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Light-body Process – Ascension Process

The Light Body Process

What do they mean: “Ascension Process” – “Light Body Process” –
“Dimensions” – Ascension Symptoms

To describe the current situation in which we humans, animals and the Earth find ourselves, different terms are used, which may be confusing to some. The easiest way to describe this current situation is with the term “ascension process,” which in turn includes various other “processes


Ascension process

The “ascension process” means, on the one hand, the increase in the frequency of the body with increasing spiritualization and, on the other hand, our ascent into the 5th dimension/sphere of consciousness. The “ascension process” goes hand in hand with the development of our heart qualities, also referred to as the 12 divine rays. (See information about the 12 Lights of Ascension ).

Light body process

The term “light body process” includes the physical – etheric processes. It also requires a profound clarification and transformation of our consciousness. This also includes our subtle energy bodies within our aura, our chakras and energy centers. Just like our physical body deep into the DNA level, so that we can grow beyond our previous limitations and expand our consciousness ever further to our original multidimensional consciousness/potential. A change in human DNA occurs through a reactivation of the divine blueprint. Our current 2-stranded DNA is gradually up-transformed into our original 12-stranded DNA. Our body is losing more and more of its compaction. It’s getting lighter. It is also the first time that our body goes through a leap in consciousness, making the leap into a higher dimension. The “spirit world” says that this process has never occurred in the entire history of humanity. Our light siblings are also very excited about this big experiment. The lighter a body is, the less likely it is to manifest illnesses, malaise and old age.

admin-licht body 1

Dimensions – levels of consciousness – spheres of consciousness – vibration levels – creator levels

Dimensions are also referred to as levels of creation, spheres of consciousness or levels of consciousness, which are distinguished by their vibration frequencies. The higher a dimension vibrates, the brighter it is as well as its “inhabitants”. Our current ascent into the 5th dimension/sphere of consciousness is an ascent into a vibrational level in which duality is no longer lived or needed to recognize and grow from it. “Lived aspects and emotions” such as: fears, doubts, manipulation, envy, jealousy, karma, lack of self-confidence, awareness of lack or illness are foreign words here. Your vibration is pure heart energy and true love (the love that no longer knows any conditions or expectations), pure lightness and joy. The mind vibrates at the heart level and follows intuition. Telepathy is something completely normal in everyday life. On the way to the 5th dimension/sphere of consciousness, we have healed all the described “lived aspects and emotions” through our own inner work, such as learning about the duality within us and turning our body, which is the temple of our soul, into a body of light mutated.

The further we develop and leave the dense and heavy energies of the 3rd dimension and the recognition, understanding and growth of duality and polarity behind us, the more we enlighten ourselves and expand our consciousness, the more we become aware of how arduous and exhausting it is it is/was in the 3rd dimension/vibration level.

You can also imagine the dimensions or levels of creation as a huge house consisting of countless floors. The different floors differ in their vibration frequency of the energy that prevails in the respective floor. Each floor has its own world of experience and learning tasks. All floors are connected to each other via a kind of light channel. Depending on your own inner work and the associated increase in your own vibration frequency, every person is able to ascend to higher floors/dimensions.

Every 26,000 years…

Due to very special cosmic circumstances, our solar system undergoes a massive energetic increase every 26,000 years, which is accompanied by upheavals and many changes to the earth and humanity. We are currently in a time quality in which a gigantic quantum leap into awakening, into higher dimensions/spheres of consciousness, is taking place. At the same time, the formation of our own light body, also known as MerKaBa, takes place. This Qzuantensprung includes many – even partial – severe physical, emotional and spiritual ascension symptoms and can bring pain. It is a matter of peeling yourself out of the cocoon of the density of the 3rd and 4th dimensions, activating your own light body more and more and spreading your wings in order to find yourself in the lightness of the new “being human” and the new “we”. Feeling” of the 5th sphere of consciousness. For us it is the transition, the bridge of transformations into the 5th dimension, into the golden age.

During this “ascension process” along with the light body process, we humans also experience fundamental changes in our emotional behavior, our thought structures and our own lifestyle habits. We mutate from an energetically dense body to a light, crystalline body on all levels. The different and sometimes unpleasant, painful “ascension symptoms” that are often associated with it are our body’s communication to show us where there are still blockages and issues that prevent it from vibrating higher, from becoming crystalline.

The current ascension process along with the light body process is much easier today as the Earth itself is in an accelerated process of increasing vibration. Triggered by the intensive influx of high solar, galactic and cosmic energies, which is now so massively possible due to the decrease in the earth’s magnetic field, we receive an enormous boost in achieving the light body, which makes it much easier for us to achieve this within our lifetime .

