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A “too much weight”

A “too much weight”

You’ve tried a lot of diets, had everything checked out by a doctor, made changes to your diet and you still can’t lose weight. You stumble into obesity. Here the mental and heart levels call and ask for changes.


Most people assume that weight loss is a purely physical process. But physical weight loss is closely linked to our thoughts, our emotions, feelings and our mental and spiritual well-being. In this way, our physical body can reflect “too much weight”, the “weight” of stressful and unresolved issues on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

A “comfort candy”

Who doesn’t know it from their childhood, where a chocolate candy was supposed to quickly console a scratch or a “childish” unhappiness and usually did. This was then subconsciously internalized in order to later use this type of “soul food” to compensate for heartache, stress at work, in the family, with partners, with oneself, etc. If you always resort to an “edible consolation”, the door is wide open for “too much weight” or even obesity, the infamous woe fat.

Eating as compensation for negative feelings

Kummerspeck, says Thomas Ellrott, head of the Institute for Nutritional Psychology at the University Medical Center Göttingen, has a lot to do with the extent to which food was “misused” for other needs in childhood.

Be it as a reward, to reassure or as a substitute for tokens of love. This laid the foundation for bad feelings in later phases of life. to compensate for emotional and physical pain or when the soul is not feeling well with “nice” comfort food (especially sweet, crunchy, fatty foods). Psychologists also call this behavior: “emotional eating”.

The emotional eating

And who doesn’t know what it’s like to have to do something good for yourself when you feel like crying? When you feel like the whole world is against you or because you just don’t want to succeed. Seducing yourself with comfort food, “emotional food”. is then big. But there are other causes such as severe emotional trauma, great pain, stress, fears, self-doubt, lack of self-worth or limiting beliefs, to name just a few.

When emotional eating becomes a vicious circle

Once a habit is formed, it can spiral completely out of control. Many “emotional eaters” also report that it feels like an addiction to them, for example like smoking. Eating to calm emotions, trying to get temporary relief from something in the first place, can become a vicious cycle.

In addition, a second mechanism often kicks in after a short time. The bad conscience. You feel ashamed because you ate too much again or are even angry with yourself for not remaining steadfast again. Many then judge themselves harshly. This cycle is reinforced by the negative experiences that people with weight problems often have in society. Feeling rejected or not getting the support or understanding they need from their family, friends or doctors.

Breaking Out of “Emotional Eating”

A first step is to consider what the negative emotions are. Where they come from, what else could come into play, what limiting beliefs are still active, what caused me to build a protective armor made of “too much weight”.

The following questions can be very helpful here?

  • Why do I have “too much weight”?
  • What does it help me with?
  • What does it protect me from?
  • What does my weight release and free me from?
  • What problems does my weight solve for me?

More examples of weight armor built on “emotional eating”

More ways and methods to break out of “emotional eating”

The quality of time in which we find ourselves now offers us many opportunities to embrace change through:

the observation of our own thoughts –
combined with appropriate mental hygiene. Keep watching yourself, what do I think? Am I currently thinking constructive or dismantling (negative) thoughts about myself. The  >>> dark blue energy wheels can help here .

When feelings and emotions become too strong –
consciously pay attention to your breathing so that it goes deep into our stomach and feel every centimeter of the soles of our feet on the floor and the connection to the earth.  >>> Guardian L  and the following grounding meditation can be supportive here.

The “principle of saying thank you” –
being grateful for the smallest thing and saying it in your mind. “Thank you” is the greatest resonance principle of the heart, which also positively changes one’s own being and one’s own personality and thus has a major influence on “too much weight”.

Intensive chakra cleansing –
e.g. with the cosmic chakra set ,  can help to resolve old issues more easily.

Regular silent meditation –
in an uplifting “energy bath” in the large  creation /healing circle or in the small regeneration circle of Ascension. are another possibility.

The individual
energy/creation wheels can also be used for inner emotional healing.

To create oases of refueling and recharging

to keep our environment, our apartment, our house, our workplace, etc. energetically clean and to turn them into oases of increasing our own vibration frequency. The sets of the four Calmings XL (clear and gold) are the great cleaners of stressful vibrational information, a low emotional vibrational environment, electrosmog and other radiation exposure . >>> more information

Another option
is this little heart ritual, which you can practice regularly anywhere. It helps to build a new self-esteem and a new self-confidence, so that a protective armor against “too much weight” can change positively.

ASCENSION….because you are more than you think

Increase your Heart Energy

To do this, hold one of the high-vibrational Light Crystal Pyramids of Ascension to your heart and allow the energy of this Light Pyramid to work with you.

Take a few deep breaths in and out and notice how golden roots grow down from the soles of your feet to the center of the earth to connect with your crystal so that you are grounded. Then connect with the breath of the cosmos and repeat the following:

  •  I am who I am – full of magic and unique.
  • I am here on earth because creation needs me with all my heavenly talents.
  • I am a magnet for healing, well-being, creativity, love, for the infinite abundance of the cosmos and prosperity.
  • I am boundless consciousness and full of gratitude for my life. I am the sun of my life.
  • I am pure joie de vivre and enthusiasm and my words, thoughts and communications resonate in the light-filled frequency of higher dimensions.
  • I lovingly listen to the signals of my body and follow my needs.
  • I radiate from within, am aware of my true greatness and vibrate in the energy of the new lightness of being.
  • I am curious and open like a child to “magical” new experiences. I trust my inner wisdom. I am who I am – full of magic and unique.

With light and love
Jutta Pangratz 

Alternative practitioner, holistic pain therapy, psychological surgery, karmic, family, ancestral constellation and dissolution work, trauma work, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, holistic, spiritual coaching, energetic house clearing and Nat. Manager Ascension Germany.