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Consciousness – 3rd/4th/5th and higher Dimensions

Consciousness – 

3rd/4th/5th and higher dimensions

the ascent into higher levels of consciousness, spheres of consciousness,
vibration fields,  consciousness dimensions,
into the 5th dimension vibration level

We live in a time of great realizations and associated great changes. It’s about the strength, the power that everyone has to create great things in life. It’s about expanding your own consciousness, expanding into higher vibrational dimensions of love, abundance, harmony, health and much more. To become aware of your creative power again. And it’s about becoming aware again of your inner compass, your inner voice, your intuition that knows the way. It is truly a magical phase. A time, even if it may not look like it from the outside, in which more and more people become more aware of the transformation energies that are now constantly flowing over us and use them for themselves, question their current consciousness in order to then move into higher levels of consciousness,

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is a recognition process, is a vibration. Consciousness is a luminous power that every human being has. Consciousness has different levels. The more we understand at which level of consciousness we vibrate, from which consciousness we send our feelings and thoughts, the easier it is for us to change ourselves, our lives and the world. We are all on the way to the so-called 5th dimension. What is the 5th dimension? The 5th dimension is to be understood as a higher level of consciousness, a higher vibration of consciousness. A vibration, an energy that comes with lightness, joy, abundance, harmony, unconditional love and much more.
Many people are now increasingly experiencing moments that are characterized by a feeling of special lightness and joy, combined with a feeling of happiness and security that can hardly be described. A feeling that allows you to experience a deep connection to everything that is. And then the inner wish that this would never end. These are the moments when we are already swinging with one foot in the consciousness energy of the 5th dimension. It is the aspects within us that have not yet been redeemed and are no longer useful, which then catapult us back to the consciousness vibration of the 3rd dimension. A higher consciousness and following your inner voice, your intuition, are interdependent.

Vibrational energy of the 3rd, 4th, 5th

or higher levels of consciousness, dimensions of consciousness

The vibrational energy of the 3rd dimension/the 3rd level of consciousness

In the 3rd dimension we exist in a material world where the ego and mind are predominantly in control. We usually only see the world from the limited perspective of our personal self. Holding on to rigid beliefs and based on conscious and unconscious beliefs. Fears are therefore a big topic in this 3rd dimension of consciousness. We see things from the physical side, separated from each other rather than as a unit. Conventional medicine serves as a good example here. We treat symptoms, but less or rarely look at the causes, the connections and the big picture. This makes it difficult for many diseases to be cured because other important pieces of the puzzle are given little consideration in the healing process. We find this structure on many levels. The duality, the energy of the 3rd dimension, divides everything into two poles; into an either – or. A both/and is not intended here.

The fear of loss, be it money, property or control, is very great here. Lack consciousness, which includes a lack of money and abundance flow, as well as not being good enough, is also part of the energy of the 3rd dimension. An exaggerated need for perfection is then the response to feeling good and right or accepted. Life is often characterized by the feeling that we need someone or something outside to make us happy.

Power of your own creativity. Most people in the 3rd dimension are not in the least aware of their great inner power, their creative power through their thoughts and feelings. They are more likely to react to events. If things don’t turn out the way they imagined or someone thwarts their plans, they even curse or scold and look for someone to blame on the outside instead of controlling their lives in a self-empowering way based on their creative power. What is also very exciting is the fact that our brains are structured accordingly. There are two separate hemispheres of the brain that cover the respective polar aspects. In the course of our evolutionary process, our own vibrational raising to higher levels of consciousness, the two hemispheres of the brain are reconnected via the bridge, the corpus callosum. The higher or more expanded our consciousness is, the more aware we are of our inner compass, our inner voice. And the fact that if we accept their guidance, allow it, we will never be led astray.

In the 3rd dimension consciousness vibration, social status, money and career are usually valued more highly than compassion and kindness. Your own ego leaves little room for self-reflection and self-insight. We judge what we perceive as good or bad, or based on how it is presented to us (including through the media etc.).

The vibrational energy of the 4th dimension/4th level of consciousness 

The 4th dimension, the opening, the springboard upwards as well as the return to the 3rd dimension. In this dimension we are more or less jumping back and forth. Once with our legs in the 5th dimension and then captured again by parts of us that have not yet been redeemed, which bring us back into the 3D vibrations and allow us to act accordingly.

In the 4th dimension we are aware that thoughts are vibrations and can create and change realities. We thereby have a great strength, a great power within us, the power of the Creator of our life, our reality. We begin to consciously use this power, this power. Recognize more and more easily that negative thoughts and negative circumstances attract negative circumstances into your own life. It is the vibrational level where we discover new friendships on the same frequency and find our soul tribes. Where compassion, acceptance and unconditional love are taking up more and more space. Here we realize more and more that everything is one. This level of development asks us to confront and reconcile with our own and global shadows, emotional injuries and demons, so that they can heal. Self-reflection and self-insight are a completely normal part of daily life at this level of development. Here we are aware of our inner voice and have started to train it, trust it more and follow it.

It is also the level at which healthy nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and living together with mutual acceptance and respect are becoming increasingly important to us. We begin to question our state of being here on earth. Want to know, why am I here? What wants to live through me? What is my calling, my destiny? What are my qualities, my skills? We are becoming more and more aware that there is more between heaven and earth than what we can only see, perceive and know at the moment. We set out to discover exactly this. We use our intuition and inner voice again and trust them. In order, for example, to more easily recognize untruths in our environment or the media world, to make decisions more easily and to respond to upcoming changes. We experience much more synchronicity and/or déjà vu as well as a new sense of space and time. Time no longer feels linear and astral travel is possible here.