The prerequisite is a conscious decision to do so and consistent inner work on ourselves. It may still be a little longer – depending on what level of development you are at. But it is a unique opportunity that we should not miss.

The Earth’s magnetic field

Our Earth’s magnetic field forms an invisible protective shield, especially against high-energy cosmic radiation and the solar wind, the sun’s particle radiation. These highly charged particles have so far been directed along the magnetic field lines around our planet. Only at the poles was it possible to sometimes increase penetration. But in recent decades, the Earth’s magnetic field has declined rapidly. Since consciousness and the human body are closely connected to the earth’s magnetic field, more and more people are now noticing the sometimes massive fluctuations in the magnetic field in their own energy field, on their own bodies. This can lead to a wide range of physical, emotional and mental symptoms. Especially when solar storms hit the earth. On the other hand, the weaker the Earth’s magnetic field becomes, the easier it is for us to change our internal blocking, limiting programming, as well as recalibrate and activate new light codes within us.

The M-flares that are now streaming in almost every day are massively increasing the pressure on everything so that it can change. Where old things are held on to, we can increasingly prepare ourselves for physical, emotional and spiritual ascension symptoms, which can also be of a very violent nature.

The physical and spiritual development of planet Earth, as well as people, has now also been registered by scientists. In his book: The “Light Body” Reindjen Anselmi describes the twelve stages of the “Light Body Process” in its individual stages. However, this process is not linear; you often work on several stages at the same time.

admin-ajax brain

Changes during the Ascension and Lightbody Process

Everything is now trying to adapt to the high incoming frequencies: muscles, bones, skin, organs, glands, nerves, our brain, our emotions and much more. You can compare the light body process to an old car, for example a “duck”, that is undergoing a complete renovation. Instead of normal gasoline, she suddenly gets “Super”, a short time later the “Super-Super” and then only receives a light filling. Your simple electronics experience a state-of-the-art system that goes beyond many limits. Since the simple model version is not designed for this renewal, there may be start-up difficulties and initial connection problems. The “duck” must be made compatible. It becomes, so to speak, a major construction site.


Parts of our brain that have been asleep in the past are awakened and rewired, which can initially lead to forgetfulness, difficulty thinking, or confusion, among other things. The brain will use up to 100% of its capacity. Currently it is 10-20%.

The sensory perceptions are enhanced by clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsmell and telepathy. Supersensory experiences and new thoughts will also arise. This results in an increased sensitivity to noise and light and a sensitivity to low-vibrating energies, for example where many people meet.

Relationships as well as current areas of activity in professional life come under scrutiny. Questions about meaning are asked. You feel more and more attracted to like-minded people/people with the same vibrations.

Higher chakras are activated and soul parts are integrated. The inner voice, the intuition, the language of our soul takes up more and more space.

The aura also increases. People are also becoming physically taller and older on average than they were 100 years ago.

The contact with higher dimensional light beings becomes stronger. Everything that does not correspond to the heart energy falls apart. Communication with other dimensions will become a matter of course.

MerKaBa  – every person has a light body, the so-called Merkaba (throne chariot), which, when activated, vibrates at a very high frequency. Within the current ascension process, the collective awakening, it is becoming stronger and stronger. In its active orientation it is an energetic structure through which we become able to revive abilities and talents that can be equated with miracles. Abilities that go far beyond the comprehension of our “limited” minds, such as teleportation, telekinesis, travel through space and time, direct material manifestation, cessation of one’s aging process and many more great abilities that are anchored in the deepest core of every human being . You can find more information about how you can activate your own MerKaBa, your light body, here.

body aura

Change in DNA

Within the light body process, the DNA coding undergoes a gradual activation. All of the information in the blueprint of our species is contained in the cellular DNA of our body. A cellular re-coding takes place, so to speak. Old, no longer useful, old traumas, poisons, emotional injuries, etc. come to the surface in order to be transformed. More than 300,000 years ago, our DNA consisted of a 12-stranded double helix, which over the centuries and especially at the end of the “Atlantic Age” was reduced to a 2-stranded double helix through energetic interventions, inhibitor proteins, implants or insulating light shells and catapulted us more and more into the density of the 3rd dimension. As a result, we have lost touch with our connection to Source. But it is still within us. Deep down, it feels like we’ve been left alone, like we’ve just been left alone on this planet. We feel lost. And the question often arises, what should I do here? For medicine, this seemingly meaningless material stored in the cells has no function and is called “junk DNA”. Is there “junk” in the divine plan?
Due to the massive influx of energies and upgrades, our DNA strands are gradually being transformed higher. We thereby regain access to connection to source, to higher abilities and our cells and organs are gradually rebuilt according to the blueprint of the newly available DNA. This is a very strenuous and energy-consuming process that requires a lot of down time. In order to support the DNA in its restoration, thoughts and feelings may also be changed.

