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Ascension – Room Clearing how and where

RoomClearing, in which rooms?

Rooms, flats, houses, buildings

are often characterised by vibrational information from emotions or actions such as dissatisfaction, fear, worries, sadness, disputes of all kinds, violence or even long-term, serious illnesses. ‘Legacy energies’ from previous owners, tenants or generations also have an influence. Residents of old buildings in particular can report adventurous stories. Another point is exposure to electrosmog, geopathic interference fields (water veins etc.), toxins in building materials or mould. In addition to a general energetic cleansing with the Calming XL set, it is recommended to set up LightCrystal pyramids in the room to neutralise the emotional energies, the emotional smog, and to send harmonious vibrations into the room, which, according to the colour of the LightCrystal pyramids, still have their own qualities. The seals also protect the positive processes in the room. In today’s world, the Guardian L is an important tool for protecting yourself and supporting your own development.


Harmonious interaction in nurseries, schools and training centres

Harmonious co-operation, higher concentration and performance – the demands on children and young people in schools are increasing immensely. What used to be a simple curriculum is now a complex and often stressful system for pupils, parents and teachers. Stress, decreasing willingness to learn, frustration, aggression, fear and bullying energies, vibrations of fear of failure or examination anxiety often characterise the energy in classrooms and teachers’ rooms and unconsciously influence the pupils and teachers present. Create ‘learning paradises’ with the LightCrystal Pyramids 60×60 and 80x80mm. Create a harmonious and respectful atmosphere and open up the space for concentration and enjoyment of learning. This should be continued at home.

The clear or multicoloured light crystal pyramid supports concentration and willingness to learn. The Guardian S or L (protection, self-confidence and self-assurance) and the clear progress wheel (learning wheel) are another great help, especially for children. The dark blue progress wheel (exam wheel) should not be missing as support in exam situations. Where there is still little openness to healthy and harmonious spatial energy in schools or other institutions, many children carry their pyramid in their satchel every day.


More motivation, flexibility, inspiration and success in the workplace

Achieve higher performance and commitment, motivation, creativity and flexibility, improved internal communication as well as reduced downtime and efficient working through simple measures. How to ensure growth, success and satisfaction: Set up LightCrystal pyramids in the colours of your choice and, if necessary, a Calming XL set (clear or gold). A Guardian L should not be missing as a protector and promoter.


Successful framework conditions in conference/seminar rooms

These rooms can be heavily burdened by the energy of negative emotions, stress, disputes or difficult negotiations. Important negotiations and meetings should be positively supported and facilitated in advance by creating the necessary ‘framework conditions’, e.g. by energetically clearing and cleaning the room atmosphere. The room can be ‘charged’ with clarity and harmony, for example, which in turn has a positive effect on the course of the meeting. To do this, place a green and clear light crystal pyramid in the room. Depending on the size of the room in 60x60mm or 80x80mm and, if necessary, a Calming-XL set (clear or gold). Wear a Guardian L yourself.


Harmony, growth, success in shops, shops, hotels, fitness centres, medical practices, wellness etc.

The energetic quality of business premises, shops, department stores, hotels, boutiques, fitness centres or wellness facilities and surgeries, to name but a few, is a key success factor for the company, its growth and turnover. Burdensome energies from previous owners or landlords, daily customer traffic and the heavy emotional energies they bring with them, as well as stagnant energies caused by fears, worries or doubts caused by the closure or takeover of a business, have a major influence on the atmosphere, growth, increased turnover, harmonious co-operation and success.
Premises that have been cleared energetically have a high charisma and attraction factor for growth and success. As an owner or tenant, you can take simple and efficient measures to create a communicative, harmonious and positive room energy. The light crystal pyramids, the Guardian L and the Calming XL set (clear or gold) are your ‘silent’ helpers here.


Horse stables and other accommodation or housing for animals

Animal accommodation is also characterised by energies and vibrations. Especially in horse stables, where the vibrational information of the horses’ hierarchy often determines the energy in the room, a harmonious environment should be created. Cats and dogs love to have a Hope , a light crystal pyramid or a heart or their development and well-being in their favourite place.
Use the harmonising, regenerating and revitalising energy of the LightCrystal Pyramids to create an optimal space-place energy.


in light and love
Jutta Pangratz

Naturopath, holistic pain therapy, emotional, karmic and ancestral constellation work, spiritual coaching – aura surgery according to G. Klügel and Nat. G. Klügel and Nat. Manager Ascension Germany). I would be happy to accompany you on your path to healing.

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