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Light of the Stars -Magenta

Light of the Stars -Magenta


High spiritual vibration, compassion, Cosmic love


This pyramid belongs to the series, new generation Pyramids- Light of the Stars, Also in this series is the new Pyramid Turquoise and Violet Celestial Star.

The  Magenta rose Pyramid expresses creativity, dignity and mysticism. It is the spiritual connection between spirituality and the mundane, the material world. Its frequency symbolizes the cosmic, pure, clear love without expectations, the Love of Christ. This Pyramid strengthens psychic energies while at the same time keeping you grounded

Magenta rose Pyramid:

  • Promotes and develops self- love and creates an aura of all-encompassing love.
  • Is a warm shell for the sensitive souls
  • Supports the emotional opening and dedication
  • Brings us closer to the Divine love
  • Helps us to be happy again with the little things in life
  • Gives courage to step back into life from isolation and withdrawal

It supports:

  • The inward processing when feeling confused and solving deep rooted sadness
  • During divorces and separations
  • To deal with the feelings of shock
  • Children’s confusions after divorces
  • Bring us to our true destiny in life
  • Has a strong healing frequency
  • Helps to be the channel for the divine healing energy
  • Balances the hormone system and blood circulation, works on the crown and root chakra.


Pyramids “Light of the Stars”

The new Pyramids “Light of the Stars” are higher energetically because behave itself the energy of the cosmos, helps in the development and reconstruction of our way to ourselves, discovering our inner strength.

They promote the expansion of consciousness about our responsibility in this new era: the Golden Age.

The cycle began his dance with the Light Pyramid Violet Celestial Star and is now extended with the help of the Pyramid-Magenta and  Pyramid-Turquoise.

These Pyramids  complement  their sisters “Light of Knowledge’ Pyramids – whose task is to harmonize spaces, bringing energy and allowing the manifestation of positive vibrations.

The new generation of Pyramids are aligned with the universe, the Divine and the Kingdom of Angels. Their task is to reconnect us  with the divine Earth, and the beings. Supporting the Beings in the liberation of their spiritual fears and expanding their hearts to the higher vibration of unconditional love, so that we may recognize ourselves as divine beings. With them we access the vibrations of the octaves of light.

How to use

All Pyramids of Ascension Europe can be used for private, professional and therapeutic purposes.

Tips for therapeutic use-

  • By placing the Pyramid on your photo you will receive continuous support.
  • For therapeutic use, the Pyramid can be placed directly on the body. In the vicinity of the body, this Pyramid can provide energetic support for pain and stress.
  • In therapy, the Pyramid is held in the hand by the therapist and, for example, moved in circular or swinging motions above the area of the body to be treated or above the head, at a distance of 5-30 cm from the body.
  • If the Pyramid is not used during the treatment then it is of great benefit to placing it in the actual treatment room. It cleanses and balances both the client and the therapist during the treatment and also the energies that are released during and after the treatment.

Tips for improving the energy of a room-

  • It is ideal to place the Pyramid as high as possible (at eye level or higher) so that everyone is as much as possible in the space below the Pyramid.
  • Because the Pyramid is steadily expanding its effectiveness, it can also be placed on the wall (for example on a tall cupboard).
  • To broaden the effect of the Pyramid laterally it can be combined with the Tool of Calming.
  • The Pyramid can also be placed in an office on a conference table, desk or otherwise.
  • The Pyramids of Ascension Europe can be placed in different rooms. They connect with each other and thus support the general increase in positive vibrations within and around this parameter.

Tip for sleeping problems-

  • In the event of sleeping problems, the Pyramid should be placed slightly higher than the person lying down.

Please note: do not place this Pyramid in the sun, as it may discolour.

Additional information

Weight 220 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6.5 cm
Options: Pyramid


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