The constant thought hygiene…
Our thoughts, words and feelings are like our guides, information and pace makers. Depending on which vibration we “equip” it with,

  • uplifting by sending out bright thoughts, words and feelings
  • or reducing it by thinking or speaking judgmental, judgmental, degrading or belittling thoughts and words towards myself or others, I determine my pace in this process and how I send corresponding messages to my body.

The children of the new age already have more activated DNA strands, which make them so knowledgeable, far-sighted, sensitive, connected to the spiritual world and much more. might.

admin-ajax aura 2

Increase your own vibration frequency,

In order to transform old things that are no longer useful, old traumas, poisons, emotional injuries, etc., the following can support you: Sit or lie down in the large creation/healing circle or in the small regeneration circle of Ascension.  You can also use the individual energy/creation wheels for inner emotional “breakthroughs”. In order to generally get through this process of awakening more easily, it is a good option  to sleep at night in the circle of all 27 wheels of creation . 


Thought alignment – ​​align your thoughts with the positive and the good! Thoughts that make you happy, especially when you are faced with negative images and thoughts based on fear. Learn to observe. Choose to experience all the good things. > the clear and magenta light  can be of great support to you here. The > light yellow regeneration wheel and the blue transformation wheel can support you in thought carousels .

Changes in the pineal gland, thymus gland, pituitary gland

Our previously lagging behind glands, such as the pineal gland, pituitary gland and thymus gland, are beginning to grow subtle. They become multidimensional organs with many functions in communicating with other dimensions. Previous ideas about yourself and the world begin to shake.


The Corpus Calossum – the bridge between the right and left hemispheres of the brain


As a reminder

The right hemisphere of the brain – perception – communicates with the left side of the body, the female side, where it revolves around emotional, creative, feeling, intuitive and musical perception and self-development.

The left side of the brain – logical thinking – communicates with the right side of the body, the male side, which is about systems thinking, control, fear, reason, structural approach and the material.

As Earth slipped into the lower, polarized resonance of the 3rd dimension, a change, a greater polarization, also occurred within the brain, resulting in a greater separation between the male and female hemispheres. The connection between the two hemispheres of the brain via the corpus callosum only allowed minimal communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. In the current ascension process and the associated increase in vibration, the corpus callosum is also being reprogrammed so that it can once again function fully as a bridge. While the “old” brain operated on the separation principle of “either-or,” the new brain will operate on the unity principle of “both/and.” There is a unification of the male and female hemispheres of the brain as well as an enlargement of these as the neurons run back and forth across the corpus callosum at the speed of thought. Male/female, thoughts/feelings, logical/mystical, individual/holistic become the “center”. What we are currently experiencing on the outside are the last signs of the old brain activity of division.

We ourselves can support and force this process with the light crystals. You can find out more about this in the > Ascension basic and advanced seminars ( only in German)  You can start with the > heart earrings for yourself by wearing them or placing them on a photo of yourself, as well as with the >bridge. 


Symptoms of the ascension and light body process can include:

Chronic fatigue, exhaustion, lack of performance

Similar to the “duck”, the body needs a lot of rest and time out because the transformation process takes a lot of energy. Sudden attacks of fatigue that come out of nowhere and the feeling that I’m either going to lie down immediately or I’m going to fall over are becoming the norm. If possible, be sure to take short “naps.”
“Morning exhaustion” is another phenomenon. You’ve had enough sleep, but you feel like you’ve spent the night working in a mine. Everyday duties, especially those you don’t enjoy doing, can turn into a real challenge. Because of the feeling of being exhausted, you can only manage a fraction of what you used to be able to do easily. Duties and obligations that you have imposed on yourself and that do not correspond to your heart become more strenuous and increasingly unsatisfying. The only thing that helps here is to get rid of old and unnecessary things, let go of control and leave the household to its own devices. Old attitudes like: “everything has to look perfect” only promote exhaustion. The brain may also develop an increased craving for “sugar”.

We must not forget that our body has 100% energy available. The processing, the integration of the high energies that now flow in every day and the associated inner work on ourselves takes between 20 and 40% or more of this 100% of energy. This means that we can only carry out our daily routine with an amount of energy of 60-80% or less. It’s self-explanatory that our body needs little time out and rest periods every now and then. This “processing” is also a way of new mindfulness in dealing with ourselves and at the same time a luminous nudge to become more aware of ourselves again, into love to go for yourself and, for example, to become independent of the opinions and recognition of others. — Acknowledge yourself —

Sleep disorders, difficulty falling asleep and sleep interruptions

are something completely normal in this process, because a lot happens, especially at night. A lot of work is being done here in and on us. Sleeping in the > cosmic healing circle is a wonderful support for the body and on all levels.


