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The “yes-but” drug

The “yes-but” drug

“Inciting” new thinking in the new energy

Bright thinking – the secret of the right choice of words – You probably also know the feeling that everything is going so easily, that fears have disappeared and that you feel completely comfortable and protected. And actually nothing can happen to you. Yes, out of nowhere


In the next moment this wonderful feeling dissolves. The words “actually” and “but” can be triggers for this. If you consciously listen to the waves of thoughts that follow these words, the reason becomes visible.

The door closes: “Yes-but….” recognize

Language has enormous physical and psychological effects on physical well-being and the mind. By examining the effects of language, we constantly reflect on ourselves in a positive sense. If we do this honestly, we are asked to feel what we say.

Feeling the effect of what we say firsthand.
Through this awareness of what and how we say something, we bring clarity to our own thoughts. This makes us authentic. In return, we are understood as we mean it.

The happiness of your life depends on the nature of your thoughts

Primordial energy of our thoughts

The primal energy of our thoughts is the positive, the divine harmony and abundance that should resonate in every single thought. If this is not the case, the person creates the negative, the deficiency as well as physical complaints.

The other way around it also means that people can find their way back to the primal energies of their thoughts. Changing personal consciousness through conscious control of language and thinking makes this possible.
And the “yes-but” drug is a wonderful example of how the primal energy is negatively changed

Examples of “yes-but” drugs

  • I know I should, but….
  • I know it’s important to me but…
  • The weather is really nice, but…
  • The food was good, but….
  • The party was great, but…
  • The report was excellent, but….
  • The person really meant it nicely, but….
  • I’m fine, but…
  • The vacation was a dream, but…
  • That helped me, but…
  • The pain is almost gone, but…
  • A great new car, but…
  • Human X looked great, but…




A wise man once said that
everything that comes before the “but” becomes a lie.
It is immediately revised with what comes after the “but”.

And… even the word “actually” always has a “but”


The word “But”

“But” comes from the subconscious feeling that something is missing. “But” creates a short circuit in our consciousness. With the word “but” we switch into our minds to make comparisons with which we then run away from ourselves in our head.

In “but” moments, we are solely concerned with comparing or combating what is with what we think. Thinking and consciousness are two completely different processes.

Thinking sets our intellectual intelligence in motion. Consciousness, on the other hand, activates our emotional intelligence, our senses, which make us independent of what we are currently thinking or believing.

Allowing us to perceive without prejudice what we are actually doing, seeing, hearing or feeling at the moment.
“I would like to do that, but the files are piling up on my desk.” Consciously repeat this sentence out loud and notice which part of the sentence you paid more attention to.

The one before or the one after the “but” ?
Which part expressed your real feeling and consciousness and which part expressed your thinking? What did you just say “yes” to? Imagine that you ended the sentence before the “ but ” with a period. To put it simply: “I would like to do that”. Period. What does that do to you?

How does it feel?

What a feeling it is to hear yourself say: “I would like to do that”. To endure this feeling without the “buts”. Feeling like you’ve just made a decision about something you want to do.

Not to follow the urge of the old habit of saying “buts” and immediately extinguish the true need with doubts.

The individual use of language, sentence structure, sentence melody, choice of words, speaking speed, etc. reveal a lot about your personality, your attitude to life, your life goals, your life story.

The full power of your words comes into play when you connect head and heart. When you not only think the language but also feel it.

What issues could be behind the “yes-but” drug and how can I bring them into change/dissolution?

Here it is very important to observe our thoughts and revise the sentence if it is based on a “yes-but”. Reasons for a “yes-but” attitude can be:

Perhaps there was some inner denial or resistance when reading these sentences. Be happy about this, because it can be a sign of inner issues/shadows that have not yet been redeemed and that now definitely want to be redeemed. (  >> light yellow energy wheel – the resistance wheel )

With light and love
Jutta Pangratz 

Alternative practitioner, holistic pain therapy, psychological surgery, karmic, family, ancestral constellation and dissolution work, trauma work, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, spiritual coaching, energetic house clearing and Nat. Manager Ascension Germany.

Email : j.pangratz