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Light Event

The big Ascension Light Event

….a very special light day of meeting, exchanging ideas, letting yourself be touched by high-vibration energies, by light-filled beings, by angel wings, feeling supported, opening your space to new things and much more.
This light event takes place every year on the 1st Advent .


The Energy of the Light/Angel Event

Hands that hold you without holding on.
Hearts that love you without expecting anything.
People who notice you without judging.
Eyes that take time, even for a second look.


The light/angel event, meeting at heart level and communicating from the heart energy. A lot of give and take. Experience yourself, others and the high energy of the light crystals, be allowed to BE and show yourself in your depth and also in your “vulnerability”, supported and protected by an energy that wraps itself around us like an angel’s robe, especially on this day.

Let your soul dangle at the various light stations, open yourself up to new things, get inspired, get tested and just enjoy the wonderful offers, such as:

  • the free light energy massages with the Trinity Flame for the back, neck, face and lymph
  • get a first impression of the beneficial emotional straightening of the spine
  • Recharge your batteries on the energetic throne and increase your vibration as a whole
  • Marvel at your aura through aura photography
  • Experience how you can transform stress in the different aura bodies
  • Have the vibrational energy of your chakras tested and find out information about imbalances in individual chakras
  • Find out:
    – how to react to electrosmog and what can be done about it
    – in which area your own life energy vibrates and how you
    can increase yourself further
    – whether there are geopathic stresses in your rooms and how you
    can neutralize them
    – how to be full can draw life
    – can support his animals with the light crystals
  • Experience the different energies of different healing circles
  • Find out how everyone can take new paths to healing for acute and chronic pain, insomnia, inner restlessness, depressive moods, lack of self-confidence, self-confidence, burn-out, fears, panic attacks, exam anxiety, emotional injuries, fear of authorities and much more.
  • Find out what offers there are in the area of ​​finding your own calling and opening new doors in a professional context
  • Find out how rooms can become magnets for harmony and abundance again through targeted room clearing and much more
  • exchange experiences with others
  • and much more

With light and love
Jutta Pangratz

Alternative practitioner, holistic pain therapy, psychological surgery, karmic, family, ancestral constellation and dissolution work, trauma work, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, holistic, spiritual coaching and Nat. Manager Ascension Germany.