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Animals and Light-Energy healing

Animals and light-Energy healing

More well-being, health and willingness to perform for pets and horses


Why do many pets and horses sometimes react so “atypically”? Animals have very sensitive antennae when it comes to harmony and disharmonious energies in their immediate environment. Their close relationship with us humans, which often involves them taking on many of our problems, disharmonious energies in stables and their own unresolved emotional conflicts also cause blockages in their energy system.

These can be triggers for reduced performance, increased susceptibility to health problems, sadness or aggressive behaviour, to name but a few. Many animal lovers have confirmed how valuable a very simple “light-energy massage”, for example, is and how, after a short time, a new vitality and positive signs of recovery can be seen in their animals.


Setting light-ful healing impulses

The holistic approach to a living being is becoming increasingly popular today. Especially in the animal sector, energetic, “alternative” methods such as acupressure, homeopathy, Bach flowers, Reiki or light-energy work have proven to be very helpful and effective. The central aim of energetic methods is to harmonize the body’s own energy balance. The animal’s “inner” doctor should be activated in order to restore the flow of blocked life energy in cells, organs and on a spiritual level. Experience has shown that animals accept the intensive energetic healing energies/healing impulses very gratefully, joyfully and unconditionally. This enables quick and long-lasting effects to be achieved.
And this is precisely where the LightChrystal tools from Ascension come in. Their high resonance vibration supports the self-healing process by setting impulses in every cell that awaken the memory of its original function and order. Regeneration and healing on a spiritual, mental and physical level can thus begin and be accelerated.

The new Light-Energy work with animals using the high-vibration Light-Chrystal tools

The Light-Chrystal Tools have a preventative effect and support healing processes via the subtle level. They are guided in circular and vibrating movements at a distance of 5-20 cm in the energy field, the animal’s aura or directly on the body.

support in the resolution of:

  • emotional conflicts
  • Shock, trauma and psychological stress
  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Lameness and imbalance

have a balancing and harmonizing effect:

  • in stressful situations
  • stress caused by moving stables
  • when traveling in a trailer
  • when changing caregivers or owners
  • with inner restlessness
  • anxiety before and at competitions
  • with strong aggressive behaviour

The Light-Chrystals as support:

  • to stimulate the self-healing powers
  • to reduce susceptibility to health disorders
  • to strengthen the immune system
  • for more mobility
  • for increased organ function
  • for poorly healing wounds
  • for more inner balance and equilibrium
  • for more concentration, willingness to learn and motivation

The Ascension tools can be used to support pain and motor problems, e.g. with

Tension pain in the

  • Ligament and supporting postural muscles
  • Problems in the neck, shoulders,
  • back and lumbar region

are preventive and supportive in the area of

  • the hocks and forelegs
  • for hoof problems

They support an accelerated healing process for

  • sprains, bruises
  • tendon and ligament problems
  • poor healing
  • chronic problems
  • skin problems

In rooms – stables – competition environment etc.   create optimal harmonious, regenerating and vitalizing energy with the Light-Chrystal pyramids.


In light and love
Jutta Pangratz

Naturopath, holistic pain therapy, psychological surgery, karmic, family, ancestral constellation and dissolution work, trauma work, aura surgery according to G. Klügel, holistic spiritual coaching, energetic house cleansing and Nat. G. Klügel, holistic, spiritual coaching, energetic house cleaning and Nat. Manager Ascension Germany.