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Heart pendant earrings in the color of your choice

Heart pendant earrings in the color of your choice


Brings the emotional heart closer to the mind.Energetically improves the cooperation between your two brain halves.

Category: Jewellery

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The earrings in the shape of a heart:

  • Connect your intuition and mind with their light and clean energy.
  • Supporting to trust the voice of your heart again.
  • Strengthen the loving power in you to face people and situations from your heart.
  • Give you the courage to go your way and open up to meet people.
  • Give the power to follow your own dreams and realize them.
  • Open you to the perception of higher levels of consciousness and to connect with higher wisdom.
  • Help you to awaken.
  • Helping you to feel warm, as if the sun is shining on your heart.
  • Develop your spirituality.
  • Create space for you.

All earrings have a major energetic influence on the functioning of ears and eyes. There is a distinction between hearing sound and listening. These earrings promote understanding and listening. They help you to listen better in the outside world and to look inside and see better internally and listen to what is going on in you. They support mutual contact on different levels, both internally and externally, with and without words. By wearing the hearts as earrings:

  • The emotional heart is brought closer to the mind.
  • Energetically improves the co-operation between your two brain halves. If your hemispheres work well together, you open your intuition. Your inner hearing and seeing are supported. Skills such as clear vision, clear hearing and clear feeling are given the space. “Your” old “inner spiritual knowledge can unite with the present time. Your human thinking can refine and your consciousness can expand. This helps you to be fully aware. It helps you to receive information from the Akasha Chronicles more easily. You are also supported to release the identification with the ego. In this way your spiritual development can accelerate and your spiritual power can increase. It helps you to experience more harmony, happiness and divine appreciation.
  • Energetically improves the functioning of the “ears”.
  • Energetically supports the reduction of chronic dizziness.

There are different color earrings: clear, pink, aqua blue and violet. Each of these colors helps you in specific areas. The earrings are available in 925 silver.

Additional information

Weight 8 g
Dimensions 2 × 1.7 × 0.2 cm
Color earrings

aqua, pink, clear, violet

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