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The Ascension Tools are instruments known and used for centuries in various Mystical Movements. These instruments are enriched with the Ascension’s light/energy, and regardless of their shape work on the inherent qualities of each individual using them.



The high-vibration light crystal tools – energized with the pure and clear Creation energy embedded in the sacred geometry, they generate a high-frequency vibration, which can have a clarifying, activating, harmonizing and healing effect on the energy fields of our body as well as on all other energy fields. This high-frequency vibration leads to an impulse in every cell and atom that supports the memory of its original function and vibration, its divine order, which can activate self-healing powers.

Be in the form of an intuitive light massage during treatment, or placed directly on the body, the characteristics of the Tools can be intensified by other Tools. They can also be placed on photos or under pillows