Dreams and night wakings between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m

New levels are opening up here. The dreams become more intense to support us in our ascension process. Recurring nightmares can be an important sign of healing old issues. Lucid dreaming also increases. In the beginning this requires a lot of strength and energy. However, the more we become aware of this possibility in the work of resolving old issues, the more grateful we can accept it. In addition, our sleep rhythm will change from a long period of sleep to 3 hours of sleep, then 2 hours of wakefulness, followed by 2 or 3 hours of sleep. Here it is important to give up the old thought structure, “But I have to sleep through the night otherwise something will happen…” and switch your thinking to the new structures of the higher dimensions. In order to still be energetically charged, sleeping in the  >cosmic healing circle helps here too.

When we awaken in the middle of the night, we are not only in heightened consciousness, but we are also in a heightened state of creation, of creativity. In this state, the ability to transform our reality with our thoughts is extremely high. The “small” challenge is to become aware of what we think and, associated with it, what we attract/want into our lives. An example: if I worry about not getting enough sleep when I’m awake, I’ve opened the door to the fact that I’ll be tired and annoyed the next morning. A much more useful plan is to enjoy the heightened creativity and instead say to myself that I will go through this period of heightened awareness and creativity strengthened and energized and that I will wake up tomorrow morning feeling excited about the new.

Consciously use simple and silent processing during the nightly waking phases: simply place a Light Crystal Pyramid in the color of your choice on your heart and allow this pyramid to work with you, in order to then allow the Light Crystal Pyramid to do everything, What needs to be healed and dissolved can now be healed and dissolved. >>> more information

Feelings of heat, sweating attacks, night sweats and shivering, burning skin, itching, irritation

Feelings of heat and sweating attacks, especially at night. Waking up at night and feeling, for example, a small lake filled with water on my chest is just as much of a phenomenon as feeling like every duvet is too warm, but shivering when I don’t have it. The skin is also mutating, shedding and changing. This can manifest itself as itching, burning or stinging skin, as well as skin irritations that also come from other lives. Acne, rashes, and hives are not uncommon in this process of cleansing and adjusting to higher energies.


Changes in the immune system

This ascension process also includes a reversal from egoism, loneliness, back into the cosmic community, into the new “we-feeling” that no longer needs competition, no survival of the fittest and therefore no longer needs antibodies in the classic sense or antibiotics. We are consciously cooperating again with all living beings (with the single-celled organisms in and around us = bacteria, ), which we have always done unconsciously anyway, otherwise we would not have been able to live! The “being isolated” (and being sterile) ends and the symbiosis begins (the probiotics).

Musculoskeletal system-spine-head area

Pain throughout the body

Our bodies are transforming into a crystalline form to enable us to vibrate in the higher dimensions and continually be able to receive the higher light. This is an ongoing process that will not happen overnight. There are moments when you feel like you are at least 100 years old and it hurts everywhere. We are losing our density and going through extreme restructuring. You can support yourself and your body here by further increasing your own vibration frequency through, for example, light energy work.

Light energy massages  with the Three Fold Flame  are a good support for transforming primal fears, primal traumas and information from abuse as well as pollutants from your cellular consciousness. >>>further information

Wandering pain and chronic complaints – this is where the flame, the first aid tool in re-coding and the Calming S, can be of great support. >>> more information.

Energetically high-vibrating rooms – on the other hand, it is just as important to keep our environment, our apartment, our house, our workplace, etc. energetically clean and protected and to create spaces for us to “recharge our batteries”. The sets of four Calming XL (clear and gold) are the great cleaners of stressful vibrational energies, electrosmog, a low vibration environment and other radiation exposure. >>> more information

Unusual and wandering pains

Showing itself almost everywhere in the body, pain is a sign of cleansing and a type of communication to point out to us where there is still a need for clarification and where issues can be looked at so that the painful areas can also tune into the higher energies.


Bone, joint, limb, spine and muscle pain
This can lead to constantly changing and moving bones and joint pain, which can also be rheumatic-like. The corresponding blood values ​​are negative or at least unclear and appear to be real “growing pains”. Muscle pain can also occur again and again, especially in the head, neck, upper arm, shoulder and thigh area. Sometimes you have the feeling that the pain around your spine doesn’t want to go away. You can support these pain processes with >Light Energy massages with the Trinity Flame and the flame in the corresponding areas. The >Ascension basic seminar (only in German)  offers you a deep insight and further information.


Stiff neck and shoulders
Enormous amounts of energy (photon energy or from solar flares) that come through the crown chakra and try to make their way into the body can be the trigger. Here too, as with bone and joint pain, you can support yourself with the LightEnergy massages with the Trinity flame and the flame.

