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The New Cosmic/Atlantic Light crystal healing circles

Lightcristall-circles english

The new
Light crystal healing circles

connected with the
grounding energy of the stone pine

A new vibration and information era is opening its doors

The new light crystal healing circles

These unique stone pine light crystal healing circles are high-vibration, light-filled power objects that connect the energies of the light crystals from Ascension with the energies of the stone pine and thus create new, extraordinary and unprecedented energy patterns in light crystal healing. By bringing these two energies together with all their aspects, a greater whole is created that is more than the sum of its parts.

The development of these new light crystal healing circles in connection with the wood of the stone pine and their initiation with the pure energy of creation make them a very extraordinary instrument with which a new era of vibration and information opens its doors.


Healing circle crystal technique

Crystals have been used as healing powers since ancient times. In many of the earlier advanced cultures, such as Atlantis, the Egyptians, the Mayans and many others, they were an important, luminous “tool” in the area of ​​increasing one’s own energy, magic, healing and spiritual growth.

This healing crystal technique, in which crystal healing circles were and still are an important instrument, aims to bring body, mind and soul into harmony in order to achieve something that is unattainable for an “ordinary” person.

In many cultures, the stone pine symbolizes endurance, resilience, steadfastness, perseverance and the circle of life. It conveys this quality as a spiritual strength tree when we are feeling discouraged, weakened, indecisive or depressed. In addition to its positive effects on circulation and well-being, it promotes concentration and mental clarity.

Grounding – opening – inner healing magic – connection with everything that is

When using the new Light Crystal Healing Circles, after a short time you will experience a feeling of a gentle and certain grounding, followed by the need to stretch your arms in the air in order to consciously perceive the connection with the cosmos that is building up. It is a feeling as if you were the tree of life yourself. To be rooted in the earth and at the same time grow towards the light. To be overwhelmed, to be able to consciously perceive that we are the luminous and precious connection between Mother Earth and the entire cosmos.

Depending on whether someone is in the light crystal healing circle with the 12 lights, the 27 creation/energy wheels or the chakra wheels, the body rotates on its own to the corresponding light, creation wheel or chakra wheel, whose energy is connected to the Stone pine is important at this moment. This can be used, for example, to activate your own inner healing magic in order to sustainably oscillate into a higher dimension/frequency, as well as to come into a higher connection with the cosmos.

The new light crystal healing circles – production – application

… let yourself fall into deep healing processes and experiences of connection with EVERYTHING that is and thereby experience a new lightness in inner healing and also feel noticeably carried by the strong flow of energy from the cosmos.



The new LightCrystal healing circles are made with great care and love from the “spiritual” wood of the stone pine. This happens in Detmold, in the carpentry workshop of Thomas Engstfeld, the new owner of Ascension Europe/Glass Materials. They are then flown to Cyprus, where they are initiated together with the light crystals using a highly developed, energetic process with the pure, unadulterated information of the creation energy, the source. This occurs directly from the level of the ascended masters, without the influence of human energies, and is a process that can take up to 72 hours. Then they come back to Germany.


The new Light Crystal Healing Circles – their alignments

The new Light Crystal Healing Circles are aligned so that different high-vibration healing circles can emerge. The pine wood plate and the pine wood wheel have a “notch” on one side for the 12 lights and on the other side for the 27 energy/creation wheels and the 8 chakra wheels.


The four cardinal directions and the Calmings XL

The new Light Crystal Healing Circles can be supported by the four holders for the Calming XL, which are also made from the wonderful pine wood. These are placed on the healing circles according to the cardinal directions and generate new, very high-vibrating energy fields.

light-cristal-circle englisch II

The light crystal healing circles in conjunction with the stone pine plate

The light crystal healing circles from the pine wood plates can be used for use over photos. You can also stand directly on  pine wood plates  .

The light crystal healing circles in conjunction with the stone pine plate

  • Its diameter is approx. 45 cm
  • Its thickness is approx. 3 cm

The large light crystal healing circle

The large light crystal healing circle, like the stone pine plate, has a “notch” on one side for the 12 lights and on the other side for the 27 energy/creation wheels and the 8 chakra wheels.

This light crystal healing circle can also be used with photos as well as standing or sitting directly in it. The 4 Calming XL can also be placed on it in their special holder in order to generate further high-vibration energy fields in the alignment of the four cardinal directions.

The large light crystal healing circle

  • Its diameter is approximately 75 cm
  • Its thickness is also about 4 cm
light-cristal-circle-english III

When can they be purchased?

Some of you are probably wondering whether these new products are already available for purchase. Not at the moment. The new Light Crystal Healing Circles made of the spiritual wood of Swiss stone pine, which we presented at the Light Event, are models.


The plan is for these two products to be available for purchase in our Ascension shop from the beginning of February 2024. Of course, we will inform you about the timing, the prices for the different Light-Chrystal healing circles and the Calming XL mounts in good time in our January newsletter. But you can already enjoy the energy of the pictures.

Here are the first impressions of some participants:

Grounding, strong energy flow from the cosmos, tree of life

“I first placed myself in the pure circle of creation with the 27 energy wheels. Immediately afterwards I switched to the large light crystal healing circle, into which the 27 energy wheels were integrated. The difference, in the form of a much stronger grounding, was so intensely noticeable for me. I had a very firm footing on the earth and a kind of funnel opened up towards the top through which a strong flow of energy from the cosmos flowed into me. In my mind’s eye I saw a treetop. The more I felt inside myself, the clearer it became that I perceived myself as a tree that would withstand all influences. It reminded me of the “Tree of Life”.

Inner stability, feeling supported

“I had the pleasure of initially being able to “only” try out the energy of the four Calming. I then switched to the Calming, which were placed in the specially made Calming stands made of stone pine wood. The energy of the calming together with the wooden plate or the wooden circle is significantly higher and I could perceive a stronger connection to the wheels of creation and Mother Earth. For me, I felt a lot more stability and a very wide space opened up. A wonderful energy in which I felt “recharged”. Then I was informed that both the wooden plate and the wooden circle can be turned around in order to insert the 12 lights in two different orientations. But that wasn’t all. Wooden plates and wooden circles can be combined with each other. The 12 lights found their place in the large wooden circle, the calming woods were placed and in the wooden circle there was the wooden plate with the 27 wheels of creation. I stood in the middle of the wooden plate and intuitively immediately got the impulse to turn until I found the most comfortable orientation for myself. That was pure energy and the rootedness towards the bottom became even stronger. Thank you for these wonderful new products that can help people raise their vibrations even more. Thank you for these wonderful new products that can help people even more in raising their own vibrations.


More testimonials will follow soon…

In light and love


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