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Cell Energy and Cell Consciousness


Cell Energy and Cell Consciousness

Increase cell energy levels

Each cell has an energy level of 100% as well as its own cellular consciousness. Our current way of life in terms of food and other chemical components that we put into our bodies, as well as our emotional ballast of unresolved conflicts, emotional injuries, fears, stress, dissatisfaction, not being able to let go, fear of changes, the future, of illnesses etc.,

rob our cells of energy and cause them to vibrate at a lower energy level. This weakens our immune system and opens the door to all kinds of intruders. If we are aware of this, we can do an incredible amount to build an intact physical and mental immune system. What can you do for yourself here?

Sustainably increase the vibration frequency and energy of your cells as a whole, e.g. through LightEnergy sessions:

Maybe you just need help to find peace and detoxify your heart?

Then place the  >> large violet light crystal pyramid   in the room you are currently in. Take the  >>small pink or clear light crystal pyramid  and place it on your heart and do the 5-10 minute light crystal heart meditation.
Allow the pyramid to work with you. And that she now supports you so that everything in you that is still unclear and in heartbreak can now go into healing.

Maybe your soul is calling for a cleansing and harmonizing energy bath

Whenever you have the feeling that one of your systems or all of them together (your emotional, mental or physical system) are in dire straits, support yourself with an “energy bath for your soul”. Sit in the large and balancing >> creation /healing circle or in the small regeneration circle of Ascension.  You can also use the individual energy/creation wheels for inner emotional “breakthroughs”. See also the ( only in German)

More supporting light crystals

With light and love
Jutta Pangratz

Alternative practitioner, holistic pain therapy, psychological surgery, karmic, family, ancestral constellation and dissolution work, trauma work, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, holistic, spiritual coaching and Nat. Manager Ascension Germany.