Ears – face – nose – frontal sinus – teeth – eyes

Pressure, buzzing and/or ringing in/on the ears –  The ears also “change”. Many begin to hear ringing in their ears. It is like a vibrational imprint that just means we are vibrating in overtones with a new alternating reality. We begin to perceive the sound of space. It cannot be compared to tinnitus, even if it sometimes feels like it.

Increased sensitivities to our surroundings, our surroundings.

Crowds, loud noises, television (television), bright lights, certain human voices and other stimulators sometimes become unbearable. A feeling of over-stimulation and over-stimulation sets in.

Pressure pain in the frontal sinus, on the teeth and the feeling of a crooked face can be a sign that the epiphysis is continuing to grow.

Pressure pain on the root of the nose can also be a sign of epiphyseal growth. With your new senses you can smell a lot more (including unpleasant and putrid things).

Eye twitching, eye itching, blurred vision, change in vision

Many people have blurry vision, both near and far, or change, have to constantly rub their eyes, and suffer from dry or watery eyes. The ophthalmologist finds no change in the diopter number, and yet you don’t know whether you should put the glasses on or take them off, and contact lenses aren’t any better. Our “measuring instruments” for light (our eyes) first have to adapt to the new frequencies, new realities and the high light density of solar flares.
This leads to more and more “ strange vision”, such as seeing small shiny particles floating in the air, geometric shapes, colors and wondrous images when the eyes are closed. Since we can now access different dimensions fairly easily, it is common for many to see things out of the corner of their eyes.

The Arcturians  of the planet Aktturius speak of us currently being flooded with ultraviolet light from the heart chakra of the galaxy and we are expanding our field of vision to include this spectrum as well, as well as infrared, which will allow our higher chakras to flourish. Of course, this strains the eyes. But as consciousness increases, the frequency spectrum that our sensory organs can detect also expands.

It is particularly advisable to work with the >Voice around the eyes in order to support the process of change.

Head – brain – memory

Head pressure, stinging, head cast etc.
The electromagnetic and chemical states in the brain change and both hemispheres of the brain begin to connect. There will be reprogramming. This can sometimes be accompanied by a feeling of pressure and pain. Pressure on the head, especially in the crown area and on the lower back of the head, as well as stabbing pain in other places, a “head cast feeling” or a “cotton-in-the-head feeling” are not uncommon. Memory lapses, forgetfulness, difficulty finding words, impaired thinking skills, distractability, drowsiness and disorientation can also be effects.


Having amnesia, difficulty finding words, or difficulty remembering
Symptoms that we think are symptoms of premature aging, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, are part of the Ascension and Light-body process, but have a different meaning. The brain chemistry changes, new synapses form and the two hemispheres of the brain realign. There can be plenty of teething problems here. Therefore, if you experience the above symptoms, don’t despair and take them with humor. Who does not know it? You want to explain something, but you’re at a loss for words. “I had a glass of…you know what I mean…this white glass…oops…what do they call it?” I got this from… heard. You know, Mrs. Meier’s husband. I can’t remember the first name at all. At times we cannot speak at all because we are simply unable to access anything. Then we are just walking back and forth between the dimensions. We experience a similar situation when we try to identify words and mix letters in the wrong order. In this case we are not in alignment with time and our flow is separate as some of our energy is here and some is further ahead.


Not remembering the meaning of anything
When we are in an intense period of transition, in the “throes” of a surge of energy into the next higher realms, we can recognize it because, for example, I am holding a trash can in my hand, but I am not I know what it is for and why I’m holding it in my hand. I then have to access my memory of the “old man” and reach far into it. In the higher realms, energy is just energy without label or meaning. Everything is fresh and new.


Feeling of confusion, not knowing where I am
Where in the world am I? I don’t fit in anywhere and nothing seems remotely right! No idea where I really belong, where to go or what to do! In these moments we find ourselves once again in an energy shift, have fallen off the old track and find ourselves in intermediate realities in a new space in which we have not yet integrated. As soon as we feel comfortable here, the next energy shift comes into the next higher vibrating space. The “facelift” with the Trinity Flame is a great support for the entire head area. The deep and revitalizing light energy massage for the head.  >>> Further information   ( only in German)


Loss of sense of time
You probably know it too. Friends ask you, what did you do over the weekend. You start to ponder. Your sense of time is zero. When was the weekend? Was it the day before yesterday? Or was it a long time ago? And what did I actually do? This kind of timelessness helps us stay in the now. Only in the NOW are we with ourselves, can leave the past behind us and do not need to worry about the future, which is absolutely pointless anyway due to the constant increase in vibration and the change associated with it.


Bronchi – lungs – flu-like effects

The bronchi can currently produce a lot of mucus, often overnight, and asthma seems to be getting worse. There are old issues that still lie in the bronchi that need to be worked through so that these organs can adapt to the higher vibrations.

