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What does Spiritual mean? Spiritual maturity

Mental, spiritual maturity

I’m always asked, how can I recognize my mental, spiritual maturity? Maturing mentally and spiritually is a process that gives us many clues to help us recognize where we are on our journey. Even  accepting hints without making a 3D judgment about ourselves or others is a sign.


We all go through many processes of recognition, clarification and healing on our journey, our innate spirituality and ascension into higher dimensions. For many it is a great support to have clues that they are on the right path or where they are at.

Spiritual people are usually very modest and rarely talk about how far they have come on their spiritual path. As a spiritual, spiritual person, I stopped:

  • To prove to the world and others how perfect, intelligent or special I am. I just am, the way I am.
  • Comparing myself to others. I am me.
  • To seek recognition and acceptance. I know my self-worth and accept myself as I am with all my heart.
  • To make happiness dependent on my appearance, other people, animals as well as material possessions, objects and places. I am aware that I am happiness.
  • That my truth is not the only truth. I also accept all the truths of others.
  • Wanting to change people. Everyone is on their own path and at their own pace. I focus on my change, my growth, living the best of me.
  • Having expectations in relationships. I give without any expectation from my heart. I have found peace within myself.
  • As a mental, spiritual person, I have learned to distinguish between desires and needs and now follow my needs.

In light and love

Jutta Pangratz

Nat. Manager Ascension Germany and alternative practitioner, holistic pain therapy, family, ancestral, karma clearing/dissolution work, trauma and transformation coach, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, energetic house cleaning.