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Light of the Stars XL Magenta

Light of the Stars XL Magenta


Channel to higher dimensions of light, love of Christ, psychic abilities

Category: Pyramids XL 80x80mm

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The Pyramids of Ascension

For a positive, relaxed and harmonious room energy. Energetic space clearing of the new era for a harmonious and appreciative togetherness, honest communication, concentration, easier learning, a restful sleep, spiritual development, universal abundance, growth, success, private and business, to name just a few possibilities.

The Pyramid Magenta XL

The Magenta Pyramid – the light of the stars – establishes a channel into the higher dimensions of light. This makes it easier for us to come into contact with higher beings of light such as angels or our star siblings, as well as information and knowledge from these light planes. It is a bridge between spiritual and the material world. Their vibration symbolizes the cosmic, pure, clear love, the love of Christ. It supports already existing medial as well as supernatural energies to strengthen whilst- simultaneous grounding.

It supports:

  • the love for oneself and activation of the master consciousness
  • emotional openness and devotion and the joy of small things
  • to take the step back into life from isolation and withdrawal
  • in case of emotional confusion and the dissolution of deep-seated UR sadness, to become touchable again
  • when separations and redemption are pending
  • in separation situations and divorce that cause a shock, especially in children
  • to find the true purpose in life
  • to accept their strong healing vibration
  • To become a channel for the healing energy of God’s love
  • Balancing the hormonal system and blood circulation, acts on the crown and base chakra


8 of our pyramids are also available in size 80 x 80 mm. We call them the Pyramid XL. The properties are the same as the Pyramid 60 x 60 mm in the same color, only they are many times more powerful. This extra large pyramid is therefore recommended in schools, shops, offices, workshops, receptions, (horse) stables…. . The pyramids have shown their miraculous effect in schools and kindergartens. Classes became more manageable, children calmer, teachers inspired again. In offices there can be a reversal in the mutual working relationships to everyone’s pleasure.


The properties of this color Pyramid can be found here


Pyramids “Light of the Stars”

The new Pyramids “Light of the Stars” are higher energetically because behave itself the energy of the cosmos, helps in the development and reconstruction of our way to ourselves, discovering our inner strength.

They promote the expansion of consciousness about our responsibility in this new era: the Golden Age.

The cycle began his dance with the Light Pyramid Violet Celestial Star and is now extended with the help of the Pyramid-Magenta and  Pyramid-Turquoise.

These Pyramids  complement  their sisters “Light of Knowledge’ Pyramids – whose task is to harmonize spaces, bringing energy and allowing the manifestation of positive vibrations.

The new generation of Pyramids are aligned with the universe, the Divine and the Kingdom of Angels. Their task is to reconnect us  with the divine Earth, and the beings. Supporting the Beings in the liberation of their spiritual fears and expanding their hearts to the higher vibration of unconditional love, so that we may recognize ourselves as divine beings. With them we access the vibrations of the octaves of light.

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Weight 485 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8.5 cm

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