Lungs – Tightness in the chest, weakness in the lungs, fear of suffocating, increase in spastic coughs, asthma, whooping cough, fear of death (shortness of breath), old issues also need to be clarified here. They often come from previous lives.

Flu symptoms – sudden sneezing attacks, sniffles or coughing attacks that occur every hour, as well as sudden fever out of nowhere or longer-lasting flu symptoms serve to cleanse and transform. Who or what would I like to cough up? What am I fed up with, etc.? Observe when they occur, allow yourself to relax and notice which topics still want to be looked at.

>The LightCrystal Pyramids, the Calmings S, the Flame and the Trinity Flame can be of great help to you.

Heart, circulatory problems and dizziness

The heart, which is also experiencing a major energetic change, like all other organs, wants to be freed from old baggage such as: heartbreak, heartache, disappointments, emotional injuries, not being able to forgive and, and, and in order to be able to realign itself. With the different symptoms, it shows us where healing still needs to be done.

Cardiac arrhythmia, palpitations, heart palpitations –  represent the theme here: if I live my personal rhythm, in the rhythm of nature and the cosmos, I care more about my friends and my environment than about myself.

High blood pressure –  stands for anger and annoyance, not being able to forgive, internal pressure – your own perfectionism.


Dizziness, vertigo

As we begin to lighten and move into higher dimensions, we may experience balance problems and dizziness as our bodies try to adjust to the higher vibrations. Circulatory problems and vertigo can also be caused by two or more realities overlapping, which overwhelms our 3D senses. Sitting or lying down along with grounding are extremely important during such periods. An additional question that arises here is: “Where are we still deceiving ourselves? Where are we on shaky ground?”

Kidney-stomach-intestines-detoxification-food intolerance-liver-bile

Other organs in transition

In this ascension process, all of our organs become thinner, break out of the old 3D vibration and lead to some changes in diet. How it also involves many, many detoxification processes on the physical, emotional and mental levels, combined with a lot of dissolution and healing work. Their conversion also takes place via the new DNA and can put some strain on the organs. Here we recommend support via the > Light Energy Massage with the Trinity Flame. Further information on this can also be found in the >  Ascension Basic and Advanced Seminar.    ( only in German)

Kidneys during the energetic restructuring process, increased strain on the kidneys can occur. The urine may appear thick, dark, and malodorous. Furthermore, the body looks for additional excretion options, which can cause skin redness and itching. In addition to drinking a lot and detoxifying, you can support the kidneys with the light energy massage with the Trinity Flame.

The gastrointestinal tract –  Problems with the stomach can be a sign that the stomach feels completely overloaded with digesting familiar foods that are heavy and dense in energy. He can experience feelings of hunger despite eating, pressure, as well as heartburn. During this ascension process, weight gain of 3-7 kg can occur for no apparent reason, as well as a complete loss of appetite, the desire to empty oneself with Epsom salts, fasting more, trying light foods or just staying in the forest and in fresh air.

Food and food intake – lactose, fructose or histamine intolerance – many people currently have problems with a wide variety of foods. A lot of things are suddenly no longer tolerated. The thinner our body’s structure becomes, the less it tolerates difficult-to-digest foods such as fast food. Because when we “light up,” our metabolism-regulating hormones, as well as insulin and TSH, decrease. This can result in a temporary “suffering” from lactose, fructose or histamine intolerance and many other things. The more we turn to light food, the more these symptoms subside. A good option here is to clean the food with the light crystal, the > Calming S ,  as well asto bathe fruit and vegetables in energized water with the high-vibration light crystal > “Faith” . 


Constipation, diarrhea, nausea, hyperacidity, furry tongue  during this process, nausea, a queasy stomach feeling, heartburn, constipation and diarrhea can also occur alternately. Hyperacidification should definitely be treated with an alkaline approach. A furry tongue can be an indication of an impending change in your sense of taste and appetite. Bile, liver and glands can come forward to be freed from old patterns so that they can change.


Liver – Spleen –  The hormones also seem to be going crazy more and more. Especially when it comes to processing and detoxification. Even during emotional detoxification, the liver and spleen are always working at full speed. You can support and encourage this process with Light Energy massages with the Three Fold Flame  in the area of ​​the liver and spleen. The >Ascension basic seminar offers you further in-depth insight ( only in German)


Mental – psychological changes  

Everything that is unresolved, everything that has been repressed now comes to the surface, along with visions and dreams. Many people can feel hopelessly overwhelmed and believe they are going crazy. Gaps in consciousness, disorientation, confusion, depression and burnout can be related to this. But they force us to stop, think about our previous 3D lives, rethink them and realign ourselves. In the long term, it is no longer possible to return to the hamster wheel that you have been in until now. Separations, reorientation and confrontations with the old hardened structures that no longer resonate with the new frequency are further aspects in the ascension process.


