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The miracle of fascia and our ascension

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The miracle of fascia
and our ascension

Fascia, its magical connection between emotions, body and health and its magic in dimensional change.

What are fasciae?

Fasciaeare fascinating layers of connective tissue that are located behind our largest external body organ, the skin. They run through us from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet and account for around 20kg. The fascia are divided into tight and loose connective tissue, the consistency of which ranges from ligamentous or plate-like, to enveloping, supporting and separating membranes. For a long time, they were overshadowed by the muscular system. However, their complex connection between body, emotion and health opens up pioneering insights into the flow of energy and information in our inner systems.

In addition to their special ability and task of linking the entire organism and creating connections between the different body systems such as bones, muscles, nerves, brain, blood vessels and the nervous system, the nerves also play an important role: Bones, muscles, nerves, brain, blood vessels, organs, diaphragm and skin, they form a kind of ‘light-filled network’ that regulates the flow of information in the body. In the ascension process, they are important sensors for transmitting cosmic information to our energetic layers and subtle non-physical bodies. They can be seen as a white net that runs through the entire body.


Fascia and our ascension process

Ascension means above all working with our body. To support it in its great period of transformation and reprogramming so that we can ascend. If, for example, we are dehydrated or have poor body care – both emotionally and in terms of movement – our body becomes imbalanced and causes feelings of stiffness and tiredness, among other things.


A restricted fascia network cannot adequately transfer energy to our body cells and mitochondria, which can lead to an under-supply, which in turn leads to a lack of energy.
This also restricts the underlying structures, such as organs, bones, muscles, blood vessels and nerves.

A disrupted fascia network also prevents light and cosmic information from reaching our DNA receptors. This can also lead to a lack of energy and tiredness. Sometimes you can feel switched off, without direction and confused.


Fascia reacts to stress and stores emotional baggage

Unprocessed emotions, stressful ancestral energies, soul separations due to trauma, violent interpersonal encounters, fears, sadness or helplessness, for example, are stored in the fascia and can lead to a disrupted fascia network. A study from Finland, using a thermal imaging camera, clearly shows how the flow of energy in the fascia is influenced by emotions.

fascia 1

Blue and black stand for contraction, restraint, restriction, feeling cold and a low  ability to regenerate.

Yellow, orange and red stand for stretching, widening, relaxation, expansion, flow, a feeling of warmth and a high ability to regenerate.

Fascia therapy for the soul

In addition to stretching, the use of fascia rollers, daily, pleasurable rolling several times a day and conscious fascia training in everyday life, ‘fascia therapy for the soul’ can do a lot to release stored emotions in order to achieve greater mobility, inner balance and health.

It’s time to give our fascia the attention it deserves. Both in the connection between body, emotion and health, as well as in the transmission of cosmic energies for our ascension process.

By releasing stored emotions, the body not only feels more supple, more flexible and more agile, but a more intensive connection to its inner guidance is also perceptible.

Soul massage for the fascia

  • Mind control/mind massage. In addition to constantly balancing the high incoming energies and adapting our body systems to them, mind control and massage is an absolute ‘must’. Observe yourself again and again, with which thoughts do I nourish myself and my body?


  • The ‘principle of saying thank you.’ Saying thank you, even for the smallest of things. Saying thank you is the greatest resonance principle of the heart known to us, and it attracts abundance into your life.





  • Regular light-energy massages
    LightEnergy massages with the >> Great Instrument of Transformation , the great transformer for primal fears, primal traumas and information from abuse as well as harmful substances that are deeply anchored in the cell consciousness and fascial tissue, can be a great support here.


  • Regular light energy massage with a Calming XL
    Regular light “pull-out massages” with a Calming XL using the long side or the base of the Calming XL help to decongest the fascia


  • Protected and highly energise spaces
    It is just as important to keep our environment, our home, our house, our workplace, etc. energetically clean and protected and to create spaces for ‘refuelling’. The sets of the four Calmings XL gold or clear are the great purifiers of harmful vibrational energies, electrosmog, a low vibration environment and other radiation pollution . >> more info



Small rituals and dissolution techniques

  • the inner clearing and clearing of your aura fields
  • the ‘heart opening’ ritual
  • the dissolution meditation Ego Diving Suit
  • and the shamanic liberation ritual

can be of further help to you. >>To the rituals (in German only )


I am happy to support you in the dissolution of burdening ancestral energies and soul retrieval.

In light and love


Nat. manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner: holistic pain therapy, medial transformation coach, trauma therapy, energetic family/ancestor constellation work, aura surgery acc. G. Klügel, light-energy work, space and house clearing

Do you need support on your path to healing? Then write to me privately .

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Important note: if you are not sure whether you are experiencing ascension symptoms, please consult a doctor or alternative practitioner.

We are obliged to note the following about our tried and tested products with their subtle mode of action. The use of the products is not a therapy and does not replace treatment by doctors or alternative practitioners. In particular, such treatments should not be discontinued.