can  wear it during pregnancy
  •     For babies, it is recommended to hang it on the cot
  •     For infants, it can be placed under the pillow at night and during the day placed on a photo

We advise children not to wear the Guardian, but to place it on their photo. In this way children are free to be, act and play as children should, without fear of breaking it.

For therapeutic purposes, the Guardian Small may be used directly on parts of the body

Gwen and Ascension

Available Now in English is the E-book    “ Hello I am Gwen”

In the book ‘Hello, I am Gwen’ it is described, that ‘the guardian angel’, an energy pendant also called ‘small Guardian’, is a daily companion of Gwen.

It gives her a daily, tactile, protection against external influences and other people’s energies. This protection is especially useful for highly sensitive children! because highly sensitive children feel so much from within and also from others.

In addition, Gwen feels that the pendant gives her extra strength in exciting events and in helping her when she wants to express her feelings outwardly.

The Guardian Small is a nice addition to the book. What you are already working on from the inside, is extra protected from the outside!

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 0.5 cm
Options guardian:

Standard, With energized silver necklace 50cm (+ €30), With energized silver necklace 70cm (+ €35)

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