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Nature and Food

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Nature and Food

Everything that exists is energy, is light… Our environment is strongly influenced by chemistry in general, by artificial fertilizers or, for example, acid rain and chemtrails. This causes a lot of trouble for plants and nature. Regular “light fertilization” and light energy massages with the light crystals are a real joy for the plants and nature.

Watering with energized Faith water is another great support. The Three Fold Flame, the Flame and the Voice are the preferred light crystals for light showers and light energy massages in the aura of the plants. With the Calming S or XL, vibration information from harmful pesticides or similar can be neutralized. The Hope supports growth, the pyramids harmonize and the Faith is the light crystal for water energization.

Just as our mental and physical functions are maintained by energy, and nature needs light/energy, light/energy is an essential component for food to be able to fully develop. Our fast-moving times mean that more and more foods are allowed to “grow” with chemical additives. We all know what influence these additives have on their nutritional value. But there are ways to enhance food on an energetic level. The same light crystals are used here as with plants. A short swim in the Faith water is also highly recommended. Let the photos inspire you on how you can do it.