The vibration/energy of the 5th dimension, the 5th level of consciousness and higher levels

Once there, it is difficult to return to the consciousness vibration of the 3rd dimension. Lack and competition are just as alien to us on this vibrational level as envy, not being loved, not being accepted, or being judged as good or bad. Everything is effortless and fluid and we have heightened intuition. We are fully aware of our inner compass, inner voice and its intuitive knowledge. We live in a unified consciousness that vibrates with an energy of pure love, acceptance of all that is, peace and abundance. We accept and love our families and our surroundings as they are, unconditionally.

We can no longer be manipulated because we immediately see through everything through our heightened intuition. We no longer bend over backwards for something or a person. We no longer take anything personally, are no longer vulnerable because we vibrate in love. We are naturally connected to other light beings. In 5D, experiencing in the now takes priority. What I put my focus on manifests itself. Everything we need comes to us with ease. Just paying attention and maintaining this vibration will lead to the desired result. If the 3D consciousness energy was focused on “what’s in it for me, what’s my gain,” the 5D consciousness simply asks the question, “what’s the good for everyone involved?”

We are aware of the inner voice as the mouthpiece of our soul. Getting rich at the expense of others or the earth, as well as the old boss existence, no longer exists here. We meet at eye level and shake hands. Compassion and understanding ensures that everyone’s needs are met. Lack of judgment and un-conditionality, trust instead of distrust, as well as closeness instead of separation/exclusion are the primary characteristics of 5D. Mental techniques like teleportation are normal. Electronic communication will no longer exist here. This happens directly, verbally or telepathically.


The path to the 5th dimension of consciousness or even higher dimensions brings its own challenges for everyone. The most important building block for your own advancement is becoming aware of your own strength. The power of the inner voice, its thoughts and associated with it, the recognition that we are the creators of our own reality, our lives. Self-reflection and mental hygiene are our daily companions.

Thanks to the many electromagnetic influences (solar storms), which repeatedly weaken the earth’s magnetic field, the various planetary constellations and their energies, significantly stronger cosmic radiations now reach us, which have a special influence on our minds. This enables more and more cognitive processes to be initiated within us, allowing us to climb new and higher levels of consciousness. This makes it easier for us to address the changes that the cognitive processes bring with them. But this path is not always a bed of roses. Since we are still holding on, thorny and painful things are a sign for us to take a new direction. A sign that we are not online with our inner guidance, the inner voice. Depending on our consciousness, is our path easier or more challenging. We shape it with our power, our consciousness, our thoughts and the guidance of our inner voice.

Leaps in consciousness – intuition – inner voice 

Train your inner voice, for example, by always directing your attention to what makes you wide, what makes you feel love, lightness and joy within you. Go into self-reflection, don’t judge, look at your blockages that prevent you from expanding your consciousness, trust your inner voice and consciously go into change. We cannot change anyone else but ourselves. We are a domino in the grand scheme of things. If we change ourselves, if we move to higher levels of consciousness, if we live our light, then we are the domino that can help others do the same, out of themselves .

Observe yourself again and again, what thoughts do you feed yours and at the same time the new, better world in which we want to live? Every person carries the great power: consciousness and inner voice within themselves. And this consciousness of each individual shapes our/your reality and the world in which you/we want to live.

Always treat yourself to the rest that your body and you need now. Recognize where old patterns, fears and habits are keeping you trapped in old processes, you are running on autopilot and change them. Treat yourself to walks in nature, lean against a tree and immerse yourself in its energy. Do silent meditations, for example in a balancing energy bath in the large, >>> cosmic healing circle of Ascension. Or sleep in it at night. This gives you the opportunity to gently and sustainably reappraise while you sleep.

Consciously use the >>> chakra set with the 8 solar energy wheels for a quick and easy adjustment of your chakras to the high cosmic energies that are now constantly flowing in. Your chakras always want to be balanced and adjusted to the high vibrations. This will help your other body systems adapt to the high vibrations. And you can use this to transform lack of energy and physical and emotional exhaustion into positive energy.

Thought hygiene should be a top priority. Thoughts and words are messengers to our body, to our cells, as well as “unconscious” transmitters to the outside world and create the reality we experience. You can easily counteract internal resistance by wearing the >>> yellow regeneration wheel , also known as the resistance wheel. The >>> dark blue regeneration wheel can be a great support for you if you are afraid of losing control, have a great need for control, and are very top-heavy .


Use the >>> 1 2 Lights ,  the 12-step light ladder to yourself, for your inner breakthrough so that you can more easily enter higher levels of consciousness.

A positive environment
>>> Calming XL and the >>> LightCrystal Pyramids  –  use them to ensure an energetically cleansed, positive and harmoniously vibrating environment or rooms. An environment and rooms in which you can automatically recharge your batteries again and again. Where you are not thrown back into old patterns by the energies there.

With light and love
Jutta Pangratz 

Alternative practitioner, holistic pain therapy, psychological surgery, karmic, family, ancestral constellation and dissolution work, trauma work, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, spiritual coaching, energetic house clearing and Nat. Manager Ascension Germany.

Email : j.pangratz