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Set: 4 x Calming XL gold

Set: 4 x Calming XL gold

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Protect and clean a room / house or piece of land


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Positive energies, more harmony and health, greater fullness, wealth and success.

Each location, every room, every object and every living being has its own vibration. These vibrations significantly influence our quality of life, our relationships, our family life, work environment as well as our fulfillment and success. Every thought or word has its own vibration that “gut” in us or space in which we find ourselves, in the form of positive or negative energies.

Housing, homes, buildings, shops, offices, clinics, schools, gyms, spas and hotels, to name but a few, are chaeged woth these energies.
Thoughts, conversations and negative emotions, anger, resentment, dissatisfaction, fear, disease, current events or the past, by e-smog, terrestrial radiation, chemicals, chemtrails,high frequency or antenna vibrations from mobile phones, often exert a negative influence on the inhabitants, visitors or workers, as well as the fulfillment and success. However, our contemporary life offers us many possibilities to intervene positively.

The Set of Tool of calming XL is one such positive intervention.

How to use

To cleanse houses,buildings and land,a set of 4 x Calming XL crystals is needed.

These are placed into the main corners of the object or space.

The slanted side ( the face) is placed so that it faces its respective corner. ( outwards )

If the crystals are placed in this manner, they draw out the disharmony and negative energy present in these location. They neutralize and harmonize these spaces.

Foreign energies and entities which occupy theses spaces are then able to come to light and leave.

After one phase of the moon, the Calming XL crystals are then turned by 180 degrees, so that the slanted ( face) side is now pointing into the room/space. Through this, the rooms/ spaces are filled with positive energy and harmony.

The positive energy can be kept inside these rooms.

These Tools should now no longer be moved in any way.

Additional information

Weight 2232 g
Dimensions 14 × 4.5 × 4.5 cm

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