Fear, panic and feelings of hysteria

When our egos start to “disappear” and lose their space, they literally freak out because they don’t want to stop insisting on the old structures. Many behavioral patterns and thought structures that correspond to the old 3D world and are of lower vibration that we developed for survival in the 3D world are dissolving as they are no longer necessary in the 5D world. This can leave many feeling vulnerable and powerless. Where the inner trust is not yet strong enough, when we experience the death of the 3D world, panic and fear can break out within us because we don’t know where we are going or what will happen to us. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No more desire for drama, an increasing joy in “small” things

A lot of things that you used to identify with and feel comfortable with are disappearing or have already gone. These can be private or professional activities, beloved habits or interest in certain things. You see things from a higher perspective. The joy in “small” things grows. Watching a butterfly on a flower, listening to the wind as it moves across the grass or watching a mother duck tenderly caring for her young makes you more joyful and happier.


Questions of meaning of all kinds – disorientation

Questions like: “What am I actually doing here? Who am I? What is really the meaning of my life?” are becoming more and more common. You start looking through your childhood and examining yourself. Previous ideas about yourself and reality begin to waver. The past is processed and analyzed and new insights are gained. Old images of reality are sorted out. External changes are emerging. Previous friendships are being questioned, the workplace situation is changing, you are meeting more and more people who you perceive as like-minded people who resonate with one another. The law of resonance is becoming more and more obvious. Disputes and “having to be right” no longer interest you as much as they used to. We are increasingly getting out of human dramas – they were just a game that comes to an end because we already know everything and can no longer grow from it. Everywhere you come across references and publications that take you deeper into the new. The supernatural experiences increase and you now also have your own spiritual experiences. There is also an identity crisis. It is a temporarily very challenging time. You feel confronted with unworthiness, incompetence, shame and guilt. Fears about life flare up again and again and emotional outbursts can occur. But we are learning more and more to listen to our inner voice, our intuition. A greater love for nature develops. People rediscover their divinity, their divine light and become calmer and more relaxed. More and more you are guided by your higher self, you are always in the right place at the right time and always do and experience the right thing. One begins to merge with the multidimensional self with the goal of manifesting all of oneself. You get information from other dimensions. One begins to embody divine wisdom and love. The ego “”releases itself. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The feeling of having to climb down a ladder

If you want to connect with lower vibrations, you get the feeling of having to climb down a ladder as well as the feeling of having to act or pretend. When we operate from the higher vibrations, something that doesn’t correspond to that vibration can feel far away. So in the transition, where we still regularly interact with the outside world or the old 3D world, it can feel like we are an actor in a play. As we begin to ascend into the higher realms and arrive at a higher vibration, our energies are no longer in alignment with the old, 3D world. We can then climb down a ladder to her, so to speak.


Sudden disappearance of friends, habits, jobs and residences

One of the most fundamental experiences of the higher dimensions involves the law of attraction, where energies always attract equal and similar energies. From now on we will be compared to what and how we vibrate. As we vibrate higher and higher, this phenomenon will expand and become the basis of our reality and existence. This is how we evolve within the ascension process beyond what we once were. This means that what no longer corresponds to our vibration will move away from us or we will separate ourselves from things and/or people

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The spiritual-galactic man

One of the most important characteristics of a spiritual person is the opening of their heart and the love that they pour out. This love energy is also an indicator of spiritual development. Other qualities of the heart that characterize him are his special courage, his personal responsibility, his self-confidence and his self-assurance as well as inner joy, humility, humor, patience, dedication, tolerance, wisdom, openness, trust in his inner voice, his intuition, his inner Leadership, harmony, compassion, honesty, inner peace, gratitude and serenity. He pursues clear intentions and shows an inner connection to his environment. He is characterized by a special peacefulness, appreciation, receptivity and kindness. He is capable of unconditional love, has the ability to forgive and has special communication skills in general and with/to other dimensions. Jesus already addressed all of these qualities of the heart in the beatitudes of his Sermon on the Mount. And we now have the opportunity to make what Jesus saw over 2000 years ago, the hope he gave back then, become reality if we choose to do so.

The “finished” galactic human is in full resonance with the new magnetic grid. He will be clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant, be able to communicate telepathically, understand telekinesis, teleportation, materialization and de-materialization, be able to rejuvenate his body and no longer be subject to the aging process. He opens his heart in a spiritual way and allows himself to be guided by his inner voice. All programming, belief patterns and blockages that do not have heart qualities have been deleted.

What does this mean for contemporary medicine?

