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The “I have to” drug

 The “I have to” drug        

With “inciting luminous thinking in the new energy” 

I would like to support you in recognizing and transforming further door closes to beauty and great leaps of consciousness in your life. We often don’t realize how many words and word combinations we use in daily life or are presented to us that keep us in the lower 3D vibration of fear and frustration.


Bright thinking…

and the secret of choosing the right words

The door closer: the “I have to have drug”

“I-Must”… No word in our lives plays as big a role as the word “MUST”. Not just because we use it so often, but because, like no other word, it influences our experience, changes our reality, distorts our perception and reduces our consciousness to a low level.

It is like an addictive drug, a doping substance that we take several times a day and that ultimately makes us as “sick” as any other “drug” that we take over a long period of time. A drug that is also a door closer for raising your own vibration and thus also for ascending to higher dimensions.

In “I-must” hypnosis

Their effect doesn’t make us high, but rather depresses us. A pressure that doesn’t support us but challenges us, that creates defiance and resistance and at the same time slows us down.

“I – have to” is like being under hypnosis and believing that we “have to”. It is precisely the use of this term that deprives our actions of their true meaning, because every time we say or think “I have to”, we unconsciously degrade us into puppets controlled by others and then feel helpless at the will of other people

Me, as a “I have to” addict

believe that I “have to” do all of this because I think I “have to” do it. With the formulation “I have to”, the conscious heart decision to involve ourselves in what is happening is missing.

We learned early on that fulfilling demands is more valuable than acting authentically. But authentic action is the only thing that truly nourishes and strengthens our self-worth.

What is interpreted into/hidden behind the phrase “I-Must” can be, for example:

Perhaps there was some inner denial or resistance when reading these sentences. Be happy about this, because it can be a sign of inner issues/shadows that have not yet been redeemed and that now definitely want to be redeemed . (>> light yellow energy wheel – the resistance wheel)

How can I change and dissolve the “I have to drug” ? 

It is important to immediately delete the word combinations “I have to” from your vocabulary and replace them each time with: “I want to, I may or I can”. This means observing your thoughts every moment. To practice mental hygiene, to change sentences. Examples:

I have to go to work now – I can or can go to work now
I have to get up early – I can or can get up early now
I have to go shopping now – I can or can go shopping now.

What does the new formulation do to you? Where might resistance arise? What inner themes/shadow areas do you feel behind these resistances? What can go into salvation? This reformulation also offers you the opportunity to discover, accept and redeem inner themes/shadow areas that have not yet been redeemed, which are often door closes to higher dimensions and a life of lightness and joy.


I wish you many happy moments discovering and changing the “I have to – drug”. Treat yourself lovingly. Make it a game. Just like we liked to do as children. Also use all the cosmic gifts that the spiritual world has given us so far.

With light and love
Jutta Pangratz 

Alternative practitioner, holistic pain therapy, psychological surgery, karmic, family, ancestral constellation and dissolution work, trauma work, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, spiritual coaching, energetic house clearing and Nat. Manager Ascension Germany.

Email : j.pangratz