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Light Violet Transformation

Light Violet Transformation



Category: Light Violet Wheels

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The light violet wheel transformation;

Helps with confrontations and lack of clarity or faith-

  • strengthens will power in difficult situations
  • helps with inhibitions and shyness
  • helps with emotional security
  • promotes peace and quiet in meditation
  • harmonizes emotions during clashes


Wheels connect the energy of the finest level of creation with the energy fields directly around them. This connection helps to accelerate the flow of energy surrounding the wheels; they bring harmony and balance to our everyday life.

They are a creative, powerful, cosmic helper, supporting us with their energy, giving us stamina, vitality and relaxation.

There are 27 wheels of Ascension, 9 different colors and 3 different wheels per color. One with clockwise rays (PROGRESSION – to deliver growth in the positive direction), one with anti-clockwise rays (TRANSFORMATION- to support change) and one with anti-clockwise rays on both the top and the bottom side of the wheel (REGENERATION – to repair and refill our energy)

These 27 wheels correspond with the spiritual, universal chakra, creating our own universe; this includes earth and our human life.

These wheels can be used when there is a specific problem or situation that needs us to reinforce our talents to deal with it. They work on our psyche and mental level, dormant talents and abilities can develop inner harmony and self-confidence increases, therefore benefiting us so that healing can then take place on a physical level.

How to use


Wearing or carrying the wheels remove old habits, opinions, attitudes, fears and doubts, letting us use our new found inner clarity to guide and protect us.

Each wheel has a specific function and its own role in bringing a return to harmony, vitality and health. Once you have chosen which wheel (s) you would benefit from, you can carry it with you, in your pocket or bag, or you can place it on a chain. We have beautiful silver spiral findings to help with this, the added benefit of the spiral is that you can re-use them depending on which wheel you want to wear that day.

They can also be placed under your pillow at night.

Children and wheels:

Children have a very specific connection with the wheels; they chose which wheel they need with purity and intuition. The wheels make them feel unburdened, so that they can relive a joyful childhood. They help them deal with their parents over expectations of their future, changes in the family; things that make them feel unbalanced. They are helped to develop their own talents and skills.

Wheels used in therapy:

In therapy sessions, one or more can be placed on the body or hand. The effect of the wheels enables the client to get faster and easier access to the therapy, facilitating them to accept a more comfortable and easier way of life.

Therapy within the Ascension Circle of Creation (all 27 wheels) is supported from a spiritual level, in this higher vibration the work of the therapist is easier and more effective, and processes are smoother, simpler and more dynamic.

For the correct use of the wheels and also their combination with other instruments Ascension Flame or Great Instrument of Transformation (the combination of which intensifies their effect), it is highly recommended to come to one of our workshops or contact us.

Energy flow

The energy spheres of progression / Transformation / Regeneration wheels-
Each energy of Ascension is surrounded by an energy sphere that is a multiple of its visible size.
Embedded in this sphere is a rotating annular and energy field that is described and calculated in the scientific description of energy fields as TORI field. This annular field describes, as shown in the small sketches, the flow of vital and highly excited energy field of energy wheels. The white arrows show how the energy is absorbed. The blue arrows and the blue field lines show the flow of “converted” high vibrating energy field. The size of the energy sphere also depends on the available energy intensity in their environment. This creates a natural regulation and an “energy short circuit” is not to be feared.
Can be easily seen what happens when the energy is worn on the body in the energy field sketches.

The Regeneration wheel

as the drawing shows beautiful, smooth and beautifully marked TORUS-ring as the flow of energy in its seat strength the same as in his releasing energy intensity. The recessed spiral structure side (transformation) attracts the surrounding energy field and the sublime shaped spiral structure page (Progress) is the “converted” energy field again. The flow of energy is due to the same size of the surfaces also equally strong. So one can aptly describe the Regenerationsrad as a powerful and very gently working energetic “circulator”.

The energy wheels of Ascension thus are much more than a decorative “accessory”. They are powerful energy spheres – invisible to our eyes – we wear on our bodies and working silently and continuously in and on our bodies energy field through their healing vibrational fields. (B.Wimmer)

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 0.5 cm

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