During this mutation, many things that affect our health will no longer work because their vibrational basis will be different. In the next dimension, different laws will apply, especially in the health sector, as old forms of therapy lose their effectiveness due to higher vibration frequencies. Every form of medicine is based on a certain vibration frequency. Classic pharmaceutical medications work through the interaction of certain chemical compounds that interact with the bio-molecules in our body. They work primarily on the physical level and therefore on the coarsest or densest level of our existence. Someone whose consciousness and energy body has a higher vibration is probably more likely to respond to healing methods that resonate with the respective vibration of their consciousness.

In this ascension process it is not always easy to distinguish which symptoms are spiritual or physical in nature or belong to the light body process. A good intuition is a great support here. If you are not sure, you should always seek medical advice to rule out serious illnesses. All symptoms serve to bring us back to our divine awareness. Some symptoms, problems, old patterns or pain resolve on their own, some need to be looked at again and possibly a special work-up in resolution and/or therapeutic support.

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Overview of supporting measures in the ascension and light body process

Self-care, raising your own vibration frequency, inner clarifying work, grounding, grounding, grounding is the be-all and end-all with these high incoming energies. Also any other form of introspection, be it meditation or simply going into nature mindfully and in silence , is beneficial. Or use the following methods and options:

If you need help opening your still closed heart more,  then place the  large violet light crystal pyramid   in the room you are currently in. Take the  >small pink or clear light crystal pyramid , place it on your heart and do the 5-10 minute light crystal heart meditation. Allow the pyramid to work with you. And then allow the pyramid to support you so that everything within you that is still in ambiguity, in heartbreak, can now go into healing.

Energy bath for the soul
Maybe your soul is calling for a cleansing and harmonizing energy bath. Whenever you have the feeling that one or all of your systems (your emotional, mental or physical) are in dire straits, support yourself with an “energy bath for your soul”. Sit or lie down in the large  >> creation/healing circle or in the small regeneration circle of Ascension .  You can also use the individual energy/creation wheels for inner emotional “breakthroughs”. In order to generally get through this process of awakening more easily, it is a good option  to sleep at night in the circle of all 27 wheels of creation . 


Thought Alignment

Focus your thoughts on the positive and the good! Thoughts that make you happy, especially when you are faced with negative images and thoughts based on fear. Learn to observe. Choose to experience all the good things. >the clear and magenta light  can be of great support to you here.  The > light yellow regeneration wheel and the blue transformation wheel can support you in thought carousels .


Laughter, humor and joy of life

Even if there are moments that give you the feeling that nothing is working anymore, it is always important to remember that we came here to earth voluntarily and with great joy in playing. That we not only have duties, but are also allowed to express our liveliness, allow adventure and creativity again and again, so that lightness also has its space.

  • moving consciously with the changes, not blocking them   > Guardian L
  • Recognize your inner saboteurs, bring them into heart energy   > GuardianL
  • consciously recognize your reflections on the outside  > Guardian L
  • In the case of anxiety and panic states, wearing the > Guardian L helps resolve them
  • If you are in a state of panic, especially during the Corona virus madness, use the  >light purple progress wheel.


The following can support you if you have physical problems :


Chakra balancing

Our chakras are particularly affected by these high bursts of light energy. They are mixed up well or old unresolved topics are brought to the top. You can support them in their adjustment to the higher vibration by placing the chak set  the new time in its white anchor on your solar plexus for 10 minutes every day and letting it work. You can also give yourself a 10-minute break. You are welcome to imagine and color your future and the new world. Or just be completely quiet. 


Activate your Merkaba

The  >>> Merkaba ball and the Merkaba cube  help you to constantly realign yourself, to activate your own Merkaba in order to get through the waves of this time more easily.


Recharge your batteries in positive and harmoniously vibrating spaces

On the other hand, it is just as important to keep your environment, your apartment, your house, your workplace, etc. energetically clean, to protect it and to create spaces for yourself to “recharge your batteries”. The  sets from the four Calmings XL (clear and gold)  are the great cleaners of stressful vibration information, electrosmog, a low vibration environment and other radiation exposure. >>> more information


Ascension’s free e-books ( only in German)

are further help with emotional and physical problems as well as information and inspiration for expanding consciousness, connecting to higher dimensions and much more.

  • Spinal activation for the new time era
  • Energetic immune system strengthening through AuraClearing
  • From pain to bliss
  • The inner voice – your intuitive intelligence
  • Being online with your inner voice, your intuition
  • Energetic space clearing

To download the e-books for free

I wish you a lot of courage and joy in your ascension and light body process

In light and love

Jutta Pangratz

Nat. Manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner, holistic pain therapy, family, ancestry, karma clearing/dissolution work, trauma and transformation coach, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, energetic house cleaning