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Many people have good experiences using the Ascension Tools. And they write to us about it. Here you can find a few of them. More can be found on the German and the Dutch website.

Since I have been using the Great Instrument of Transformation, I no longer have a problem with nail fungus.

Shopping tends to make me very tired. When I get home, I always treat the shopping with the Great Instrument of Transformation. To my amazement it makes me feel better too, just as if the Great Instrument of Transformation lifts my tiredness.

While renovating my house I bruised my arm badly. It was swollen and completely blue. My general practitioner told me that it would take at least two months to recover.
Every day I treated my elbow several times with the Flame and in less than a month it had completely recovered!

I had the tendency every now and again to become totally stressed out.
I was advised to use the Ascension’s Hope daily. Since then I have used the Ascension’s Hope for 10 minutes every morning and midday. After about 10 months I became extremely busy with different subjects all at the same time. Previously it would have stressed me out, but now I coped well with it.

My mother’s dementia seemed to stabilize after having laid the Ascension’s Hope on her photo for about three weeks. She became more interested in her surroundings and other people.
She was also treated with the Flame and a Wheel.
She responded to Ascension very well.

Last weekend I forgot to carry the Guardian with me.
I felt empty and exhausted and was really out of sorts.
After I started to carry it again I felt my energy supply pick up and flourish.
Immediately I felt better on all levels of my being.