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Ascension – Room -HouseClearing

Ascension Room House Clearing

Turn your living space back into a magnet for health, harmonious coexistence, spiritual growth, abundance and success


Energetic room clearing and room protection – why?

You’ve probably already experienced it. You feel full of energy, enter a room where there is ‘thick air’/‘heavy energy’ and a short time later you realise how these destructive energies are also having a negative effect on you. Everything that happens in our lives is stored in the form of subtle information in our rooms and our environment. Even over years and decades. Every room is therefore a resonance chamber for the people living, staying and working in it. Energetic cleansing and harmonisation of rooms is a very important part of our lives in this time of change and clarification.

We all constantly emit thoughts, feelings and emotions. All rooms, as well as the objects, people living and working in them, absorb these and are influenced by them, their behaviour is shaped by them and they emit these ‘stressful’ energies as room energy. Added to this are a number of radiation and toxic loads.

In most cases, no more than 3000 Bovis units are measured in a room. A healthy, vital person vibrates around 9500 Bovis units and more. W Make your rooms a magnet for health, harmony, abundance, growth and much more. Let them vibrate again in Bovis units of more than 20000 with a simple and efficient room clearing with the Calming XL.


The history of a room, house or building

It happens time and again that buildings and objects are constructed in an energetically contaminated area. Areas that are energetically characterised by violent events, fires, wars, etc. Houses and buildings that have been passed down through generations are carried by the energies of different generations if they are not cleaned. The same applies to the purchase of houses, flats as well as business premises and shops that have had to be given up due to insolvency. Here too, negative energies from previous owners and stressful events can still have an influence.

Negative and stressful vibrational information in rooms can be caused by

stressful emotional energies from:

  • traumatic experiences, illnesses,
  • conflicts, grief, quarrels, violence
  • separations, loss
  • stress, bullying
  • insolvency
  • bankruptcy
  • external energies
  • stressful generational
    energies in old houses
  • earthbound soul

Exposure to radiation and pollutants such as:

  • Mobile phone networks – 5G
  • Radio and WLAN networks
  • mobile phone radiation
  • power lines
  • Monitor radiation
  • Television, radio,
  • microwaves, etc.
  • as well as pollutants
  • Toxins in paints, building materials, wallpaper
    and other materials

Geopathic and other influences, such as

  • Water veins
  • earth faults
  • Curry lines
  • Hartmann grids
  • chemtrails
  • Haarp
  • Eleven waves

People and spatial energies

Every room, every place, every object can thus become a resonance space for the people living, staying and working there. As people are energy beings, they resonate with the existing structures and vibrations. The following sensitivities can therefore be a sign that stressful room energies as well as stressful energies from places have become energy vampires:

  • Sudden mood swings, lack of energy
  • Restlessness, sleep disorders
  • Concentration and learning difficulties
  • Aggressive behaviour, headaches
  • recurring symptoms
  • depressive moods
  • Children who argue as soon as they get home
  • Stress and bullying at work
  • Unmotivated employees
  • slow business success

Targeted room-house-building clearing

Room clearing means: cleansing and neutralising harmful energies and building up and charging the energy fields of a room, house or place with harmonious and positive energy. By means of simple energetic room clearing, you can turn your rooms and surroundings back into a magnet for your own development, for health, harmonious coexistence, prosperity, joy, abundance and success, both privately and professionally.


Room clearing should be practised in the case of stressful energies:

  • in your own rooms as well as in schools, kindergartens, workplaces, seminar/conference rooms
  • in doctors’ surgeries, waiting rooms, therapeutic facilities, hospitals
  • in shops, department stores, fitness centres, hotels etc.
  • when moving into new flats, houses, business premises or other properties
  • for changes of use, when opening business premises
  • when buying/selling property
  • for the neutralisation of previous tenant energies such as: bankruptcy, insolvency etc.
  • for the energy revitalisation of premises after vacancy
  • to promote the sale of properties
  • to create a healthy and harmonious room climate, harmonious room energy
  • and a better working environment, to increase productivity, a stable market presence

Methods for targeted room clearing

Today we have many options for targeted room clearing. In addition to, for example, fumigation and the placement of a salt water solution, the use of certain light crystal tools from Ascension is a very efficient and simple option.

The Calming XL gold and clear in a set of 4 are the so-called hoovers in energetic room clearing when it comes to neutralising heavy and stressful energies in rooms. They are placed in the four basic corners of a room, flat or house.
The LightCrystal Pyramids are another way of neutralising energies and charging rooms with harmonious energy.
The function of the Seals is to protect positive processes in the rooms.
The Guardian L is the direct protector for us humans against harmful energies.


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In light and love

Jutta Pangratz

Nat. manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner
Holistic pain therapy, psychological surgery, karmic, family, ancestral constellation/resolution work, trauma work, aura surgery acc. G. Klügel, holistic, spiritual coaching, energetic house cleaning. I would be happy to accompany you on your path to healing.