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The Great Awakening 

The Great Awakening 

…the big change 


The great Awakening

We humans, we human angels on earth, have started the journey here on this planet to gain experience, to live the duality – the dense and low energies of the 3rd dimension/level of consciousness. Through them to recognize, change, heal, mature and return to the golden age in the 5th dimension/level of consciousness. In doing so, we consciously separated ourselves from parts of ourselves. About abilities, our connections to our spiritual, light-filled siblings and helpers, soul parts, our divine part and much more. We have increasingly forgotten how to live our inherent emotional and spiritual intelligence and our special abilities. We have chosen in love for a life in duality, for power, ego, manipulation, greed, aggression, for a love connected with expectations, etc., in order to then learn about recognizing and releasing ourselves from these lower vibrations of duality, their entanglements and fears to live again what we are, the divine spark, the divine light.

On this path, everyone has chosen their own soul experiences, their pace of awakening and the many “loops” they do in order to recognize when they want to open themselves up to the different possibilities of support that we have today spiritual world and the many energetic helpers. And thus also how easy or rather difficult his own path to reawakening should be. This means everyone is responsible for themselves. Responsible to recognize, change, heal. To consciously increase your vibration in order to regain your access to universal love, abundance, freedom, joy and perfect health.

Enormous accelerations

We are in a phase of great acceleration and vibrational raising through the external light, through the sun and through the many other high energies flowing in from the cosmos and the energies of the various planetary constellations. This constant raising of vibration means that “enlightenment”, recognition and change can happen anywhere on earth. Anything that vibrates low and does not correspond to the energy of the 5th dimension/level of consciousness comes to light to be seen and changed – in personal life, politics, economics, monetary systems, healthcare systems, to name a few. Nothing will be able to stay in the lower energy anymore.

Physical changes – “ interdimensional puberty”

The physical turning point began in 1987, when the earth’s magnetic field was given a new form by the entity Kryon. The  horizontally acting magnetic forces of a geological and biological nature have become vertically acting magnetic forces of a spiritual-cosmic nature. This realignment began as the light body process of the earth and became the light body process of the human being, whose body is connected to the earth body on all levels. This process of realignment happens in 12 stages. While parts of our chakras and DNA were inactive in the 3rd level of consciousness and our aura was rather small, their change, their re connection, is now taking place.


Turning point and interdimensional puberty 

In this turning point and “interdimensional puberty” in which we find ourselves, the chakras are growing again, the aura is becoming larger, more complex and more radiant. New chakras that previously only existed as a future possibility (as a morphogenetic field) begin to glow and begin to channel energy. All 12 DNA strands are activated. This happens through the many energies and forms of energy that now have such a massive impact on our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. They are a support from the spiritual world for us, with the aim of getting consciousness-limiting patterns, old emotional injuries as well as caught and trapped thoughts moving again, recognizing and changing. These can be old programming, habits, thought structures, low-vibration energies such as fears, doubts, depressive structures, feelings of unworthiness, insults, fear, shame, confusion, guilt, jealousy, fear of being alone, aggression directed against yourself or others just to name a few. Just the third-dimensional patterns, aspects. They are often the trigger for many illnesses and disorders, as they have manifested themselves in crystalline form in our etheric body and in the physical body.

Anyone who is willing to surrender their life to the flow of energies and changes will experience the turning point, “interdimensional puberty”, as a light and crystal body process, as a time of wonderful renewal and fulfillment. Where you prefer to keep your foot on the brake, where little is allowed to flow freely, you shouldn’t be surprised that the path is more difficult. This can manifest itself as: loss of perception and orientation, dark dreams, confusion, restlessness, aggression and fears, pressure, demands, separation and loss, dependence, constantly changing and recurring symptoms and illnesses, accidents, poverty or loss of control. This is also one of the reasons why so many people are currently sick or have emotional or mental problems, the so-called light body symptoms.

In order to integrate these high energies into ourselves more quickly and easily, we can continually adapt our own vibration to these high energies and constantly realign ourselves. Clearing and healing our emotional and mental body from limiting, doubting and fear-inducing belief and thought structures and habits. Free yourself from energetic entanglements in the family and line of ancestors that are no longer useful, as well as from old emotional injuries, ancient negativity or information from abuse and other burdens that are still deeply anchored in the cellular consciousness.

Be your own architect in the great awakening.
Release yourself from all lower energies and hindering structures of the 3rd dimension. Letting go of our old shells and masks. The best investment we can make is to clarify our unresolved emotions, constantly increase our own vibration, cleanse our aura and our chakras, protect ourselves and ensure an energetically clean environment, including in rooms, and to perceive opportunities to intensify our awareness training.

The following LightCrystal tools can be very helpful to you:

The cosmic chakra set, which, in addition to chakra balancing, also supports you in reconnecting to your soul and higher levels of consciousness via your soul point. >> The chakra set

The Trinity Flame for deep aura cleansing. Support yourself consciously, for example by “stirring up” your energy field and your aura for 5 minutes every day with the Trinity Flame. Ancient negativity, vibrational information from abuse and pollutants that are still anchored in the cellular consciousness can be transformed more and more. Or swirl the Trinity Flame over your photo. In both cases, say the following luminous sentence: Perfection is my natural state, light and love triumph. >> Great Instrument of Transformation

The 12 Lights of Ascension for your opening to your own divinity, to your multidimensional being that you are, an intensive connection to your higher self, other light beings and to the vibration of the 5th dimension/level of consciousness >>>    Light ‘s

Regular sessions in the cosmic healing circle, from all 27 wheels of creation, an energetically clean, positive and harmonious space energy through the setting up of light crystal pyramids are also a great support. >> cosmic healing circle , >> light crystal pyramids

I wish you all a joyful “surfing” on the waves of change.

With light and love
Jutta Pangratz 

Alternative practitioner, holistic pain therapy, psychological surgery, karmic, family, ancestral constellation and dissolution work, trauma work, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, spiritual coaching, energetic house clearing and Nat. Manager Ascension Germany.

Email : j.pangratz